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Perverted Winter

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The Heart Pirates arrive at Nix, a cold, blizzarding, winter island, and shenanigans ensue.

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"Amazing…" Summer's eyes took in the swirling winter climate of the new island. Something akin to a blizzard danced in the air in front of them. A great burst of wind came rushing towards them, and she smiled in awe. At this point in the day, the sun sat below the horizon, creating a colorful masterpiece of the sky above. The pink and yellow hues reflected over the flawless snowy hills surrounding the small town.

The flakes of snow brushed past Summer's cheek, causing them to turn a deep red. The howling wind was a sound she was well acquainted with, but strangely, it wasn't unpleasant.

"It's been forever since we've been to a winter island." Bepo, along with most of the crew, stood next to her by the railing, beaming at the frozen land in obvious delight. The poor bear had been complaining about the heat for days now and she was happy he could finally cool off for once. That just left one other problem, though.

She shivered and wrapped her arms tighter around herself, her short breaths creating small clouds in front of her. Her black pants and army-style tank top didn't help at all in this freezing environment, and her combat boots would probably slip on every wet surface in this place. A quick glance around confirmed that the rest of the men had thick coats to protect them from the temperature and sturdy snow boots. She bit her lip, unsure of where to get some.

"Here." A hand holding a yellow hoodie was thrust into her face from her left. Startled, she looked up into the annoyed eyes of her captain. Noticing that it was the one he usually wore, she glanced at his floor-length black coat with a yellow jolly roger on the collar. She looked at the jacket suspiciously, as if it would reach out and bite her. He rolled his eyes, forcefully pushing it into her hands.

"You'll freeze if you don't wear a jacket. We'll get you one in the town, but put this on until then." He glanced down at her feet. "And some better shoes." He stalked off towards the front of the sub, leaving her with his hoodie. She felt the soft fabric in her hands, reflecting that it reminded her of Bepo.

'So he likes soft things...' She smirked. For some reason, she had to restrain the urge to stick her nose in it and inhale his scent. She made a face.

'What the hell is wrong with me?'

Deciding she had no other option at the moment, she finally pulled it over her head and adjusted it until it fit comfortably. It was slightly big on her, but not overly so. Law was a lean individual, after all. She could still feel a faint warmth from it, probably from him wearing it earlier. The thought made her blush, but because of the cold, it went unnoticed.

'/Don't think such weird thoughts...' /She scolded herself.

A large body moved up next to her. It was that of Jean Bart, the ex-captain turned navigator that spent the majority of his time in the control room. She had only met him a few times, during which little had been said. It became quickly apparent that he was a man of few words.

He gazed over the island with his usual neutral expression. Summer studied him briefly, but went back to surveying the island after a while. The hoodie wasn't as thick as she would have liked, and she rubbed her arms to generate more heat.

"Shouldn't you be used to the cold?" She jumped, his sudden question startling her out of her trance-like state. He almost never initiated a conversation, let alone talked to her. She shook her head slowly.

"Why would you say that?" His eyes turned onto her.

"You spent over a year in the freezing hell of Impel Down." She looked away, remembering the long time spent in that literal hell hole. The endless numb feeling and depressing thoughts assaulted her memory. She sighed and closed her eyes.

"You would think, but one doesn't get used to something like that." Without opening her eyes, she could still feel Jean Bart's intense gaze on her. When her gaze eventually met his, to her surprise, she saw in them approval and...admiration? He looked away quickly, leaving Summer to wonder if she had really seen anything at all.

After the crew had docked the submarine, Law ordered the men to arrange rooms at the inn for the night. It had a surprising vacancy, considering the large number of ships currently docked. They didn't think much on it, instead looking forward to a warm room and cups of hot chocolate.

The crew was gathered in the inn's main room, crowded around the large fireplace that took up one whole wall. Law finished talking with the innkeeper and walked over with several keys in his hand. Standing in front of them, he quickly gained their attention.

"Sleeping arrangements will be done in pairs. Our rooms are on the second floor." He began calling out names and handing out the keys to the rooms. Men began heading towards the upstairs to retire for the night. The numbers downstairs quickly diminished until there were only a handful left.

"Liam and Reid." Liam stood along with an engineer Summer recognized and took the key from Law. The two headed upstairs as well, leaving the captain, Bepo, Sachi, Penguin, and Summer.

In her head, she counted out the remaining crew, frowning when the number came up odd.

" I have a room to myself?" She asked hopefully. Law held up the remaining two keys, and she began to panic.

'I'm not gonna have to share a room with that bastard, am I?' She swallowed hard at the thought. Law's smirk didn't go unnoticed by her.

"On the contrary, Miss Summer, you will be sharing a room with Shachi-ya and Penguin-ya since there is an odd number of people." He handed the key to a very crimson-cheeked Penguin. Shachi was in the same state. Both men stared at the key as if it were made of gold. The intensity of their gazes started to creep her out a little.

