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A Deviation of Destiny

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Summer unexpectedly wins the battle, but the Heart Pirates don't know how to deal with it.

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"Heat! What's going on?" Kid yelled, narrowing his eyes at the sight of the ships now engaged in combat.

His crew mate peered through a scope, slowly scanning the deck of both ships. "The Heart Pirates are attacking the Marines, Chief. Looks like they're winning too."

"Dammit...that's both good and bad." Good, because he couldn't afford for Summer to be injured. Bad, because he didn't want to have to deal with the crew's creepy captain. If at all possible, he wanted to avoid Trafalgar Law. He spelled bad news.

"Should we close in and ambush them?" Wire asked with no expression, as usual. Kid shook his head.

"We'll keep our distance for now. No point getting into useless battles." Kid moved to go back down below deck, but a shout from Heat stopped him.

"What the hell is that?"

Turning back around, the Kid Pirates watched as a massive, gold flame-like aura erupted from the Marine vessel.

The sight of seeing Law there, on his knees at the mercy of the Marine Commander was too much for Summer. Law, who had been her symbol of strength, was now powerless to stop his own death. Time seemed to slow. Sounds faded away. Everything went cold.

'He can't die...' She thought. 'He can't possibly die...'

She watched as Law stared up at the Marine before slowly closing his eyes. That look of utter defeat, the notion that Law would give up, that is what scared her the most.

Then, so terrifyingly slow, the Marine lifted his sword high above his head. In just a moment, before her very eyes, Law would be dead.

And she was powerless to stop it.

'Do you wish to save him from this fate?' A part of her asked. She frowned, witnessing as the point of the Commander's blade began its downward arc.

'Yes, of course. He has to live. He can't die...'

There was a sharp pain in her head, so sudden and painful that her initial reaction was to curl up in a ball. Instead, she squeezed her eyes shut and held her head in both hands. The pain was too much and her vision swam. Right before she blacked out she faintly heard two words from the back of her mind, so quiet she thought it had been her imagination.

'Very well...'

'This is the end...' /Law thought, closing his eyes in defeat. '/Cora-san...I failed you.'

He was angry, very angry. But that was his own fault. Initiating combat when he knew he wasn't in any shape to do so. But there was no way to turn it back now.

He awaited the inevitable sword through his head and the sudden blackness...and he waited. But it didn't come.

A sudden burst of light and a loud clash sounded right in front of him. The sound made him flinch, expecting it to be that of the sword piercing his body. But he felt nothing, so he forced his eyes open. They widened, taking in the strange sight before him.

There, locking swords with the Marine Commander with obvious ease, was a woman. Her back was to him but her purple hair, tied back on her head, was the first thing he noticed. The next was the long brown flowing cloak that covered her shoulders and cascaded down her back. She seemed to be a foot taller than the Marine, probably half of the height of Jean Bart. A shining gold aura surrounded her very person, blinding himself and many of those on the deck.

All combat seemed to stop as everyone turned their attention to the mysterious woman that protected the pirate captain. Even the Marine Commander seemed to be surprised, his eyebrows rising higher on his head.

"You shall not harm this man." Her clear voice resonated across the deck, seeming to vibrate in the air. It sounded as if it belonged to many people at once but only came from her mouth.

Law panted heavily, shocked and speechless at the turn of events. Who was she? Why was she protecting him? Glancing around, he saw the shocked and terrified faces of his crew. However, Summer was nowhere to be seen.

'Where is she?'

"Ahh...the legend herself. And the very picture of beauty." The Commander said, stepping back from Law and the woman. "So, you gave up your vengeance to become a guardian of this crew, eh?"

"Do not speak of things you do not understand, mortal." She lowered her sword, turning it blade down driving the point deep into the wood of the deck with one mighty thrust. The Marine crew gasped in terror and awe, too frightened to speak or move. "Go, and take your men with you. Quickly, before I change my mind."

The captain paused, as if weighing his chances, but turned away and headed below deck. His footsteps slowly receded until they couldn't be heard. Still, no one moved for fear of angering the woman before them.

She turned her head towards the others, regarding them with disinterest. "Men of service, follow your Commander."

They didn't need to be told twice. They dropped their weapons in a clattering of steel and scrambled to get below deck as quickly as they could. Once the last man had disappeared below, the purple-haired woman now turned towards Law and he finally saw her face.

Her eyes were strange; the right one golden and the left one white. The pale colored eye had obviously been injured, as a scar ran through the top and bottom of it. Small tattoos marked just below her eyes and off to the side of her face. Her skin was darker, and she wore a white-jeweled crown across her forehead.

She inspected Law, keeping silent as her different colored eyes swept over his exhausted body. Loud footsteps approached the woman from behind, and Law watched as Bepo came running towards her.

"Captain!" He cried, aiming a karate punch at the mysterious female warrior. Barely turning around, she raised her hand just as the polar bear neared her. Placing her outstretched hand upon his head gently, he instantly relaxed and dropped his hostile stance. Law watched in morbid fascination as his first mate was placated with a simple touch.

"You are the beast she has grown so fond of." Lowering her hand, crouched down to Bepo's level. "She thinks very highly of you." Bepo just stared in confusion and awe.

Turning back to the vulnerable captain, she once again regarded him coolly. "Only by her request did I assist you. Be humbled by your luck and my mercy."

"I don't...understand." He was still struggling to breathe, both from the fight and his previous exhaustion. It was obvious that this woman was one of extreme power, and great authority. While he took in her appearance, he noticed a necklace around her neck. The only reason it stood out was because of the lock that sat where a pendant would be. He once again locked eyes with her.

"Many seek her for their own gain. Protect her, and aid her in her quest for vengeance. My existence must be kept hidden, for I must complete my own task."

"Who is her?" Law asked, but she did not answer him.

"Who are you?" Bepo asked, to which she closed her eyes. Taking her sword in hand once more, she yanked it out of the wood and sheathed it across her back.

"Heed my warning." With another flash, she had disappeared. While the light blinded the crew, something hit the deck where she had stood with a thud. Law looked back at the spot.

There lay an unconscious Summer, sprawled out upon the wooden deck.

These turn of events were most shocking, and the pirate captain found he had lost all energy for anything. After that, Law blacked out completely.
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