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The Heroes Freedom

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Naruto couldn't help but groan as he rested after another beating. It's been around three weeks in this dream world of his creation and he's kind of gotten used to being naked around his demonic prisoner. Though, he sometimes gets aroused, and Kyuu-chan (what he calls her now) teases him a little, but even she's impressed he ignores that and continues training. He has to get much stronger after all.

She had helped him a little with his standard academy ninjutsu, but she refuses to use hand-seals or even say the techniques names, (he's not sure she has ever cared to learn or remember them).

She had then given him a three-hour lecture about the pointlessness of both. Apparently, neither is needed, and she says they are basically a learning aid to give a learning ninja something to focus on while starting out with the techniques, but since he already knows the hand-seals she doesn't want him to use them anymore.

In addition, she wants him to stop making things go poof by wasting chakra like that. So she told him about the shadow clones ability to pass on knowledge and help with chakra control, which will lessen the poof until it's completely gone.

He wished he had played around with the shadow clones enough to realise what he was doing wrong, or what training purposes they can serve. He can now not only tree walk but also water walk and he didn't have to get wet.

Now normally using hundreds of clones to train like that could be harmful. However, since this isn't the real world they can bypass such problems with relative ease. He just sends a large number off every so often and they run off into the woods he created to do more chakra control exercises.

He looked up to see Kyuu-chan just stretching and gulped as his penis was soon semi-hard. He knows she does it on purpose to tease him for her own twisted and pervy entertainment, but at least he now knows he isn't a pervert, though he sometimes wonders about her.

"Jailor… Naruto," she said with a sigh rolling her eyes. "Just deal with it for fucks sake… wrap your hand around it and pump away until you shoot your load and you'll feel so much better!"

"I… I can't do that here, in front of you," he said out quietly as his cheeks felt like they might explode along with his beating heart.

She soon moved over to him glaring and before he could comprehend what is going on she had pushed him back on to his back and sat on his strong abs with her tails pinned him down facing away from him.

"W-what are you…!" he trailed off in a gasp, his large and now solid member twitched and felt incredible as Kyuu's small right hand wrapped around his hard penis and squeezed the hot tool. Her hand was way too small to wrap around the whole of it. "K-Kyuu, what are you…"

"Just shut up and enjoy yourself you fucking dipshit!" she hissed out and he groaned as she started pumping his rock hard. He couldn't even think of stopping her as his fingers wound into her soft fur like hair and through the fur of her soft tails.

He was stroking her and reached her ears when a soft purring emitted from her chest like a cat. However, she concentrated on pumping his erection; he had relaxed and wondered why he hadn't realised how good that felt until now.

"Come on, you like that huh?" she purred out, she was moving herself, grinding her crouch on him secretly pissed that she's feeling this good, she just wanted him to cum and stop resisting such pleasures, but she liked it. "Shit… if you're not ready I don't care because I haven't been with anyone for centuries. I can live with the shame of you being a weak human for now. I'll soon make you so much more!"

"Wha… Oh god!" he cried out as she slid toward his throbbing member. She was really tight, hot and wet as she cried out as she slid out over it tearing through her cherry.

"Fuck…!" she cried out gasping for breath, as she was surprised she managed to get it all in now she's so small. "I forgot this body is new because of the sealing but… damn! I… I can feel it all in… you best not blow before me!"

He just whimpered as she started moving up and down purring louder and faster as she rode him faster and harder. His hands had moved to his waist guiding her, moving her beautiful body up and down. It was the most amazing feeling he had ever felt. It was difficult for him not to explode.

Kyuu was moaning out, her body quivering as she let Naruto move her up and down on him, she squeezed her own breasts, pinching her solid nipples. It had been so long, and this new body was just crying out for the pleasure and she cried out gasping for breath, her body squirting out over his tool as he continued to move her up and down.

"Now, just let go, fire into me!" she demanded, her chest heaving. "I want to feel it in me…"

She couldn't continue speaking as he just pulled her down gasping out she felt it bursting up out of him and filling her body with its hot sticky goodness. Her breath was taken away and she felt so incredible.

He might not be perfect, but with a little work, she can work on his technique. She waited a few minutes to make sure he had finished squirting his load deep inside her before she slid up and off leaving him a sticky mess.

Her purring had calmed as she stood over him looking back with cold red eyes. "Now we've both had a rest, it's time to get back to work. I will not have a weak lover!"

