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The Lost Years~ The Untold Stories of Private Investigator Andrew Knight

by KnightWriter2004 7 reviews

I've read all of R.L. Edinger's Private Investigator Andrew Knight mystery series. In his book 'The Manor', Chapter 2 picks up three years later. What happened in those three years? That's were m...

Category: Classics - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Published: 2019-09-11 - 412 words

Squealing tire preceded the shattering of the bay window into deadly flying shards of glass as the brick wrapped and tied with a message hit it. Andrew instinctively withdrew the Walter PPk from the concealed carry holster scrambling down onto his knees from the couch he had been sleeping on. He crawled across the carpet trying to avoid being bitten by the glass. Once at the window he popped up just enough scouting the front lawn and circular driveway. The perpetrators of this heinous act of vandalism were long gone. Andrew holstered the Walter PPk standing up drawing the heavy curtains shut until the window could be repaired. He moved away from the window and over to the culprit left behind; the note entwined brick.

Andrew cut the string holding the note to the brick tossing it off some where out of sight. He was a bit more careful with the brick and gently put it down at his side. He folded open the note seeing the word Ravenclaw written in calligraphy style. Andrew turned it over several times, but found nothing else written on the weathered piece of parchment paper. Why Ravenclaw? That was a name he had not heard in a very long time. Ravenclaw was the patriarch of a brood of modern day vamps that fed on both the innocent, and the stable of blood dolls. He was an unforgiving and cruel man whom ruled by fear and intimidation. Ravenclaw had stolen the Knights of VanHelsing book that contained within it pages the secret identities of all the Knights of VanHelsing around the world. He used it to hunt down and wipe out their enemy of vampire hunters. If it were not for the fact that Andrew had tracked down the book to Ravenclaw Manor, the destruction of the Knights of VanHelsing would have been complete.

Andrew faced down Ravenclaw in a bloody fight to the death in order to retrieve the book. Ravenclaw proved to be a powerful adversary, and nearly defeated Andrew. If it were not for error in anticipating Andrew’s parlay with a the sword, Andrew would be dead and not Ravenclaw. The fight did however come with a price. Ravenclaw had managed to deliver a few sword thrusts of his own. Though bloodied and bruised Andrew had the book, and he burned it so the identifies of the Knight of VanHelsing would remain a secret, which included the names of some of his ancestors.
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