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The Killer

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Open this story to find out. I will be starting a story that has 18 stories and then another 18. And then a final story with about 20 chapters...details inside

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Dear readers...
This story will be about a girl named Xonia. Xonia is a daughter of Zanei and Aruida and is 18 years old. Honestly lol I can't say their names myself, so just pronounce it however you like. ANyways, Zanei and Arudia are both gods of destruction. They cause suffering to everyone. They cause deaths, and love to torture mortals. And out of everything, they loved to destroy the world. They loved even more to destroy humans. They were responsible for many of earth destruction. Xonia lived watching her parents kill since she was born. She had made her first kill when she was 4 and had destroyed countries when she was 12. The other gods and goddesses never like them for their behavior at all. One day though, they got control over them all. Xonia's parents killed Vanrick. The leader of all the gods. Now that they were in charge, they had control of everything and they couldn't be happier. Xonia was glad to be part of the destruction, and with her parents, they were bound to make even more damage. Xonia was excited when her parents gave her the task of destroying the earth. She would go in disguise as a human. She was told for her to live there for a week. In that week, she should gather people to help in her destruction. Although, they would have to prove her selection. She would jot down notes on how everyone acts, and would even kill a few people for her parents. On the 8th day, she would start to destroy the plant. For a full week, she would harm the planet and everything on it. Hopefully, her parents would see it all and see how good their daughter was at the damage. They might even give her more jobs. Anyway, I'm getting off course. So, during her stay, she will meet creepypastas. Some she will trust and some she won't Some she will kill and some she won't. Some she will love, and some she will not.
spoiler (The next part is a spoiler alert!!! don't read if you want the end of the story to be unknown. I'll tell you when I end with a line across the page like this**
In the end, Xonia ends up killing her parents and killing everyone else in the world. She kills all of the god and goddesses. There is no one left in the world except least that's what she thinks...She soon meets a demon called Zalgo who lives in the underworld. They fall in love, have children and regrow the population. Xonia fixes the earth again (she's a goddesses people..she has the power to do that) and makes it a fiery hell. Zalgo is the king and she is the Queen. Anyway, this new earth has no water. The water is replaced with blood, and everyone there is a monster. Humans are no longer existing. What Xonia didn't know is that Zalgo was hiding a human female that he loved, and was giving his owers to every day. He was giving his powers to her in hopes she could kill Xonia and the human female would live happily ever after with him. She grows angry and kills him the female and all life on earth. She also kills her children. She spent the rest of her life on an empty planet. Angry and mad.....
Readers, please know that is what the whole story will be about. SO I'll probably be making a story with 18 chapters, and then make a sequel, and then another 18 chapters and then another sequel. And then I'll make A final which will be what happened in the end ad how things turned out. That will probably be about 20 chapters. LOL, I have a wild imagination in my fanfictions sorry everyone...I just have so many ideas...
********************************ENDO OF SPOILER PEOPLE!!! (this is for people who skipped the spoiler, you can continue reading now...
Anyway...As you can see I have a wild imagination for what I'm going to be writing. For people who read the spoiler part of my text LOL You know how many ideas I have. So......I was really hoping anyone one who reads this can give me feedback on what I've written. I'll wait for a week, read the comments, and start writing as soon as I finished. Please know The characters I named on the story description are the only characters that I have come up with as well as Zalgo. (If you don't know who it looks him up) Anyway, if you have any charecters you want me to add in my 3-4 part fanfiction (it's going to be maybe 34 chapters) on the story I'm writing, please put so in the comments ad I'll put them in. :) I hope you liked this description of my story. Bye Bye
_Lots of love
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