Naruto could only stare for a moment; his penis softening and he muttered the first thing that came to mind. "I didn't think foxes purred."

She rolled her eyes and stepped over him before kicking him in the ribs. "Get a clue, Naru-kun," she said smirking. "I'm not from this planet remember…? But then… I suppose you have a lot to learn."

Naruto groaned as he shook his head clear and winced as he rubbed his abs and remembered if she lets him do that again not to say something stupid afterwards, and to keep his guard up, she isn't a soft creature.

He knows somewhere along the road she has other motives other than not wanting to be kept in a weak prison, and the way he sees it, its somewhere along the lines of vengeance, but he'll deal with that when it comes. Now though, it's just about the training, the fighting, the hunting and striking… and by the look of it, the sex too, maybe she'll be satisfied with that for now.

Naruto rolled out of the way as Kyuu-chan came crashing down, her small fist impacting the ground where his head lay moments before. The dirt blast up and around in a radius as he threw himself up to his feet, she carried on moving at him with a sweeping kick taking out his feet and putting him back down.

"Just because a girl gives you some doesn't mean she won't try to kill you moments after," she said mocking him as she went to stomp on his face. However, he moved fast enough and caught her foot; disabling her, he knocked her back and flipped back up to his feet while panting for breath.

Naruto ground his teeth taking a few deep breaths to calm himself down while his blue eyes watched her, not blinking as he rolled his shoulders as he waited for her to attack again. However, she just stood and watched him while smirking, her red eyes fixing him with her cool stare.

He knew this was a part of her game plan, her fun way of seeing whether he'll charge in or wait and watch for an opening. He shifted his weight slightly and watched her take the bait as she took half a step back; he shot forward with his right fright sliding over her as she leaned back.

Naruto was practically flush to her soft and warm body as he had seriously over extended himself, and her smirk did not look promising. "You should always have a backup of a backup when you go in for the attack," she laughed as she licked his face before both her palms smashed into his abs and in a pulse of power, he went flying into the air crying out in shock and pain.

She grinned as she jumped up passed him as she flipped over heel kicking him in the back, back down. He cried out more as he slammed into the dirt floor, whimpering as he pushed himself up and way as she slammed her fist into the ground moments later forming a wide shallow crater. He didn't have time to catch his breath as she continued her assault low down as she seemed to disappear only to reappear next to him.

She had her right hand, her fingers lightly touching the ground by his feet holding her perky body off the ground as she swung her legs around. She swept him in a scissor kick knocking him off his feet before following through as she flipped up her left-foot smashing straight into his chest where he went flying backwards.

However, her eyes widened and she would admit she was impressed as he rightened himself in mid-flight as he was falling to land. He hit the ground skidding back making a small trail as he dug in both toes and fingers brining him to a stop.

This time he shot forward as soon as he stopped and caught Kyuu off guard as his knee connected with her stomach knocking the wind out of her and sending her bouncing several yards across the ground. Though, while bouncing she managed to gain control and push herself up to her feet to a stop.

She smirked darkly as she caught her breath, watching him catch his, licking her lips, she may have her own motivation for helping him, but as long as she gets these extra fringe benefits, she's pleased.

She'll get her vengeance in the end. Naruto will claim her vengeance for her. After all, it will suite him too, which is a reason to train him; another is that she will not let herself get associated with a weakling.

Konoha and its ninja can believe he's weak or weaker than them all they like, but the rest of this world shall know that Naruto Uzumaki is a powerful and dangerous ninja, and his name will bring fear to all of the dipshit criminals and bastards throughout the world. She knows it will take a miracle for them people to change. It's easier to hate than it is to forgive, but then creatures like them don't deserve Naruto's forgiveness because most of them would never seek it.

She's not stupid though so knows some in Konoha might seek his forgiveness, those who don't yet know of her presence but just go along with the older crowd. It's just a matter of giving them reason to want forgiveness, and if Naruto's Ninja-Hero kick works out he might actually get support.

Though, if Naruto really wants to be a real hero then he won't seek praise or recognition but just the gratitude of those he saves. She let her smirk widened, he has a long way to go yet, but with her intense training he'll have tyrants and drug peddling slave traders fearing the very thought of him. He'll be the thing of criminals nightmares and the victims dreams and fantasies.

"You've got to do better," she said as she swished towards him. "I have to make you stronger, better at everything."

