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Flowertrail's Rise

by Flowertrail 0 reviews

As Featherstar Retires, Flowerstar must now take care of the one and only clan, and make a few more. RATING MAY CHANGE

Category: Warriors - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Published: 2019-09-13 - 120 words

Flowerstar was stressed. She layed in her mossy bed, She thought of all her duties and was glad she already had a deputy. She was lost in thought when a familiar voice screeched outside. She padded outside to see Lightningtail in a rough fight with Shortfur
"Enough, Enough!" The deputy, Doveheart yelled once again. Lightningtail and Shortfur stopped abruptly when they saw me. Feathersta- or, Featherstorm peeked out of the elders den to see what all the rucus was. Doveheart sent Shortfur,Wolfstep, and herself to go hunting, and to split up Lightningtail and Shortfur. From that moment on, Flowertrail knew that she, and Doveheart, would have to work hard to not just keep this clan together, but many more.
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