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Kaisaya 3

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Kaien and Isaya (x)

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This time he just wanted to see him. He needed to see him.

But around this time isaya became depressed it was around the time his child died.

He wanted to see him

Fuck his brains out even

He didn’t exactly announce he was coming over

But he was sure kaien would not mind

He never told him when his child died but he always got depressed around the same time

This time he wanted to just be happy with his lover.

He got to the door.

Kaien opened it and said ‘hey I didn’t know you were coming ‘ with a smile on his face

‘Kaien’ he hugged him. And allowed himself to be sad for a moment

Kaien was shocked by how long the hug was

But understood that isaya wanted it that way and only smiled and returned the hug

He took his shoes off

The went to the living room

‘So what brings you here?’

I wanna fuck your brains out

He thought but wouldn’t say

‘Uhh I just…’ he grabbed his hand

‘Want to…’

‘Have sex?’

‘I i yes.’ He said quietly

Isaya was pulled to the bedroom

He was surprised because normally kaien would like a drink before all this

They got to the bedroom

Isaya began to feel really sad

He frowned as kaien looked back at him


He couldn’t stop it the tears started coming down

‘Kaien’ he hugged him

he knew something was up .

“Isaya whats wrong” he held his face and combed through his hair.

he choked up. “they died today “

Kaien was shocked. He never knew this till now.

he held him closer and let him cry more.
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