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Harsh Winters Night

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A runaway girl (Age is debatable, I read her as 19 year old) flees from her parents and finds herself in the woods. She may not be alone...

Category: Erotica - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica,Horror - Warnings: [V] [X] [R] - Published: 2019-09-25 - 849 words

It must has been weeks since I ran away from home, and days since I have seen any form of food. The berries I found were definitely not enough for a harsh winters night. The relentless verbal abuse of home, would be a comfort compared to this ruthless white forest I find myself in. This forest, I felt nothing but cold eyes following my every move. Luckily, I came sort of what prepared for the snow, decently covering myself from the ‘trees’ eyes.’ But somehow it is not enough to keep myself warm. I stop for a second to try and find of anything actually following me. Darkness... just darkness. The moonlight is barely enough to see the silhouettes of the trees. I continue on my aimless journey, feeling unsafe just by the sounds of crushing snow beneath me.

“This was a mistake” I think to myself. “Why didn’t I think this through?” Wind blows my steamy breath into my line of vision. I jump and made a small sound in reaction of my own breath. Sighing in my own frustration, I whisper “Just relax, nothing lives in these woods, and trees don’t have eyes.” I control my breathing to try and venture forth until, I hear a cracking sound behind me. Everything just pauses in the moment as I am frozen in shock. I had the uncontrollable urge to slowly turn to look behind me, like I was in a horror movie. Despite the common fate of a horror character, I still proceed to look behind me very slowly. Still can’t see anything, but the feeling of spying eyes seem to be in one area. I couldn’t see anything there but I knew that someone or something, was right there with every single fibre of my being.
I start running the best I can in the snow. As I was doing that, growling sounds of a man confirmed that someone was following me.

I ran the best I could but the darkness cloaked trees that kept getting in my way. The man kept getting closer and closer as the trees sabotaged me. The man grabbed my hoodie and pulled me down to the cold hard ground. I become dazed as the man forces himself on top of me. Coldness starts rushing in as he aggressively rips apart my hoodie. His intentions began to come clear when his eyes widened to the flesh of my breast. He would be extremely attractive to me if he wasn’t trying to rape me. My dazed self starts to wake up and fight back. I manage to hit him in ears and disorientate him. He falls besides me and I begin to run. The man grabs my hoodie again but comes off me as he pulls on it. He screams in frustration but doesn’t chase me down. I don’t let that stop me though, I continue to run away.

A yellow light starts to flood the darkness and they started to form into windows. “A Cabin!” I screamed in excitement, but my excitement lived a short life as the man tackles me. My fate became has cold as the ground beneath me. He rips a part of my shirt off and uses it to tie my hands behind my back. My futile attempts to unbound myself only seemed to fuel his lust for me. He pulls me up and lead me inside the cabin. The living room was a small but spacious from what I could see, the next I saw was the bed he threw me on. My hopes of escape seemed to vanish as soon my pants were taken off. He stripped me down until everything was just skin. I did not resist even with my hands untied, I just looked away and tried to get comfortable, so it didn’t hurt as much. He surprised me by his soft touch on my sides, slowly rubbing me to calm me down. I looked at him and saw the man admiring my body. He was already big but was bigger just from looking at me. I was surprised on how much I liked it, to the point where I was getting ready for him. He then grabbed my hands and put them together above my head. He stared into my eyes as he slowly invites himself in. The dominant behaviour caused me to widen my legs for him. I started hating myself for enjoying the feeling him inside me. He tried going slow but I was too tight, for this was my first time. The thrusting became harder and faster everytime a sound escaped my breath. My body was not longer my own as it was being banged in submission. He was still inside me when he finished, but I didn’t feel a thing; The only thing I felt was soreness. He continued to stay inside as he began to fell asleep on me. It saddens me that I find comfort in our bed to this day. Saddens me, that I am still here.
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