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Kaisaya 2

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Kaien and Isaya

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Kaien normally likes to wait for these sorts of things. It’s not that he doesn’t want to. He just never has time. But tonight he had time.

Today he invited isaya over for some wine. He called while at work. Happy to hear isayas voice

He heard a knock at the door. He opened it and fell into his arms. He was happy to see him. He hadn’t seen him in a long time. He thought about sex for awhile now and wanted to jump him but would wait till they had some wine in their systems. Isaya wouldn’t mind with way.

They talked about their usual. Isaya was in a good mood. Happy. This made kaien happy. He bagan to kiss him.

Isaya opened his mouth to deepen the kiss their hands going over each other.

He smiled at kaien. ‘ do you wanna-‘

‘Yes-‘ he jumped him.

The made out some more went to the bedroom. Laid down and smiled at each other as they kissed again softly.

Kaien laid down staring at isaya as he got on top of him. Feeling their bodies being so hot and the wine making him dizzy.

He opened his legs more for isaya to get between them and the feeling it gave him was hot he really was in the mood.

‘Mm’ he said

Isayas hands ran down his body and he kissed his chest.

Kaiens hand went through his hair and pulled him towards himself.

He smiled. As isaya begins to take his shirt off.

‘So how do you wanna do this-‘ as he took his own shirts off

Isaya kissed him on the cheek twice.

‘ let’s go twice-‘

Kaien got hard at the thought.

‘Ok’ he began to kiss him.

He bagan to feel isayas pants grow harder and push against his own.

He pulled his legs to feather to squish him a bit.

‘Ha’ isaya said.

He smiled and kissed him some more. His hand going through his hair.

He pulled isaya down and pulled him to the side as he got on top of him.

‘ I wanna go first’ he kissed his neck as he felt his own pace go faster.

‘Mm kaien-‘ isaya pulled at his head and shoulder. As he kissed down his chest and made his way down to his pants.

He kissed at the fabric letting him know he was going to suck him off.

He tore his zipper off by accident


Isaya starred

‘I like these pants.”

Kaien smiled awkwardly.

He proceeded.

He went for the head . And slowly made his way down the shaft.

His hands at the base of his hips. He gripped hard this made isaya harder.

‘Mm’ kaien sucked and isayas hands went to his head and pulled closer.

He knew he was liking it.

For the time kaien licked and sucked at isayas. TIll finally hed had enough.

‘ kaien—- ‘ he breathed in and pushed his hips towards his

‘What you want something ‘ he snickered

He only nodded and blushed

‘Let’s take these pants off then’

Isaya always felt exposed when it came to sex he didn’t partially like it but there were sheets he could get under.


‘I’m ready I’m ready.’ He moved and put his member into his body

They had fucked till isaya came

Isaya said ‘ k now it’s my turn ‘ and kissed him.

Kaien gulped

You could only hear kaien moaning from the door

(His hand griped the bed frame and you could here him moaning and saying isaya don’t stop.)
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