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Kaisaya 1

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Kaien and Isaya Isaya needs something from kaien today.

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Isaya had sex a lot to the point it was pointless to do it for fun.

He now did it out of love and affection.

For whoever his ‘lover’ was

And this was kaien.

He loved him deeply

Of course he would never say it or do something that suggests it. Nor would his demonor say anything about it but he did.

But of course it was fun sometimes because it was a natural human need. Something he had in him himself.

If anyone wanted to survive as a pureblood. Not having sex would not be an option.

He sighed as he thought about kaien and how he was doing.

He wanted sex this time.

Kaien was…


He clenched his fist

He had to see him

He sat at a desk waiting for his maid to come buy with tea again

‘I think I’ll go see kaien today’ he said to his maid

‘Very good sir-‘

He made his way to kaiens in a black shirt with his coat and white pants

(I’m saying this because hot )

Kaien wore a white turtle neck

He smiled at the hunter.

And made his way in

After he took his coat off he came in for a hug and kissed the man tendrly

‘Was it cold out there?’ He touched his arm

‘Yes it was’

He noticed how charming he looked today and how nice it was to see him looking so innocent

This made the vampires eyes red

‘Hm… dear your eyes are red’


He was embarrassed he pushed against his face

‘They do that sometimes.’

‘ do you need blood haha’ he hit his shoulder a few times

‘Come on in I’ll make you some hot chocolate’

He looked away

He was feeling a bit nervous now that his eyes went red

He stretched out in his seat

He watched kaien pour him a cup of hot cocoa

‘So I was thinking the night class should have-‘ kaien rambled on

His eyes red. And the cold outside set him off

He took one breath then

Suddenly was behind the hunter

‘Kaien’ he breathed on the hunters neck

‘I’ve been thinking about you alot’

He kissed at his neck

‘Isaya-‘ he turned around

This shocked the vampire

‘Judooooooo CHOP’

He hit him over the head

‘My god what was that for’

‘Just ask me when you need blood’

He was shocked

‘Don’t do your creepy vampire stick’

‘ I really wasnt’

‘But!! Ask!!!’

‘ I will’

‘Here’ he held out his hand

Isaya always knew where to bite that it wouldn’t hurt or that it would get him a lot of blood and not leave a big scar

He went for the thumb and scratched a cut open for him to suck on

It was weird but he thought of no other way

The vampires of this universe had to cut people.

Not like in movies or tv shows or manga for that matter

(takuma makes him read manga)

He stoped ‘how’s your blood pressure. Your blood sugar. ‘

‘Everything’s been fine take some before I bleed out ‘

He proceeded

After every time he did this he had to grab a med kit to stitch up kaiens hand

He was a doctor at some point.

‘I’m sorry we have to do this ‘

‘ you need it to survive how could I say no?’

Isaya didn’t like he sound of that but he understood

‘Now uh kaien I didn’t meant to scare you earlier’

He nodded

‘In fact I did it to turn you on a bit but-‘


‘Ye-yeah i-I’

‘You mean we could have been having sex right now.’ He grabbed his hand. Isayas eyebrows went up

‘uhh y-yeah.’

‘You’re such an idiot sometimes’

You could only see him pulling him by his hand

‘ you could tell me before you come over’

‘You never tell me.’

‘I INVITE you over. What did you think was gonn a happen’

‘Like what you say we’re gonna do. DRINK TEA’


Why would kaien invite him over for tea???? Literally no one comes over for tea. It’s wine or beer

They were arguing now

‘Oh and I’m just supposed to know when you need blood-‘

‘you guessed it when my eyes went red !!!!’



‘Oh yeah.’

He pulled something from his desk

‘ I thought I’d give you something’

He pulled out a ring and grabbed his hand

‘I know we’re both men but if you got me a ring too i wouldn’t mind wearing it ‘

He put the ring on his finger


Suddenly the air changed to lovey dovey

And the kissed on the bed

Kaien started to hug him

Whoever said their name first was going. But you had to wait it out a bit

This time isaya didn’t wait he said kaiens name right away


This prompted kaien to heave him over the bed to his side

‘ you want me to go first huh’

You could feel his breath on his neck

He licked and kissed his ear

Isaya bit his lip

‘Tell me next time’ he kissed at his chest and made his way down

‘Hey kaien I wanna have sex why would I wanna say that’

‘Honestly. I’d prefer it that way’

He shacked his head no

He pulled his shirt off

He noted it was incredibly sexy for isaya to be wearing

He scratched his head. What should he do this time to turn him on?

He pushed against the man

Staring into his eyes

He just wanted to do this as fast as possible do whatever the vampire wanted
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