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Kaisaya on a desk!?!

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‘Ah kaien- not here ‘ he yelped.

‘Why not. ‘

He kissed at his neck and felt him up.


He kissed him deeply

‘Ha- ‘ isaya huffed

He pushed him away.

And starred at him.

He wondered if they should really do it on his desk. A common thing they did at his home but never in a public place.

‘Is the door locked’

Kaien’ who cares’ as he kissed him more

Isaya starred at the door. Anyone could walk in.

But the more kaien touches him and kissed him he felt like it’d be fine if only for a few minutes.

“Fuck it-‘ he kissed him back and pulled at his face.

He moaned and helped get on the desk.

‘Mm I’ve always wanted to do this’ he pushed him down and pulled his legs towards him.

‘Kaien-‘ he could feel him rubbing up against him

His toucge pushed against his own and pulled at his clothes

He moaned in delight

They pushed at each other’s crotches

You could hear them moaning

The kisses and smooched for a long time taking each other’s clothes off

Only isaya ended up naked tho

He ripped his clothes off that he broke anothe button on his pants.

He could feel the tip of his tongue on his.

He kept his eyes closed most of the time. Only looking out the window sometimes to see an owl of sorts

He pulled away and pulled a hand to his face blushing.

Kaien he said

He only looked at him with the eyes of a tiger

And licked his lips

He thought oh fuck it.

And kissed him some more and wrapped his legs around him

They finally got down to business when suddenly the door flew open!

Yagari san barged in .
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