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Viper searches harder for his prey, and Summer can't stop thinking about the ice cave.

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Penguin put on his best poker face as he timidly took a card from the deck. Shachi stared him down, trying to discern any piece of information from his eyes or slight face movements. His left hand held a 10, jack, queen, and king of diamonds. All he needed was an ace.

'Come on...come on...'

Slowly, he grasped the top card and pulled it to the others. His eyes closed as he said a silent prayer. Cracking open an eye, he examined his card.

He fought the urge to break out into a wide smile as he eyed the much-needed ace of diamonds. Placing it at the end of his cards, he glanced up at Shachi. His face was set in concentrating lines, eyes scanning the cards in his hand back and forth. Every once in a while, he would move a card or two over.

Bepo, who had shed his orange jumpsuit, sat next to them and watched in amusement as the two engineers played their card game. He made quick glances at the door every few minutes, starting to get worried about their missing crewmates. Penguin seemed to notice this and was quick to reassure him.

"Bepo, quit worrying about Captain! A measly storm wouldn't take him down." Shachi nodded, still debating strategies.

"It's not Captain I'm worried about." He replied, once again checking the front door for any sign of the blonde girl or the Captain.

The storm had blown through the town not long after Law and Summer had left the inn. Knowing Law was a very smart and level-headed man, the bear didn't worry too much. But it never hurt to be too cautious.

"Don't be getting all depressed now. Get some hot chocolate or something!" Penguin said, turning to Shachi who was now picking up a card with great hesitation. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Bepo's head lower.

"I'm sorry." He said. Penguin sweatdropped at his crewmate's reaction.

'So easily defeated...'

The door to the inn burst open, and all eyes turned to the two figures entering the room. A very red-in-the-face Summer stumbled in behind the collected captain. Relieved greetings were echoed throughout the room. Bepo cheered up instantly, standing and approaching his friend.

"Captain, you were gone longer than we expected." He accepted Law's sword which was offered and followed him over to the hot chocolate and coffee machine.

"The storm held us up." Bepo noticed Law's discreet glance at the blonde kitchen assistant. She was shivering, even bundled up in her new jacket, on the lobby's couch. Several men approached with blankets and kind words. She smiled gratefully at their thoughtfulness.

"Did something happen, Captain?" He began pouring himself some coffee and didn't look up to answer.

"No." Was his immediate reply. Deciding not to push the topic, Bepo wandered over to Summer, who was now wrapped in several blankets. Her shivering had stopped, at least.

"Bepo!" Her face lit up when he approached. Shachi and Penguin were seated on the floor at her feet, chatting and arguing like usual.

"Baka! Summer-chan doesn't want you to cuddle with to keep warm. She'd much prefer me, right Summer-chan?" Shachi asked with a wide smile. She opened her mouth to reply but was cut off by Penguin's angry retort.

"Says who?"

"Says me!" They closed in on each other until finally their foreheads touched and they were baring their 'fangs' at each other, so to speak.

"Who cares what you think?" Penguin said. Shachi growled in response.

"Summer-chan does!" Summer glanced around as if looking for something to distract them.

"Uh, guys…" They weren't listening and promptly tackled one another to the floor where they figured out which one of them was more suited for keeping her warm. She turned back towards the bear and held out her arms for a hug. A childish grin split her face.

Bepo came closer and closed his eyes at the pleasant feeling of Summer's soft touch. Her hands rubbed his furry belly in small patterns. He could feel her hum in delight. Opening his eyes, he took in the jealous engineers glaring daggers at him.

"Not cool, Bepo! It's not fair that you have fur and we don't." They grumbled. Summer laughed at their expressions.

"Sorry, but Bepo is most suited for keeping someone warm."

Bepo glanced around the room as the others talked. He noticed Liam looking over towards them. The medic quickly looked away when he noticed Bepo's attention was on him. A faint blush marked his cheeks.

Looking somewhere else, Bepo met Law's even gaze. A mug of coffee cradled between his hands, he watched the girl's interaction with the others. Bepo saw the captain's subtle frown before he turned away towards the stairs to their rooms. Searching the room a little longer, he noticed several gazes watching the girl snuggle deeper into his fur.

It seemed everyone was a little jealous of his position as expert cuddler.


"This is Marine Headquarters. We have just received a report regarding the location of the Heart Pirates. They have landed on an island ten kilometers directly south of your location, known as Nix. 'Red Hunter' Summer is with them as well. Please exercise caution. You are not authorized to use lethal force. Incapacitate and capture the target." The marine held the receiver tighter at the report. She recovered and quickly answered.

"This is Commander Mona aboard the Vessel /Phoenix/. How many pirates make up the Heart Pirates?"

"It is estimated to be 30-50 men. Intel on the Heart Pirates is still lacking."

"Please inform the Shichibukai of her location as well." She said, referring to the Shadow fruit user. "I will make my way there now."

"Roger." The line at the other end hung up, leaving the snail silent.

Turning towards the navigators, she ordered them to head south immediately.

"Please inform the Shichibukai of her location as well. I will make my way there now."

"Roger." The line went dead.

"Hmm…" Viper slowly hung up his listening device and leaned deep into his chair. A hand rubbed his chin, where a few days worth of stubble remained.

Standing slowly, he made his way to the large map on the wall. Many islands had red-slashed dots, indicating decimated towns and cities.

The map was littered with them.

Following the map to where Nix was located, he narrowed his eyes. Even if they left now at full speed, they wouldn't be able to arrive before the marines. Despite this drawback, a wicked grin spread across his face.

"Well, love, it seems our reunion will be delayed a little longer. Just sit tight a while."

That night spent in the inn was uneventful. The sleeping arrangements were still to be the same as the night before. Both engineers made a point of relieving themselves before even getting into bed. Much as the event from the night before had set her off, Summer just grinned and settled deeper down into the soft comforter.

It seemed that as soon as her head hit the pillow, she was out. The day had been exhausting, physically and mentally.

Images from Impel Down had flashed across her mind while they were in the mountains, and she now wondered if she would ever fully recover from her experiences there. If she could move on from the other things, her time in prison could be purged from her mind as well.

At the thought of her adventure of the day, her mind wandered to the feeling of being held in Law's arms. She squeezed her eyes tighter and forced herself to forget that thought.

She was not going to think about what it felt like. The feel of his arms around her middle, or his heated breath against the back of her neck. Or his hardened chest against her back. Or…

'Stop!' She thought, feeling her face heat up. Placing her cold hands against her face, she tried to cool them down, telling herself to forget all about that egotistical bastard that was her captain.

'I'm in way too deep...I need to get my shit together.' She told herself with a firm head shake. But another part of her, a tiny sliver of her mind, told her otherwise.

'You liked the feeling.' /It said. '/You desire him.'

"No…" She whispered to herself. The comforter suddenly seemed way too hot to be underneath and she threw them off her body. Laying on top of the spread in nothing but her tank top and short sleep shorts, she stared up at the ceiling in misery.

'What the hell is happening to me?'
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