She swished into his defences and started punching and kicking, pushing him back while he is trying in vain to block her hits peddling backwards. However, she was keeping up as she peddled forward continuing her attack when she pulled back both wrists together and she punted her palms forward crashing into his chest forcing him backwards, shooting over the flower field.

Naruto whimpered as he again bounced through the flowers skidding along the ground when they changed to a huge lake surrounded by swamplands and forests. He pushed himself up landing on his bare feet covered in bruises he stood on the surface.

He had half hoped that she would sink, but if he could catch her off guard that easy while cheating he would be the one teaching her a thing or too. She just smirked smugly as she walked towards him over the water as she looked around.

"I like the way you're thinking," she said but the smug tone of her voice made him gulp. "But this just makes things so much harder… for you," she laughed as she dropped with a splash into the water.

Naruto could only look sad for a moment before he felt her hands around his ankles and he was pulled in. At least he's already undressed and this will clean him up. If only he made the water warm, but it's freezing.

He held his breath just before his head went under, but as he's been taught, if his eyes are not at risk keep them open while fighting, don't even blink. She floated up as they were both submerged. Her fingers stroked up his body from his thighs before ending at his abs and striking.

However, for once her cheap shot didn't connect as he grabbed her shoulders and weaved out of the way before lashing out with his right knee connecting with her ribs. He could see her grunting even under the water before he let her go and swam away.

It was just unfortunate that underwater she's just as fast and moved, swimming up behind him and grabbing his hair with one hand while the other wound around to his chest. He felt her teeth nibbling on his left ear as he struggled to get free.

He was running out of breath, and no amount of cute otherworldly monster nibbling his ear is going to stop him panicking. However, it just took a thought and he was on his hands and knees gasping for breath as the lake had been replaced by a large glade.

Kyuu had surprisingly not landed heavily on him, but was still holding him like a girl might a giant teddy won at a carnival… well if the girl liked nibbling the teddies ear and pulling on its hair, and this one apparently does.

"Hmm, it's so much better to do this on dry land," she muttered in his ear with her soft warm wiggly tongue in it. "But you need to practice holding your breath while fighting under water… eventually I'll want you to be able to go a full thirty minutes or longer without having to breath. It's not all about water. I may be able to filter out poisonous gasses, but they can still screw with you…"

He whimpered shakily. He wondered how she could turn feeling her beautiful body against his back and her tongue in his ear into a lesson that's bound to be painful and give him years of bad dreams. Though, if she keeps this up those bad dreams will be overlapped by good ones.

"W-what are you…?" he asked out with a pleasant shudder rolling down his spine.

"Shut up!" she hissed out in his ear, the hand on his chest sliding down his abs and to his slowly hardening weapon. Her fingers and thumb slowly pumping it to rock status. "I've never experienced a human before you, and I never knew that I could find one so alluring. Though, I have been alone for so long, trapped in your second cousin, and then your mother, and now I'm near practically half human in you."

Naruto quivered again as her tongue slid through and around his ear and cheek. "Oh, hell…!" he whimpered as she suckled on his earlobe and pumped his member.

"Don't worry, in a few real-world-weeks," she spoke huskily. "You'll be capable of taking the ultimate title of Fuck-God of Konoha! You're going to get plenty of practice in me," he purred causing him to whimper.

Her squeezing on his hard, throbbing, needing made him realise. He so wants that title more than anything right now.

"Teach me, Kyuu-sensei!" his whimpered out as he finally looked back at her.

He felt his heart pound harder. Her blood red eyes had darkened and the pixilation was wild with need. He found it oddly sexy to see her soaking wet, her hair lathered to her body and her cute ears pulled back in aggression. Her lips pulled back as she growled, her lips crashed with his kissing him.

He was shocked by this action, but he didn't pull back. Instead, he closed his eyes welcoming her warm wet tongue into his mouth. His tongue met hers and she let him lose to turn around in her arms, his wrapping around her waist.

She still kept hold of 'him'. She looked into his lustful eyes as they darkened as he pushed her back crashing to the ground, his hands roaming her while hers roamed him. She had let go of him to feel his muscular body, her hands now roaming through his hair pulling his lips down her jaw to her neck, which caused her to moan and whimper out with their legs intertwining.

Her fingernails digging bloodily into his back, but he just let the pain egg him on as he suckled her neck his hands taking in her soft breasts, tweaking at her large stiff nipples.

