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His Deal With The Devil

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Summer takes a chance with opening herself up to the crew and finally tells Law what he wants to know.

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Summer's POV

Summer sat cross-legged on the infirmary bed, breathing deeply to calm her heartbeat down. The room seemed unusually cold and unfriendly. Summer covered her eyes with her hands in frustration.

'Oh god, what am I doing?'

She was about to tell the second most sadistic individual she had ever met about her past and she was even telling herself not to back out of it! Sure, a part of her told her this was a shitty idea, but deep down she was tired of the endless fear of the unknown and of that bastard she was hunting-and being hunted by.

'I will kill you. But I have to get stronger.'

Forcing her hands away from her face, she schooled her features and closed her eyes in a sort of meditation. Her fingers unconsciously kneaded her temple, trying to work the growing headache out of her mind. It would do no good to become worked up before Law even got in the room.

'Calm down, just calm down. You can do this…'

The infirmary door opened softly and her eyes snapped open. She stared as the Surgeon of Death strode into the room, hands in his pockets and that damned smirk on his face. His grin was met with her frown, and she crossed her arms in front of her without realizing it. Law grabbed the stool next to the bed, sitting in it backwards comfortably. He rested his chin on his crossed arms, his grin widening. His silence was insufferable.

"Don't act all high and mighty. Your damn ego is big enough already." Summer said with a scowl to which he chuckled darkly.

"You are the one who called me here, Miss Summer. I do believe that is my victory." She looked away.

"Whatever, can we just get this over with?" She could feel his smirk widen without having to look.

"I'm waiting on you, Miss Summer." She could hear the satisfaction in his voice, but suddenly she was too nervous to really care. A deep sigh escaped her and her shoulders sagged a little in defeat.

"Where to begin?" She muttered.

"Most tales start at the beginning." He commented, earning a glare from the girl.

"You aren't making this any easier, you know." His amused expression never changed.

"I'm aware." She shook her head, sighing in disbelief.


"Why don't you just ask me specific questions. I'll answer what I can."

"Fair enough. You are 23 years old, correct?"


"Where were you born?" She closed her eyes in sorrow, mentally preparing for the onslaught of memories to begin.

Law's POV

"Terra Nova* Island. It's somewhere on the Grand Line." Her eyes hesitantly opened again and her hands rubbed her arms, whether to warm her cold limbs or because it was a nervous reaction Law couldn't be sure.

"Any siblings?" At his question, her violet eyes took on a faraway look, as if she was envisioning a memory.

"A sister, but she's dead. She died when I was six." Her eyes were still averted, but Law continued anyway.

"What of your parents?" Once again, she shook her head.

"I don't know exactly." He frowned in irritation.

"What do you mean?" She looked up at him again.

"I never met them; I don't know who they are, I don't even know their names." That faraway look returned and Law came to the conclusion that this girl's past was not a happy one. Whatever it was that she had experienced had obviously affected her and remained with her all her life.

/'Just like me...' /Law broke out of his thoughts when she continued speaking.

"All I know is that they died in some horrible incident or something. Nobody really talked about it much."

He couldn't see how any more information down that path would be beneficial at the moment, so he moved onto more pressing topics. Law finally asked the question that had been bothering him since Bepo told him of her fears. "Who are you running from?"

She hesitated to answer, probably doubting whether telling him was still a good idea, but she sucked in a breath after the prolonged silence.

"His name is Viper. He's the captain of the Serpent Pirates."

Law frowned. He didn't recognize the name, but from her fear of him, he assumed the man was powerful. Summer's dazed expression quickly turned to one of pure hatred. "He's a bastard to the very core, worse than you, believe it or not." His frown deepened but he kept his anger in check. He would get back at her for the comment at a later time.

"And how did you find yourself entangled with him?" He wasn't surprised to find her scowl deepen and the fists sitting on her legs clench tighter.

"When I was seven, I left Terra Nova. All I wanted to do was get away so I was pretty reckless. At the first island I landed on, I ran out of food. I resorted to thieving and of all the people to steal from it was him.

"At first, he dismissed me with a punch to the face. But for some reason, the next second he was looking at me really weird and ordering his crew to take me. I still don't know why he did." She shook her head sadly.

Law noticed the unease seemed to be slowly giving way to what he identified as relief, as if breaking her silence was a physical reprieve. Her breathing was easier. There were no hesitations in her answers anymore and he could see the glisten of unshed tears in her eyes. The hidden emotions she tried to keep away from the world's eyes.

