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We Go In Tonight

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Eustass Kid is ready to make his move, and Law is determined to figure out what's going on with Summer.

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"Are you sure you should be up and around so soon, Captain?" Penguin asked, watching as Law struggled to stay standing for too long. Gripping onto the side of the cot for support, he half limped half hobbled over to where the sink was.

"I'm fine." The cold water that he splashed in his face helped to get the sleep out of his eyes and wake him up fully. Drying off with a hand towel, he turned to face his subordinate. "You may go back to your duties now."

Penguin didn't miss how labored his captain's breathing was simply from walking several steps. He was concerned for his friend's well being, but he also knew how stubborn Law could be when it came to matters of his health. So with a hesitant nod he departed from the infirmary and back to the engine room where Shachi was waiting.

A loud sigh escaped Law's lips, and with a backward glance he took in Summer's unconscious form. Pushing off of the sink, he struggled to move towards the stool at her bedside. It seemed like an eternity before he was able to sit down in it and rest.

Summer lay breathing evenly on the cot, a slight frown on her face. Law watched her, wondering once again what it was that he had seen the day before.

The large woman that appeared out of nowhere, Summer no where to be found until after she had disappeared...what did it all mean?

He had to research it more, possibly get Summer's own account of what had happened after she woke up. But would he lie to him? Or could he trust her to tell him the truth? He wasn't too sure anymore. Surely, though, if it was something that endangered his crew she would have said something…

"Nnn…" She muttered, shifting position on the bed.

'What haven't you told me?' He thought to himself. It came to him then, the conversation with Jinbe from so long ago that he had almost forgotten it…

"Much of her past is unknown, but I've heard a few rumors. Something about that girl intrigues the science community to the point of issuing a bounty on her head."

"So her bounty wasn't for the destruction of several islands?" The fishman shook his head.

"Another government cover-up. They didn't want smaller research labs knowing about her usefulness, lest they try to use it to their advantage. Having that girl with you may be more trouble than it's worth."

The scientific community...Could this be the interest they had in her, this mysterious warrior? She had mentioned keeping her existence a secret. Was that what she meant?

There were too many questions with not enough answers and it was all giving Law a large headache. Shaking his head, he lifted himself out of the chair and over to the Reid's bed.

The mechanic had yet to wake up from his coma yet. That injury to the head was very severe so it came as no surprise to Law that even now, a month later, he still hadn't awoken.

"We're here waiting." He said lowly. It hurt to see one of his nakama in such a condition, but there was nothing within his power to help Reid, and that was what killed him most. Law had all the medical knowledge in the world but it didn't help him in the least when it came to this.

Liam lay in his bedroom, staring up at the ceiling with disinterest. Small dust particles floated through the air, catching the light that came through the porthole to his left. His eyes lazily followed the small mites, pausing only to blink.

A few small knocks sounded on his door and he cleared his throat quietly. "Come in." He called.

His captain walked in, noticeably struggling, and closed the door behind him.

"How are you feeling?" He asked, and Liam shrugged.

"Just like yesterday. My back is still stiff and sore but otherwise ok." He shifted uncomfortably on his pillow at the mention of his back. He still wasn't comfortable to talk about it, considering how much damage it had withstood that night in the mansion.

"You've been taking the painkillers, correct?"

"Yeah." He paused, debating whether to ask what was on his mind. Law jotted all this down on a clipboard, nodding for Liam to continue. "Has Reid woken up yet?"

"No, unfortunately. But he is still in stable condition." Liam looked crestfallen, but Law wasn't about to let him wallow in his depression so he continued with the questions.

"Any new symptoms?"

"No, just a headache every once in awhile. But they go away pretty quick."

Law took another moment to finish writing this report before nodding once more in approval and standing up. "You're healing quite well. I'd say you should be up in a week or so."

"Thanks, Captain." He watched as Law opened the door once more. He thought of something just then. "Hey, Captain?"

"Yes?" He paused mid-step, thinking that he had forgotten to report something, but Liam cleared his throat uncomfortably before glancing up again.

" is Summer? I heard she was injured." He spoke quietly, almost too quiet for him to hear.

"She's recovering." Is all he said.


Without another word Law left the room, closing the door softly behind him. Liam watched the door long after he had left, lost in his thoughts. Moving on instinct, he reached over to his side table and opened the top drawer. Moving some papers, he lifted up the small item inside.

Twirling the bird pendant in his hand, he ran his thumb over the purple jewels that marked the eyes. He hadn't seen those eyes in a while, not since that day in the infirmary. His heart ached over the finality of it all, knowing there was no way back from the situation they had put themselves in.

Closing his fist over the necklace, he leaned back his head and exhaled slowly. Everything was a giant mess, and he didn't know how to get out of it.

"We go in tonight." Kid said, leaning against the railing and looking out to sea. The waves lapped against the side of his ship, spraying a fine mist into his face. It felt good in the heat of the sun.

Wire stood behind him, pondering what he had said. "Are we going to kill them?" Kid sighed, taking a sip from the sake cup in his hand.

"Much as I want to, we're only here for the girl. We go in, capture her, and get out. That's all." Heat was perched on a barrel to the right, sipping from his own sake.

"Whatever you say, Chief." A silence followed, marked only by the sound of the ocean and the birds flying overhead.

"What should we plan to get with the money after all this is over?" Kid asked openly, finishing off the last of his sake. He let out a particularly loud belch afterwards.

"Maybe a giant cannon for the ship?" Heat suggested, eyeing the spot he thought it could go.

"Hmm...maybe." Kid tapped his chin with one finger, thinking over it himself.

"We could get a much bigger ship, twice the size of this one." Wire suggested without expression.

"Or endless nights spent with women." Kid smirked. The possibilities were endless, the thought of their reward at the end of all this the one thing in his mind.

"All that sounds well and good, but you know what'll be the first thing we get with the money?" He asked, and the crew gave him a questioning glance. Raising his cup to the sky he grinned wider.

"More sake!" A cheer erupted from the pirates.
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