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Bobby kills Mark

by FlareWick999 1 review

Bobby goes crazy and kills his friend Mark.

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Bobby kills Mark
By FlareWick999
Note: This story was made to be silly as well as dark. I hope you enjoy it.

Mark was writing a story about two teens in love, when Bobby burst into his room.
"MARK!" Bobby said. "Saint Dane is making me angry!"
Mark stopped writing, and he looked at Bobby.
"Let it go," Mark said.
"NO!" Bobbby yelled. Bobby grasped a Tang Knife from his belt and lunged for Mark.
Mark fell of his chair, so Bobby missed. Mark tried to crawl away but Bobby stabbed him in the side and grabbed his other side with his other hand. Mark screamed.
Bobby lifted Mark up with both hands and threw him out the window.
Mark landed with a "CRUNCH". He screamed even louder. He had fallen on a rock.
Bobby landed right next to Mark.
"You betrayed me, Mark!" Bobby yelled. "You and Lisa- Courtney- SLEPT TOGETHER!"
"Yeah," Mark wheezed. "We slept in the same bed."
Bobby looked confused.
Mark realized Bobby had a different thought in mind. "No, we didn't have sexual intercourse."
"Oh," Bobby said.
Bobby was silent, and Mark continued groaning.
"I am sorry, Mark," Bobbby said. "Now I don't have a reason to kill you."
Bobby stepped on Mark's stomach, squashing it into gelatin. Mark screamed again.
"I have to kill you Mark," Bobby said. "I hope you understand."
"It's because it's the name of the story," Mark managed to say.
"No," Bobby said. "It's because Saint Dane was right, that I must join him. Together we will be unstoppable!"
Bobby gave Mark's chin a swift kick, and Mark's head flew right off.
Bobby let out a malicious laugh.
"It's fun to take one's life!" Bobby shouted.
"Well done, Pendragon," an old man said.
"I have served," Bobby said, kneeling. "I will be of service."
"I don't know who you think I am," the old man said. "But I just called the cops because you violently murdered your friend. I was just telling you "well done" to mock you and to distract you long enough for the police to arrive."
"Freeze!" A feminine voice of authority shouted from behind Bobby.
Bobby lunged at the old man and clasped his neck in his hands. Bobby whirled the old fool in front of him.
"YOU DARE TRY TO OPPOSE ME!" Bobby yelled. Bobby then ran forward to attack the police officer, still holding the old man in front of him.
Bobby heard the gunshot just as he felt it embed itself in his back. Then two more followed, each of them putting holes in his back.
Bobby's strength started to fail, and he let go the old man. The both of them fell on the ground. The old man slowly got to his feet, in a standing position. He stepped a good distance away from Bobby.
Bobby felt the life and energy ebbing away from him. He dared not close his eyes, but it was too tempting.
Bobby closed his eyes, and his will vanished.
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