Law turned away with Bepo following in his wake. He gave Summer one last smirk before disappearing up the steps. Inside, she was seething. She glared intensely into his retreating back.

'Damn surgeon bastard...Shitty winter island...Goddamn cold...'

Turning back to the two engineers, she noticed they were staring at her with fearful expressions. The next thing she knew, the two were on their knees in front of her holding the key out to her.

" can have the room, Summer-chan. We don't want to be murdered in our sleep." Shachi said, clasping his hands together. Penguin nodded in agreement.

"Yeah, we can sleep down here tonight if that will make you feel more comfortable."

Her eyes widened in shock. Waving her hands out, she pushed the key back towards them.

"No, no. It's alright. We'll work something out." Even though she hated the idea of sharing a room with two men, her conscious told her that making the two sleep on a hard floor for the night because of it was just wrong. She didn't want to be selfish and stubborn. Besides, they were her nakama now.

'Nakama...' She thought, her eyes downcast. She hadn't used that word until now. It felt...nice.

Steeling herself to feel a little uncomfortable that night, she looked up with a small smile. "Come on, let's check out this room, shall we?" Picking up her duffel bag, she began walking to the floor above, smirking as the two engineers hurried to catch up with her quick steps.

"The keys says B-14." Shachi said, inspecting the key they were given. Upon reaching the door, Summer took it and opened the room up.

Inside, two queen beds were separated by a small nightstand. A large window let in the faint amount of light from outside, and Summer could see a small bathroom on the left wall by one of the beds. The trio walked in cautiously. Summer placed her hands on her hips, feeling a sigh of relief pass her lips.

"Well, at least it's not one bed." Turning to look at the two, she saw that they refused to look at her. Sighing in frustration, she walked over.

"Alright, you two. Let's get this straight." Her commanding tone of voice immediately got their attention. She pointed to the side with the window. "That will be your side. And this," She said, pointing to the side with the bathroom. "This is my side. We will stay on our sides of the room the entire night, understood?" They nodded silently, and she smiled.

"Good. I don't want this to be awkward,ok? Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to change." Taking her small duffel bag, she walked into the bathroom and shut the door.

Shachi and Penguin gave each other worried looks before turning their attention to the ruffling sound of clothing being taken off from the bathroom. They gulped in unison.

"Should we get to sleep now?" Penguin suggested, glancing at the bed by the window. Shachi nodded and they reluctantly took off their uniforms, constantly checking the door in case Summer came out.

Now wearing nothing but their boxers, they stuffed their clothes into their own bags and hurried under the covers of the bed, half out of fear of Summer seeing them half naked and half out of the freezing cold temperatures. The two were as stiff as a board, and they shivered even underneath the thick bedding.

Summer emerged from the bathroom after a few moments. Her hair was up high on her head, wearing her tank top and sleeping shorts that showed a generous amount of her slender legs. Shachi, who was facing her side, widened his eyes at the pleasant sight, and his cheeks began to heat up.

Climbing into the soft bed, Summer turned off the light on the nightstand before making herself more comfortable in the large pillows. Sighing heavily, she muttered a faint 'goodnight' before falling asleep rather quickly.

The two engineers gave a half-hearted response and waited until she was breathing easily to relax at all. Letting out sighs of their own, they got into more comfortable positions and waited for sleep to claim them.

Law was stretched out on the comfortable bed with his arms behind his head. Glancing over at his friend, Bepo was still wide awake, staring at the ceiling in concentration. The bear's face was scrunched up in thought, and Law smirked at the sight. Whatever he was thinking about, it was obviously serious.

Closing his eyes, he felt a pang of annoyance at the fact that he wasn't the least bit tired. Despite the soft beds and warmer rooms, his insomnia had kept him wide awake. He found comfort in knowing that that at least one other person wouldn't be sleeping well that night, and his smirk widened.

He was curious to see how his mysterious blonde crew member would fare during the night.

"Captain?" Bepo asked softly, causing Law to glance in his direction. He hummed in response, signalling Bepo to continue.

"Do you think this island has any female bears?" Shaking his head, Law closed his eyes once more.

"Perhaps. We'll have to wait and see."

Penguin woke to a familiar feeling in the lower part of his body. He groggily awoke to that feeling, eyes widening and body stiffening when he realized just what it was. Somehow, Shachi had woken as well, probably due to the unconscious movements Penguin had been making.

"What is it, man?" He asked, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. Glancing over at his friend curiously, he noticed the panicked expression.

"Dude, I have to pee."

Groaning, Shachi rolled back over to the other side of the bed in an attempt to fall back asleep. It was still dark outside. "Then go take care of it." He mumbled.

Penguin gulped, sitting up on the bed. "But...the bathroom's on Summer's side, man!" He whispered feverishly. Shachi's back stiffened at the realization. He sat up as well.

"Shit, man. What are we gonna do?" They both eyed the door on the other side of the room, then glanced at the sleeping figure in the bed opposite. Strangely, Summer's arm stuck out of a mass of jumbled covers and sheet.

