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X Marks The Plot

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This Duncanville fanfiction is an AU. Duncan and his friends are adults who work for a detective agency trying to foil a plot from the Stay At Home Dads.

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My 50th fanfiction! YAY! Going to be writing something that thinks outside the box a little bit.

Duncanville Presents

A Narwhal Puppy Production

X Marks The Plot

The evil organzation Stay At Home Dads were spying on Duncan. "Ha! Look at him. Feeling sorry for himself because he lost a case concerning us!" said one of the Stay At Home Dads.

"Let's strike Detective Duncan again so we can destroy him for good!"

The Stay At Home Dads get their plan into action. Duncan Harris was now a detective in Oakdale. His friends were working for him. Bex was a receptionist, Yangzi was his escort driver and Wolf was a DA who worked cases with him. Mia was photographer. Duncan sat at the bar. It was empty save for him . Even the owner had already left him alone. Just Duncan and the whiskey in his glass.

Duncan's friends had tried to stop him from going, but after that.... that event... Duncan could no longer stay.

Thinking about it made his eyes well up and to prevent bursting out in crying (as Duncan really, deeply, wanted to) he lifted the wiskey and gulped it down. The burning liquid warmed his throat and heart. It was the only comfort Duncan still had in this world.

Duncan tried to take his mind of the present. To slip into the past rather then wallow in sorrow...

...but it didn't work. Duncan was still just at a bar. Keeping the whisky company.

Suddenly the door opened behind him. Footsteps. Then a figure sat down next to him and took the bottle. "Long time," spoke Wolf and he poored himself a glass as well. Duncan grumbled.

"I deserved that," Wolf said and took a gulp from his whiskey. "Go away," Duncan said.
"Not before you hear my offer," Wolf said. "I don't want to hear about it." Duncan spoke. He really didn't want anything to do with Wolf, not after... that. "I don't want anything to do with you... not after... that." "Dammit, that wasn't your fault," Wolf, "It was none of our fault." "Yes it was, it was my fault. I could have stopped it." Duncan said, "I SHOULD HAVE STOPPED IT FROM HAPPENING."

"Calm down, Duncan," Wolf, "It wasn't your fault... that wasn't your fault."
But no matter what Wolf said, Duncan still felt that that was his fault...
"I need you," said Wolf. "Just one more time. Just one more job and I'll leave you alone."
Oh lonelyness, that would be nice. No one around. No one to remind Duncan of...that.
"One more job," Duncan muttered. "Alright. One more job it is."
And with that, he gulped down the remaining whiskey. Time for action!
Our sad adventurers walked backwards into the jaws of certain death. All because he failed to save Slayer his favorite Twitch Star from getting assassinated by the Stay At Home Dads.


Yangzi drives up to the bar in his SUV. Duncan, Mia, Bex, and Wolf get inside as Yangzi drives and says, "Oh, look, we are at our destination we had to arrive to!"

Our heroes arrived at the central district.
"How will we find where he is based in this big city?"
"We will never find him."

"Maybe not, look...there!"
Behind them was a massive blimp sign with Stay At Home Dads Corp scribbled upon it in bold .
So they found where he was,and entered the skyscrapper...
As they entered there was lots of Loyal followerss.
So they swung back their trenchcoats and murdercided them all with their concealed revolvers of awesome(but no one died!).

"Ok, he is sure to be in the penthouse sweet in his hut " said Wolf pressing the correct elevator button
The elevator went up a few floors. SUDDENLY there was a bang on the roof!
"down!" shouted Bex.
And they did. Which is just as well, because seconds later...
The hatch opened and a couple of mercenaries with flintlock revolvers pirouetted down.
"oh god! What are we going to do!?" said Yangzi
"We gota think fast" said Wolf.
"Ok" agrees Bex.
"I know you dont like violence, Duncan, But you have to do this. Do it for me. please.." Said Mia.

"Ok, your right, I know we have to fight them" said Duncan who did a massive mighty super karate kick just as the first soldier landed
which knocked them unconscious.
"Nice work. But its not over yet! Look!"
A massive loyal followers appeared, but they killed him.
Ding! They had reached their floor.
"So you have come" said a voice booming from the sky
A jump-jet appeared above them.
Stay At Home Dads laughed at them from it.
"Ha Ha Ha Ha"
"I could gun you all down from here with my machine gun, but I would rather do this...personal style."
he leaped down and landed at the far side of the rooftop
"Ready?" he said, still laughing.

Duncan removed his shirt and flexed his abs.
"Yes. I am ready. "
With that they leaped at eachother, metaphorical guns blazzing (which were littoral pulse pistols).
"I kill you dead"
Stay At Home Dads head butted Duncan in the chest

Duncan fell backwards in pain punching a few times before crashing to the ground.
"Ha Ha Ha Ha" laughed Stay At Home Dads
"You could never have defeated me, so why did you even try?"
"I had too, for all that is good and just in the world."
"Well now you will die. Goodbye."
Stay At Home Dads leaned over Duncan holding a a huge 2 x 4 wooden stick.

"Quick Duncan use this!" said Mia, chucking a nearby hammer towards Duncan.
Duncan grabbed it and chucked it towards Stay At Home Dads hard, knocking him the edge of the tall hanger they were on!
"Goodbye, Stay At Home Dads have a nice fall!"

"We are safe now, they fell to certain doom." Yangzi and Wolf got out from the bush where they were running. "Thank you, you saved us all." "Dont mention it." Duncan tells them all. With another case closed under their belts. Duncan returns to his Detective Agency with a new vigor about himself. Bex, Wolf, Mia and Yangzi could not be any more prouder from him.

The End

The Proceeding Has Been A Narwhal Puppy Production!
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