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Kaisaya 5

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What a silly little child he used to be isaya mused.

but then they were by him; him in the middle.

he could feel the warmth coming from both sides he felt entirely subjected to kaiens musk and total repulsed by the younger. he simply looked at the hunter. his gaze saying lets do this. he grabed kaiens face. and said
“ This better feel good. “

he kissed the older. and sat in hunter kaien’s lap. he tried to suggest he only wanted kaien by glaring at the younger. Kaien saw this. and smiled

“ what you dont do to get me to wear my hair down. Kiss him its alright. you would have jumped at the chance to get me long ago. I know that much”

He protested but kaien brought them together anyways. he bit his tongue. the pureblood yelped.

“ i- im sorry- isaya-sama” isaya could only see this as being cute.

“Oh- you’re gonna be, both of you” he kissed him harder. kaien just watched.

kaien suggested they go on the floor, he helped the hunter get between his legs while he held isaya’s head on his lap

“eh- since when- “ kaien stopped him from talking.
“shh. i just wanna feel good” he stared into his eyes seriously.

isaya nodded. feeling the heat coming from the hunter he started to rub against him.

“kaien- “
both of them: Yes
“uh… hunter kaien- “
“yeah ? “


the hunter pushed inside isaya hard. “ack- Idiot” he kicked him in the head slightly, kaien remained shocked. and laughed.

“he doesnt like it that rough. “

“i know…” kaien sighed, isaya was confused what just happened? did they agree on something ? oh.. they did.

kaien played with the purebloods hair. looking at him lovingly. hunter kaien wondered. would they really be in love like this ?

he looked down. he only got to putting it inside him a minute ago. maybe this wasnt enough ?

He went to his shirt and started kissing his chest mulitple times. while moving inside him.

“ah- “ isaya moaned. “st-stop “
“dont stop” kaien said firmly.

he pushed inside him again. and again. “mm “ isaya said.

he wanted to get more out of him. “isaya-san… i want to hear your voice” he wined

isaya remained shocked.and brought his face close to his and kissed him again. Kaiens hands went up and he let them ride this feeling out.

Isaya kept his eyes on kaien but fucked the hunter furiously.
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