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One Hell of a Test

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The Heart Pirates go to battle with the ship that had been following them.

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"Sir! We've spotted the enemy's submarine on our radar! We should intercept them in approximately one hour." One of the navigators shouted, looking towards the Vice Admiral for orders. He stood with arms crossed, looking out towards the sea intensely. A long silence stretched, and the Marine glanced around at the senior Marines in confusion, but it seems they didn't notice the strange behavior. Why wasn't he answering? He was sure he had heard him report. The Vice Admiral's eyes hadn't shifted from the front viewing window, and he began to squirm uncomfortably. Had he done something wrong, and on his first day of service no less? Maybe he should've…

"The ocean is much like life, is it not? As far-reaching as the dreams and ambitions of the innocent citizens of the world. The waves and swirling waters must be the hardships and challenges that befall our meager years on this earth." The Vice Admiral said in a low voice, slowly trailing a finger down his salt and pepper mustache in thought.

"Uhh…" Not sure what he was talking about, he glanced around one more time at the others, noticing that he was the only one apparently confused. "Umm...sir?" He questioned. The Vice Admiral's thick, gray eyebrows rose slightly.

"It's as if the rising sun defined the very ideas and inventions of the human mind itself, slowly reaching it's peak and quietly slipping away again. It's a sort of tragic beauty."

The marine, at this point, was frowning heavily at the strange talk of his leader. What had he signed up for exactly?

One of the senior officers, probably noticing the bewildered expression on the new recruit's face, tapped him on the shoulder.

"Just give the report and get on with your job. Don't worry about if he heard you, he knows what you said."

"But, what is he even talking about?" He whispered fervently, gesturing to the Vice Admiral behind them who still gazed out the same window. He hadn't moved at all. The senior officer shrugged.

"He has a thing for beautiful things. He's just that way, man. Let it go." Turning back to the navigation system, he left the confused recruit to his own work.

"An enemy ship is approaching and will reach us in fifteen minutes. Prepare for battle, we will be surfacing soon. Summer-ya, come to the navigation room immediately." Law's voice came through the intercom, but Summer was already awake and lacing up her combat boots. She double checked that there wasn't any loose fabric on the tank top and black skinny jeans she was wearing. Satisfied that everything was fine, she grabbed her daggers off the table by the bed and strapped them on. Heading out into the hall, she followed the flow of people. Branching off into the hall that took her to the navigation room, she set at a brisk walk to get there quicker.

"You called me?" Law glanced up from the radar screen and nodded. He was holding a sword in his hand which he then tossed to Summer. Catching it, she gave him a questioning look. "What's this for?"

"Practicing your swordsmanship on dummies is all well and good, but it's time you tried it on actual opponents who want to kill you." He picked up his own nodachi which had been leaning on the wall.

"How do they even know where we are? We're underwater."

"The only way to detect us would be with a radar system, much like the one we have."

"Makes sense I guess." Nodding her head in understanding she brought her attention back to the sword in her hands. Unsheathing the weapon, Summer inspected the sharpened blade in detail. The sword had been well kept, free from any nicks or rusty spots. She strapped it to her belt and adjusted it until it felt secure.

"This is a test, then?" She asked, watching as Law gave a few more orders to Jean Bart, who would remain behind in case they needed to submerge on a moment's notice.

"To a degree. Of course, if you fail, you die." He smirked slightly before heading out the door towards the main door. Summer rolled her eyes.

"Better not fail then." She muttered, trotting after him.
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