"I really have to pee. I have to go over there." Penguin reluctantly admitted. Shachi looked at Penguin as if he had grown two heads.

"Didn't you hear what Summer-chan said? We stay on our sides of the room the whole night. She'll kill us or something!" He whispered back. Penguin shook his head as he slowly stood from the bed.

"Not if I don't wake her up. This is operation Don't-Wake-The-Beast, got it?" Sighing, Shachi nodded and watched anxiously as his friend tip-toed over to the bathroom door. He made sure to keep watch of Summer as well.

Each step was slow and patient, despite the raging need in his lower region urging him to rush to the door. The even breathing of the girl in the bed kept him calm enough to resist. He prayed to whatever gods were above that they wouldn't damn him to an untimely death in the middle of the night.

"You've got this, man." Shachi whispered encouragement behind him. When Penguin turned to give him a thumbs up, his foot pressed down on a loose board. The room was filled with a loud squeaking noise, and both engineers froze.

To their horror, Summer stirred slightly, mumbling nonsense as she slowly woke up. Running back to the bed would only startle her further, so Penguin stayed frozen in the spot he was at.

Summer propped herself on one elbow and took a look around the room sleepily. Taking in Penguin halfway across the room, she rubbed her eyes. "Penguin, what are you up to?" She asked, yawning halfway through her sentence.

"U-um...well…" He stuttered, looking to Shachi for help. To his despair, his friend was now pretending to be sound asleep and offered no help to his friend. Looking back at the sleepy girl, he decided to tell the truth. "I really needed to use the bathroom…" He muttered, closing his eyes in fear.

He heard a rustling and opened his eyes to see Summer nestling herself back under the covers. "Oh, ok then. Just try to be quiet." He stared in amazement as she made herself comfortable again. Walking in a daze towards the bathroom door, he wasn't all too sure if he was dreaming or not. Closing the door behind him, he decided to get his business done and get out as quickly as possible.

He finished quickly and gently opened the door, peering outside for Summer. She was still lying in the bed, facing the bathroom. He exited and closed the door softly behind him. Turning back around, his eyes caught something and what he saw made his face go crimson.

The tank top Summer was wearing had shifted slightly when she had tossed and turned about the bed, and now fully exposed one side of her red polka dot bra. Her body was set at an angle that exposed her bust easily to him.

'Look away! Look away!' His mind was telling him, but he couldn't move his eyes from the wonderful view he was being given. He could feel drool beginning to leave the corner of his mouth, but nothing moved him from his spot.

"Hey, man. What are you doing?" Shachi asked, watching his friend curiously. He quietly made his way over and searched for what his friend was looking for. His eyes widened and his cheeks went red.

"Haaa…." He said, a little louder than he had meant to.

That was their undoing.

Summer lazily cracked open an eye, wondering what sound had woken her up. Noticing the two engineers standing at the side of her bed, she fully opened them, frowning in confusion. They jumped in surprise when she sat up.

"Umm...what are you doing?" They turned their gaze anywhere but her, but she had caught the direction they had been looking before. Her eyes traveling the same way, she gazed upon her exposed bra and opened her mouth in disgust.

"Oh my god!" She shouted, covering up her chest with the covers. Taking a pillow from behind her, she threw it at the flustered engineers.

"S-sorry, Summer-chan! Please don't kill us!" The two stumbled over each other in their attempt to flee the room. Summer got up and armed herself with another pillow.

"We didn't mean to!" Penguin tried assuring her, but her face showed nothing but fury towards the two.

"Get out! Perverts!" She yelled, stepping into the hall after them and throwing one last pillow in their direction. They were now down the stairs leading to the main lobby and Summer was too furious and exhausted to go after them.

"Urgh!" She growled in anger as she stomped back to her room, slamming the door shut without caring about the other sleeping occupants around her. They could all go to hell, for all she cared. Especially one sadistic captain…

One such sadistic captain heard a feminine shout from farther down the hall, followed by the loud running of feet down the steps to the lobby. A few stomping feet later, silence finally overcame the hall. He smirked in satisfaction before finally being able to drift off to a light sleep.

"Would you like some more fish, Bepo?" Summer asked, holding a bowl of raw trout out to him. Bepo sat at a large table. Beside him, two bears sat; Jenny and Deanna. He looked at both of them in turn.

"Would you like some more?" He asked them. They both giggled in response, timidly taking a few from the bowl. He simply took the rest of the bowl from Summer, who smiled and pranced away towards Law at the other side of the table. She sat down beside him and leaned against his shoulder, to which Law smirked in satisfaction. Turning back to the female bears at his side, Bepo smiled.

The table was outside on a snowy day, the perfect weather for a fish buffet, Bepo thought. Things couldn't have been better.

An endless supply of fish to eat. Bears on both arms. A satisfied captain.

What else could a bear want?
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