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Three Months

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Wake up time between kaien and isaya :D

Category: Vampire Knight - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Published: 2019-12-23 - 229 words


He could feel him kissing him while he woke up

He finally woke up fully and said

‘Isaya it’s three am’

He pouted ‘it’s been three months’

He sighed and thought what if yuki heard them?

He put a hand on his shoulder ‘ok only for a little bit’ isaya light up like a puppy

He begain making out with him and touching him on his crotch.

His tongue felt nicer then usual. He was right that it was three months since they had sex.

He kissed at his ear’ can you do something for me...’ isaya asked

Kaien asked what.

‘Suck me off’

He got under the blankets to do so

He could only hear his licks.

Isaya pulled at his hair

‘I-its not enough’ he whined.

‘Fuck me kaien please ‘ he grabbed his pjs.

‘Ugh ‘ he said as he got on top of him.

‘Ok but make this quick.’

Isaya nodded quickly

Kaien took his sweats off.

He processed to take his own pjs off too

He kissed him some more.

He put it in and started thrusting into him

Isayas moans were a bit loud so he put his hand over his mouth.

‘Kaie-‘ he said as he got muffled

‘Be quiet’

He rolled his eyes. But agreed

They had sex till they came then went back to bed in each other’s arms
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