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Chapter 4: Letters of War

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As Karnag leaves home once again to fight in the civil war tearing apart his home, he and his new wife send letters to each other as often as they can, expressing their love and their devotion to o...

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Chapter Four: Letters of War
What follows are a series of letters, written between Karnag and Serana, during the course of the campaign against the Stormcloak rebels, in which Karnag spent much of his time on the battlefield, while Serana remained in Falkreath, awaiting his return.

My dearest Serana,

I arrived in Whiterun in the early hours of the morning and reported to Jarl Balgruuf as ordered. Upon my arrival, I was immediately placed in command of the garrison there, the Eighth Legion of His Eminence’s Empire.
I can’t divulge any information on the chance that this letter is intercepted, but we have a good defense here. We’ve been working on making reinforcements to key defensive locations, and stockpiling water. Reconnaissance reports that the Stormcloak army has catapults loaded with incendiary missiles.
I miss you, terribly. As I lie awake, I think of you constantly. I often wonder what our future child will look like. I hope he or she takes after you. Your beauty radiates like the warmth radiates from the sun.
There should be a total of 500 gold Septims accompanying this letter. If not, you have my personal permission to gut the courier like a salmon. I hope to be home soon, but from the reports I’m reading, this may be a somewhat long campaign. Half of Skyrim supports the traitor Ulfric, and we may need to take back our home by force. I pray it does not come to that.
All of my love,

My loving husband,

I miss you terribly. I’m glad to know you’re well. I know you have a duty to protect Skyrim, but I hope you come home soon.
I grow so terribly lonely without you. I’ve grown so accustomed to your presence, I can’t stand being apart.
I hope our child has your bravery and nobility. But I think your horns might be a bit much!
I feel my stomach often, wondering if a little one is indeed growing in there. I’ve written to my mother, asking her for advice.
I’ve spent much time in Falkreath, and the community has accepted me fairly. I’ve been keeping the house intact and warm, with the gold you sent. It’s a labor of love, indeed. I strive to keep everything orderly for your return.
Please be careful, I don’t think I could live without you. I know your position as a commander will keep you off the front lines but still, please take care.

Your loving and faithful wife,

Serana, my light,

We have routed Ulfric’s forces here at Whiterun, and fortunately the city was left with little in the way of damage. We lost many brave men, but this seems to be the first step in retaking Skyrim. The Stormcloak army has been pushed back, to where I cannot say, but we are pursuing them.
I’ve been assigned to the 8th Legion until the war is over, I’m afraid. So, I won’t be home soon. But I promise that as soon as we have Ulfric’s head, I will spare no time returning to you. Our time spent in Oblivion has provided me with ample advantage that I doubt Ulfric accounted for. Honoring my end of our deal, I called forth the dragon Durnehviir from the depths to fight along side the legion. It did not take long for the sight of an undead dragon in the sky to strike fear into the hearts of the Stormcloak soldiers. Our new-found comradeship has proven mutually beneficial, as he is a powerful ally to have, and he so desperately desires to fly the skies of Tamriel.
I await your letters anxiously. In truth, they are the only thing keeping me sane on this campaign. Our army will be on the march shortly, so I must keep this short. Skyrim depends on us.
Did Valerica send any sage advice for your pregnancy? I hope things are going well. I pray to the Divines nightly for an easy carriage for you. I can only hope I am back before our little one breathes their first breath of life.
I had a good laugh at the thought of raising a little horned devil like myself! I’m sure that between my strength and your grace, we’ll have a force to be reconned with on our hands!
The men are preparing to move, so I must send this letter and purse off. Wish us luck, and I am sure a swift and decisive victory will come our way.

Until we meet again,
Eighth Legion, His Eminence’s Empire

Karnag, my love,

I was worried when your letter came so late, but the courier told me where he rode from and I understood. I won’t write what he said, I understand about security and all. Durnehviir was a worthy foe in battle, so I imagine that having him has been a boon to your forces.
I’m afraid I have some disheartening news. I received an answer from mother. She said that after she had been turned by Molag Bal, she was never able to conceive again. I only hope my womb was not left in the same state, but as I don’t show any of the typical signs of pregnancy, I fear the worst.
I’ll admit I’ve fallen into somewhat of a depression, after growing fond of the idea of motherhood. I haven’t abandoned hope, but I have my doubts. I’ve spoken with Runil, the priest of Arkay in Falkreath, and he suggested I send word to Falion in Morthal. He is said to be a scholar in the nature of vampirism. He might be able to shed some light on my condition.
But in the meantime, I still pray for your safe return. I weep for your losses, but take solace in knowing they rest easy in Sovngarde. Crush Ulfric and his rebellion, my darling. I’ve seen the strength in you, and I know it will see you through any adversity.
I will keep the hearth fires burning for you, day and night, until you are home once more.

