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Bath Time between Kaien and Isaya

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‘Kaien let’s take a bath together’

Spits drink

‘I don’t I don’t -‘ hegrabbed his hand and lead him to the bathroom

‘I DONT THINK -‘ he watched isaya undress

He thinks about it. Yes he did want to get inthe bath with isaya.

They got in kaien waited for isaya to go in first.

He felt a bit embarrassed naked and in front of him.

Isaya made no comment he looked as normal as ever.

Like this was a usual thing they did which it wASNT AT ALL

He stepped in.

Looked back at him

He could feel his feet not too far from his own

Now what?

He thought how did he get into this situation? How did they end up like this?

Anyways he looked at isaya again him staring at him

Isaya moves and turned his back to him only to come into the middle of his legs to ask

‘ can you wash my hair for me’

He dipped his head into the water and passed him the shampoo

Kaien blushes because he was so close

‘No problem’

He thought for a second. Maybe he should have asked? Would that be normal? He thought about isayas reaction. Man that would have been something.

He’d probably turn away and say no but come in anyway

He kissed at the vampires back


‘No worries!!’

He turned away

As kaien massaged his hands through isayas hair. He smiled a bit

Glad he came in

‘Mmm isaya’

His head went to his back while hit hands went to his nipples and played around with them

He pulled him backwards to lay on him.

‘My hair is still full of stuff-‘ he went to wash it off

‘There’ he went back into kaiens arms

Kaien started to play with isayas.

‘Mm’ isaya said

‘Let’s get clean first.’

Kaien frowned

They got their hair done

He started to play with kaiens hair

Noticing how long it’s gotten

‘You should cut your hair ‘

‘How short?’

‘Really short. Id like to see you with short hair’

‘Hmm I’ll think about it ‘

They began to kiss

Isayas hand on his shoulder he kissed at him more


He got into position in the tub

Kaien blushed but went over top him

Kaien began preparing him

Isaya moaned

He thought for a moment the water was a bit high and let some water out so isaya wouldn’t be submerged

He smiled at him going faster with his fingers

Watching him moan and sqirm


He went inside him

The water was a bit splashy

But it worked and had the sex anyway
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