She pushed him further down to her breasts as he squeezed on in each hand coning them, his mouth took one large nipple after the other and she cried out begging him to be rougher, more violent. He sucked harder and nibbled on her nipples. She screamed out as he bit harder, she held his head to her small bust.

"Oh gods don't stop!" she demanded. "Touch me; put your fingers in me, hold me, hurt me, screw me hard!"

While one hand continued with his mouth working her small tits, the other sliding down her tight, firm body to her smooth vagina… touching it for the first time with his fingers. Its soft and smooth, hot like flames dancing in her soaking wet juices, and sucked up his middle finger, then another, moving them in and out faster and faster.

He was nibbling her nipples while squeezing her breasts tighter, her fingers only digging deeper and deeper, her some of her tails wiping around them violently smashing up the ground while others wrapped around him, holding them tight together. He moved with effort up between her legs as he pulled his fingers free of his panting demon and licked them clean before placing his solid member over her entrance, it could feel her furnace as she demanded it.

He was lost in his need as he rammed it in, which caused her to scream high-pitched with pain and pleasure as his large weapon slid right in to its hilt. He then started pumping, her legs wrapping around his waist as he held her slim waist and pounded her warping chakra through his muscles to increase his strength and speed.

He moved faster and faster while she cried out and moaned ordering him to move faster, to break her while her tails were lashing out showing her power as they sliced him and her both, but that just egged him on to be more vicious with his thrusts. It felt like nothing he had ever imagined, like electric running through his glands, up into his stomach and through his heart, and mind exploding.

However, as he pulled up from kissing her moaning and crying lips, her leg's having loosened from exhaustion and the feeling ploughing through her body. He enjoyed watching her expression crossing pain and pleasure but all she wanted was more and more, which he was only too eager to give to her.

Her small breasts moved with every pump of her body, her eyes are closed but tears still leaked from her closed eyelids. Her hands have now moved to his shoulders, her claw like nails cutting into them.

He moved faster and faster, so much so that they were crushing the ground with his thrusts, their interconnected parts making squiggling sounds as he pounded harder into her. Her body quivering as she continually cried out ordered more, demanding that he fills her up. He could feel it bubbling powerfully in his gut.

Naruto pulled Kyuu up into his arms, his fingers wrapped tightly in her hair pulling what he held tort enough that he pulled her head back grazing her exposed neck with his teeth. She held him tighter, her nails in his flesh, pulling his body tight to hers. Her tails were spilling both of their blood, tearing the glade up but they kept going more.

He moved carrying her and moving faster than he thought he could shattering a tree with her back and head slamming into it while he continues, her tails flooring the few other frees around them, and with each thrust the large tree cracked more. He couldn't help but feel satisfied by her scream as he continued screwing her up against the tree, and that she kept pulling him to her.

"C-cum in-in-in me!" she ordered, demanded and that was all it took now for him to finally explode his load in her. The first time he did this felt amazing, but this time, words escaped him. He would never have guessed one guy could hold so much seed that he can feel it continuing and even overflowing.

He was gasping for breath as he leaned tiredly on her, trying hard to catch his breath with a last few pumps and squirt after squirt. His 'kunai' continued to throb and empty his load into her perfect, beautiful body for a few minutes while they both desperately gasped and panted for breath before it slowed to a stop. They had both relaxed holding each other soaked with sweat and blood overheated, her tails now flopped and relaxed.

"Y-you may just g-get that title if you stay such a good student," she whispered as she was snuggled in his arms holding on to him as he held her with his penis semi still deep inside her. "After all, a good fuck can get you far with the right lady. I'll just have to add teaching you how to pick up the ladies, but… remember, not all girls can take such a hard and violent pounding," she said tiredly.

He chuckled a little feeling as if he's near death as he lowered them down and lay on his back, collapsed and she just snuggled tight into his embrace. Their wounds were slowly sealing over as they rested, and with her fur and incredible fur like hair, it was like a soft and comfortable blanket over her soft and warm flesh covering him too.

"Wow… real ninja training is-is so much more fun than I ever thought," he muttered to himself more than to her, breathless still. "And… I think I'm more eager to learn than ever."

"It's all about the motivation, MY Jailor!" she replied with a tired yawn as she cuddled her jailor feeling comfortable and content, the scene of each other mingled together to make her feel relaxed as they rested together.

To Be Continued…
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