"At first it almost seemed like a blessing. I had food and a place to be for the time I sailed with them, but then they took me to this crazy doctor on some island. He did lots of experiments and kept me there for a long time. I'm not sure how long I really stayed. I would be given back to Viper several times, then returned to the lab. Viper was payed everytime I was taken back."

"Who was this doctor?" Law asked thinking that perhaps, despite the apparent improbability, he could get a hold of whatever file contained her medical records. He had already come to the conclusion that what she said would not provide him with enough information to sate his growing curiosity.

To his disappointment, she shook her head in irritation. "I don't know. It was so long ago and I never really cared to ask for his damn name. I remember the cold though. It was so damn cold." A shiver visibly went down her spine. She calmed herself down with a deep breath. "It was after that that I started to attempt escaping from Viper."

"How many times did you try?" She shrugged, deeming it unimportant.

"Maybe...12 or 13 times. I never counted."

He sighed tiredly, changing the subject to something more telling.

"How did you end up in Impel Down?" He watched her shift uncomfortably and unconsciously he shifted as well. He really didn't know why.

"It was after one time I had managed to escape from Viper. I was in hiding on Orchard Island and I was ambushed by a whole fleet of marines. There was no way I could escape and they captured me." Her head tilted in thought. "But I still managed to hide all my belongings before they took me. As far as I know, it's still there." A sigh escaped her mouth. "Ah well, it's all the way in the New World."

"Hmm…" Law hummed in thought. He rubbed his goatee with a hand, eyes narrowed as he mulled over her words. Something hadn't sounded right.

"I would think a year in Impel Down would halt any pursuit this Viper was making. Are you entirely sure he's still looking for you?"

For the first time in their entire conversation, Summer looked him directly in the eyes. What he saw there was vengeful intent, determined and dangerous. Her eyes, usually a brilliant violet hue, were now clouded with cold gray. Her timidness disappeared. The nervous young woman that had been there before had changed into a cold, heartless, killing machine right before his eyes.

And he kind of liked it.

"He'll always be after me. He said it himself many years ago. 'As long as my little gem is hidden, I will be alive to seek it out.' That's what he said to me after he found me during one of my escape attempts." His eyes narrowed as a thought quickly formed and began to take shape in his mind. There was a silence as he finished forming his idea internally.

"I assume you wish to become stronger in an effort to take his life?" With a raised eyebrow, she shortly nodded her head.

His smirk returned as Law thought of a new negotiation for the young woman in front of him.

"I will help you to become stronger on my submarine and assist in killing this Viper person." He said resolutely. Her brows furrowed in anger.

"I don't need your-" He held up a hand, cutting her off.

"It is quite obvious you need my help, Miss Summer. Taking on this venture alone has not proved successful in the past if your words are correct. If it were possible to do alone, he would already be dead." She closed her mouth in anger, silenced by the evident truth to his words. Her eyes narrowed as she began to think it over.

"There's always a catch. What is it you get out of this deal?" His grin widened at her question.

"You will remain with my crew even after Viper is defeated and allow me to perform a full examination on you."

Her arms crossed her chest and she lowered her head in silence. Law waited as she looked at his proposition from all angles in deep patience. He knew she would take the deal eventually. She needed only to recognize it herself.

"It all depends on how badly you want this Viper man dead. So the question is, what would you be willing to do to achieve it?" He asked. Her deadly serious face looked up to him.

"Anything." She half whispered. Law shifted to a more comfortable position on the chair and raised his eyebrows.

"Do we have a deal, then?"

Summer's POV

Summer's eyes roamed around the room without seeing anything. This was only because she was not searching the room, but her mind. The pirate captain's proposition wasn't ideal, in fact she didn't know if the handcuff of permanent residence aboard the little yellow vessel would appeal to her. The same reason was why she had not considered Amazon Lily as an option before.

Law's examination didn't sound very appealing either. She hated anything to do with hospitals; needles especially. The thought of anyone inspecting every inch of her being was chilling to begin with. The added fact that he was the sadistic Surgeon of Death didn't do much to help matters. Who knew what his little 'examination' would consist of?

But the opportunity to finally get her revenge was all too tempting. Her hands twitched in excitement at the thought of his blood coating her weapons and his head severed from his body. Oh, the joy she would feel when he was finally dead by her own two hands! She had to clench her hands tighter to keep her emotions under control.

'What are you willing to risk to have him dead?'

It was then that she realized she hadn't answered Law very truthfully.

'Will I risk anything?'


'I will risk everything...'

She then remembered that Law was still waiting for an answer. Despite the situation and the not-so-great deal she was being given, a small smile graced her lips.

"Yes, we have a deal."
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