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Akito Phi has always longed to go to school. His father is a workaholic, days, nights, probably even weeks. So when his Father asks Akito to come to dinner with him, Akito is exstratic.

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Chapter 0: Seven Page Essay

I burst into laughter. In my freetime, I always try to relieve some stress, watch some funny videos or try to meditate. Of course, the meditation takes too long for me to cope with. This whole week I haven't been able to get a break from my online class.

Ms. Greenhill assigned us a four page essay, we're writing about what makes us cope: I said watching funny videos to break the silence in my mind and to have a good laugh. I decided to take my essay to the next level, for some odd reason I wrote a seven page essay, so I think I deserve some alone time.

I heard a door slam shut. "Akito!" My dad's voice called out. "I picked up some take-out, come and get it when your finished!" I heard his keyes jingle and they hit the key pot.

"Okay!" I said, "Be down in a minute," I was hungry. But today is a Monday, which means I get to watch the high schoolers walker to school. Today was the official first day of school for the high schoolers.

As for me, It's my 2,376th day of first day of school. If that makes sense... I've been through 2,376 days of school, but not actual school: Home school.

My father opened my door. "If you take too long, your food will get cold-"

"YuHaun, its ok," I smiled, "I like cold food..." I kept my eyes to the window. I saw one student, then three, then a whole crowd of students! I can't explain why I feel so happy looking at students walk. I notice a group of girls and boys, I pretend I'm part of that group.

I'm looking around, I notice my father left. I turn back to the window, noticing the sun rising above the trees. It was beautiful: To say the least.

There are a couple of students who are alone, but the one I notice is a scary looking person. He looks tall, he has a sort of glare in his eyes... Something bad must have happened. I don't take much intell on it until I see him turn right. The school is straight ahead, why would he-
"Akito, I have to go to work!" My father shouted into the halls, "The take-out is in the fridge!" He slammed the door shut, making me whence. I sigh.

Ding, Ding~ Not too long later, I hear my phone go off. It's my father. I answer it. "Hello?" I say, as Im shuffling through some of my papers.

"Akito, look on the right side of the counter. There should be some money. Dont use it unless you get really hungry."

"What?" I asked. I heard what he said. And I kind of figured he's going to be out of town for a while...

"I'm going on a work trip to America. Don't use the money unless you need too. We do have food in the fridge but If you get tired of-"

"I know, Yuhaun. I have work to do, so..." He hung up. I didn't actually have work to do, I just didn't want to talk to him.

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