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they get married

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They hadn’t seen each other all day. it wasnt a problem but now that they were living together they were so used to it. kaien was crying to his good friend that he was scared that Isaya would run off. he didn’t know why but if the vampire was gonna do it, he might as well now.

kaien sighed. why was marriage so hard for him.
oh wait. this was his second marriage.

thats why.

it was isaya’s second too. surprisingly he never got close enough to someone that he wanted to marry them but kaien asked and this time. he wanted to say yes. this was in some ways his second chance at love.

he combed through his hair. he thought he should go and walk to the place he’s supposed to be.

he waited by the priest. kaien would walk the aisle. He wanted to.

kaien suggested having his hair down but isaya refused not in front of ‘other’s’ he simply looked too nice for that. and felt it would be more male-ish for him not to.

kaien walked in . the music started. isaya didn’t want to look behind him. he actually never knew if kaien would come out in a full-blown dress or suit. honestly. he said it was a surprise.

He looked back to see kaien in a full suit. one that went to his knees on the back. full black and inner white dress shirt.

isaya let shock turn him red. and smiled because kaien looked so pretty. this smile melted kaien. he hadn’t seen him all day.

he started to cry abit.

“isaya- “ he held himself back from going into his arms . he would do that later. he simply put his hand on his shoulder. Smiled and waited for their priest to talk.

it took a while but they got to their vows.

“Isaya shoto”
“I honestly cannot believe we’re here. today and in love with one another. Forever i promise to cherish and believe in the one thing i know every time i see your smile. I love you. You are my soulmate. My best frienmy. My man, my everything. ”

“Forever with this ring. I take you to be my husband” He put the ring on his hand.

“Kaien Cross”
“I love you. With all my honour it is my great pleasure. to take this ring and behold another one to you my love. After all these years. I wonder what life was like before this. Ive only ever been this happy once. I remember and i thank you for taking me as a husband.” He teared up.
He put the ring on his hand too.

They hugged first. Both sad that they couldn’t see each other all day. then kissed.
with that kiss marked their companionship.
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