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Kaisaya 4

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Kaien and isaya (x)

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This was their first time.

Doing it together.

They didn’t wanna think about it. They tried hard not to blush or think man I’m going to be doing something really... different for the first time with him.

Kaien understood gay sex but never tried it in his 200+ years

Isaya was old. He’d bound to have tried it. Just never talked about it. He never mentioned it but kaien assumes he’d been in other romantic relationships before this.

But kaien was different he never felt so strongly for a person in his whole life. And that was saying a lot. It wasn’t that his wife was bad she just wasn’t what he wanted in a woman. From time to time they’d have big fights. Where they never even talked to each other. Isaya found this the hardest because it was often his fault. Being the man in the relationship gave him new responsibilities and consequences. He’d never done anything ruthless to her but he thought that she was a bit ruthless with him. It was natural. It wasn’t a normal relationship it was ‘fated’ he wanted to say ‘made’ but he felt bad whenever he said that and loved her so much he had a child with her.

It was the hardest thing he’d gone through when they left. It was like he had no more purpose.

Till kaien came along

His need to kill him and isayas need not to die gave him a reason to live.

He was living on spite at that point.

Anyways. They looked at each other and tried to kiss. It was very awkward and slow. They barely did it.

But then isaya frowned because he wasn’t getting the info he wanted from him.

He frowned and said if you don’t want to I can-

Kaien felt bad right away and laughed no it’s ok!!!!!

That sorta got rid of the tension.

They kissed again and then realized it wasn’t that bad.

Kaien moves his hand to isayas face and pulled him in. It was nice having him like this. To do something like this was special. And new to him. He’d only had a set of girlfriends. All dead ends that or they had died.

But isaya wouldn’t die. Kaien would. It gave him comfort. But he always wondered what his death would really be like. He never knew it’d be protecting isaya. He’d hoped to die in that hospital bed like a normal person.

He cried in pain when isaya was unable to see him in his last breaths only able to get away.

Even so... he saved the love of his life.

Juri was different it was infatuation more then love.

‘I’m so excited and worried about this...’ kaien said

‘I am too...’

They kissed again

Loving every minute

They weren’t wanting it. But it was their first time.

And they were in love .
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