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Stowing Away...Again

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Summer's successful escape turns out to be less-than-stellar, as she finds the Marine ship now docked at a warring Marineford.

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An explosion boomed,throwing Summer against the wall of the ship and knocking her awake. She lay dazed for a moment, unsure of where she was. Once she remembered she got to her feet quickly. No one was in the storage room, so she hadn't been found. A quick once-over ensured her that she wasn't injured besides a few minor bruises. The ship lurched violently again, and she grabbed onto the nearest shelf to steady herself.

A mirror was attached to the wall next to her. For what reason, Summer didn't know. She took a moment to look herself over. Her violet eyes scrutinized her face, frowning at her appearance. Her long blond hair was pretty tangled, face dirty and thin from lack of food in Impel Down. She was extremely pale, almost ghostly. She hastily looked away from herself.

Listening closely, the sound of swords and gunfire made Summer realize that they must be at Ace's execution. Cannons from nearby ships boomed and the earth shook.

'Whitebeard is angry it seems.'

Opening the door a crack revealed that no one was in the hallway outside. There were no voices anywhere, no pounding feet, nothing. The ship was empty, as far as she knew. Warily walking through the lower deck, Summer emerged from the ship and halted in shock of her discovery.

They were at Marineford, alright. A severely destroyed Marineford. The main building was in ruins, a shadow of its former glory. Thousands of marines and pirates waged war down below. The sea was frozen over, she assumed by Admiral Aokiji. Prominent among those below, she spotted Sengoku standing on the scaffold. Whitebeard stood on the top of his ship. Fire Fist Ace could be seen kneeling on the gallows, two executioners standing beside him. Several Shichibukai were fighting their own battles.

She stared down at the bloody conflict for a moment before she examined the situation. Sneaking a ship away would be impossible at this point; the sea was still frozen over and only a few marine ships farther away were in the clear. They would be filled with soldiers, as well.

Staying until everything was over wasn't a very good plan either. At some point she would be dragged into the fight. Screams of pain and the smell of blood surrounded her, but she wasn't affected by it.

"Hmm…" She stood pondering her options, a hand on her chin in thought, when something in the sky caught her attention. She frowned, squinting up at the object. It looked like…

"A ship?" She asked aloud in confusion.

'What the hell?'

A marine ship was falling from the sky. The dark green bottom hull grew larger and larger as it descended. She watched in awe as it sailed downwards, miraculously landing in an unfrozen patch of sea. Seawater sprayed everywhere, drenching pirates and marines alike. Much of the conflict stopped when the ship landed, everyone too shocked by what they had witnessed. Somehow, the ship didn't capsize; however, it did split in half upon impact with the water.

Once it had settled, she made out dozens of people onboard. She spotted Jinbe, another Shichibukai, standing on the deck. A large-headed person in a very exotic outfit stood next to him. Crocodile was there as well.

'Crocodile was a prisoner at Impel Down. How did he escape?'She quickly came to one conclusion. 'Luffy was the intruder.' She shook her head in amazement.

Summer leaned on the ship's railing waving smoke away from her face as she watched the violence ensue. So much was going on; it was difficult to process everything at once. The boy, whom she had eventually identified as Luffy, truly was determined. Each opponent that came his way didn't last very long and he continued to push his way through. He defeated thousands in an attempt to save his brother.

Summer suddenly ducked behind the ship's railing to avoid a stray light beam from Kizaru's attack. "Damn marines…" She muttered as she straightened up.

The war seemed endless, going on for well over an hour and a half. She glanceed over at Whitebeard from time to time, curious as to how he would react to the unfolding events. From this distance, the fighting looked to be unreal. The toys of a child as he recklessly knocked the plastic pieces together.

The war continued. It seemed as if Whitebeard intended to finish the battle with his life. A proper ending to the old Age of Pirates. He continued to slice through marines around him. Just as Ace and Luffy were set on escaping, Akainu attacked them both. From this distance it was hard to tell, but it looked to Summer as if Ace was struggling. The next thing she knew, Ace was dying in the hands of his younger brother.

Jinbe picked up the distraught Luffy and fled from the Admiral. She could clearly see Luffy's face in Jinbe's arms. It was blank with his mouth wide open. As if his mind couldn't take the reality. Summer looked away from the painful scene. What she found instead piqued her interest.

Sitting in the water nearby was a yellow submarine, not too far from her. Several people stood on its deck. Out of all of the figures, she recognized only one.

'Trafalgar Law…Interesting.'

He shouted at Buggy, who was flying through the air carrying Luffy, to let him take Strawhat. Everyone onboard the submarine was focused on Luffy. The large submarine doors were left wide open behind them. An idea struck Summer. An insane, stupid, and life-threatening idea.

'Take the chance. Go.'

Summer jumped in the water. The cold came as a slight shock to her, though nowhere near as bad as the cold of the prison, and she swam over to the submarine as quickly and silently as she could. Luckily, they hadn't closed the doors to submerge. She silently slunk aboard, keeping her eye on the backs of the men on the deck, and slipped inside without anyone noticing. Knowing that there are probably more men inside, she began looking for a place to hide. Running feet pounded throughout the metal contraption, obviously coming closer, causing Summer to panic. Opening the first door she saw, she slipped inside. She found a kitchen and cafeteria-style mess hall. Spotting a door farther in, she crept into the food storage and locked it behind her.

Her back slid down the door and she sat with her head in her hands, catching her breath. The feet slowly died away, this time the sound of squeaky wheels accompanied them. For now, she was safe. She let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

'Now what, genius?' She thought. To be perfectly honest, she didn't think this far ahead into the plan, relying on her quick reflexes and instincts to tell her where to go. Now that the initial idea was spent, she drew a blank as to what to do next.

'Perhaps he wont find me and I could hop off at the next island?' She thought sarcastically. She shook her head.

Summer was no idiot. Trafalgar Law would find her onboard his submarine eventually, but that bridge would be crossed when she came to it.

'He's known as the Surgeon of Death for a reason.'

Well, no shit. The World Government didn't give out a bounty over 200,000,000 just for kicks. She had to be cautious around him. His brutality was well known.

Right now, she needed to focus on a more immediate problem.

Her stomach grumbled loudly, reminding her that the last time she had eaten was in Impel Down. Looking down at her stomach sadly, she just then remembered she was still wearing the marine uniform. She brushed the thought off. Nothing she could do now.

Much as she didn't want to get back up, her raging hunger forced her to her feet. Looking around, she found boxes and barrels all neatly stored on rows of shelves full of food. She grabbed an apple and a loaf of bread.

'Better start off small. Don't want my body to reject it.'

The food was gone within seconds, her hunger getting the better of her.

"Now we wait." She said to herself. The submarine's engine suddenly roared to life and she felt the vessel surge forward. Running feet and loud booms echoed through the vessel. The air perpetually smelled of sweat, metal, and oil, it seemed. Her ears popped from the change in water pressure.

'I just need some sleep.' She thought to herself as she involuntarily yawned.

If she expected a smooth ride down to the depths of the ocean, she was greatly disappointed.

The submarine was hit by something and she was thrown forward into the wall. She didn't react quickly enough and couldn't bring up her hands. Her head hit the metal wall and everything went black.
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