Hopes and prayers,
Serana Gornish

P.S. I’ve taken to using your kin-name as my surname in town. The locals find it fitting, if a bit un-Nordic.

Dearest love,

I must admit, I am crestfallen hearing your news. It’s quite cold here, and the thought of your sadness has given me no warmth. But there is no need for melancholy, for when it comes to raising a family, the starting of a life is more enjoyable than most other parts.
My legion has taken up the moniker of “Dragonguard,” given that wherever we march, so does Durnehviir. Our strength is unmatched, and nothing can stand in our way as long as he is in the sky.
I suppose there’s no need for secrecy anymore, my Legion is marching on Winterhold. After the failed siege at Whiterun, the Eighth and Tenth Legions diverged, with my unit heading northward to the Pale and the Tenth moving west to cut off Ulfric’s access to the Rift. Jarl Maven Black-Briar has garrisoned a large number of the Tenth Legion in Riften and the surrounding area, preparing for a possible counterattack.
My men push ever westward, but the snow outside of Dawnstar has made our progress slow. But even at this pace, we should reach Winterhold before reinforcements from Windhelm arrive to support the Stormcloak battalions there.
Was Falion any help, regarding your fertility? I met the man once during my travels, and something about him made my skin crawl. But he is quite knowledgeable on the subject. I hope he will provide some insight.
We will be making camp here for the night and continuing our march on Winterhold at dawn. Once Winterhold falls, the walls of Windhelm are all that stand between Ulfric and my blade. Pray for us, that none may stand against us on our path to victory. We have already seen many of Ulfric’s men desert or defect, due to lack of resources, so we should be ending things swiftly.
I can almost feel your warm embrace, and I dream of coming home to you always. The cold, cold nights here are made easier by my imaginings.
This war is in its final act, and we stand poised to strike the traitors down, and everything will be back to normal soon.

With all my love,
Karnag gro-Gornish
Legate, Eighth Imperial Legion.

P.S. I think my kin-name suits you well, my darling. Mrs. Serana Gornish. I repeat it over in my mind when I think of you.

My brave and fearless husband,

I pray to the Divines night and day for your safe and swift return, and your news brings me much joy. I can’t wait until you come home. I would wait a thousand years for you, but I pray it does not come to that!
I’ve taken an optimistic outlook, regarding our little family. I guess we’ll just have to keep trying. I’ve befriended many of the townsfolk in Falkreath, and they are all eagerly awaiting your return. News of your valor has spread, and you’ve become something of a local hero. A few of the old wives here have given me some tips as far as how to guarantee conception, so we’ll just have to try again, my love.
I promise your homecoming will be a momentous occasion, with feast and drink and song. Come home safe, my love. May the Divines bless your men and bring you swift victory.

Until then,
Serana Gornish

My lovely wife,

The day of reckoning has come. This war is over. Eastmarch has submitted to the Emperor, and the murderer Ulfric resides in Sovngarde.
We amassed outside of Windhelm in the early hours of the morning, and at the command of General Tullius, we unleashed our catapults, and began the siege. It went on to dawn, when we breached the gates. The final bastion of Ulfric’s army met us there, but one by one, they all fell.
We fought our way through the city, and with the combined might of both my Eighth and what remained of the Tenth Legions, we held our ground and suffered minimal casualties. Myself, General Tullius, and Legate Rikke breached the massive gates of the Palace of Kings, where Ulfric cowered on his throne.
We attempted an arrest, but the traitor refused to go quietly, and I knocked him to the ground, as he had done to High King Torygg, and held the tip of my sword at his chest.
General Tullius again attempted an arrest, but Ulfric’s dying words were, “Have the Dragonborn be the one to kill me. It will make for a better song.” And, granting a dying Nord’s last wish, I drove my sword through his heart.
At long last, the war is over. I was relieved of command this morning, and I have some affairs to get in order before I make for home. If this letter gets there before I do, expect me on its heels.
I’m coming home, Serana. I’m coming home. Only a few days longer now.

With the speed of Kynareth,
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