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First time

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Isaya and Hunter Kaien

Category: Vampire Knight - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Published: 2019-12-23 - 251 words

‘Mm hunter-san what’re you’ he kissed him more and felt him up.

You could only hear the hunter moan isayas name. Isaya sama.

‘Hah…’ he kissed him some more and grabbed at his hips hoping he’d wrap his legs around him which he did.

He thrusted against the hunter pushing him towards a wall.

‘Hunter san lets do this else where’ he grabbed his hand and pulled him far from the party and secretly.

They got to an empty room with only a couch in the middle.

He opened the door only to have the hunter jump back on him.

They moved to the couch

Holding and touching each other as he lay atop of him

‘Hunter san you know how to do this right ‘ he got up a bit staring at him confused. And concerned.

‘I do..’ he wrapped his arms around the vampires neck

Isaya kissed him forcefully.

Glad that be knew what was gonna happen.

‘Get on your stomach.’ He ordered

Kaien obliged.

He began to prepare him with his fingers .

He could hear him squirm and push against him

‘I’m almost done ‘ he combed his hand through his hair

He pushed it in hoping the hunter would get used to it before he turned him around

he turned around and isaya put it in

kaien was a bit surprised

the sensation was a bit odd

but once he started moving it made more sense

“ah”the hunter said

his hands pulling at isayas back
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