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Part 2

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The card game continues.

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The three teens went in search of the four villains that had been causing trouble…

CHAPTER 1 : Target Found

After about a day of searching they found two of the men that had been causing trouble in the city of New York. Gavin held a card between two of his fingers. (Alright, let’s go) he thought.

“Who are you!?” One of them shouted as they turned their attention toward the three teens. “Leave now if you wanna remain in one piece” The tall buff man threatened. Gavin laughed waving his card at them hiding it's creature.

“Bring it on” AH announced pulling out a card as well. The two men sighed pulling out a deck bigger than a normal sized pile of cards needed to fight.

“This might take awhile AH complained. Marcia remained quiet. Gavin found this strange but tried to keep his focus on the two criminals. Both Gavin and AH revealed their cards. “Go Sonaque!” Gavin announced as a deity-looking being appeared. Next was AH’s, “Go Hellziathen!” A dark demon-like man rose from the card floating toward the two men. Gavin’s creature was a man-like being floating with multiple swords orbiting around him. He also had long dark hair, golden armor and purple eyes.

His partner’s wore a dark red cloak with black wings and red eyes. The two watched as two giant cyclops’ emerged from the enemies’ cards. Gavin sighed “They stole all those cards and this is what they choose?”

“They could just be toying with us, waiting to use their good cards when either they get bored or lose the upper hand” Just then the two men yelled : Cyclops attack!” Their giants stepped forward throwing their fists in Soaque’s and Hellziathan’s direction. Gavin backed up getting some distance while AH stayed close to his creature. The giants punched them with all their strength but it had no effect.

“Seems you don’t know these creatures very well do you?” AH commented. Soaque’s body became a little more buff as if he had gotten much stronger. “Now attack!” Both teens commanded, the creatures began their attack, The golden warrior formed a barrier of purple energy around one of his floating swords before launching it toward the left cyclops. The monster tried grabbing it but missed as the blade pierced the giant’s only eye going straight through it’s head. It let out a deep bellow before hitting the ground shaking the city.

“One down” Gavin commented. Next Hellziathan unleashed a beam of dark energy, the giant put his wrist up to block it but instead of it being just a hit or miss attack, the beam trapped him in a field of dark energy electrocuting him. The giant tried to fight it but was utterly defeated like the other.

“Hopefully your next creatures will be better” AH taunted.

“We’ll show you brats!” Once more the two pulled out their cards, summoning two creatures, one being a blue deity-looking man wearing gold Egyptian clothing, it also had four hands. “Behold Consai the berserker!” Gavin’s eyes was in surprise by this new creature. (This may be a challenge. Next came a large three headed dragon that looked as if it were made out of steel.

Once again the men called for their creatures to attack, not noticing that Marcia had vanished. The dragon engulfed the two beings in a wave of black flames. But again they were unharmed.

“Why-why aren’t they defeated!?” One of them complained. His ally turned to Consai and commanded : “Consai, why aren’t they receiving damage?” His deity focused on the two, feeling their energy…

“They have a protective barrier around them, it’s an ability that Hellziathan is emitting. However, it can’t take much damage. Also Soaque has an effect: Each time their attacked, their offensive and defensive power increase depending on the amount of the attack their faced with” Finally the berserker aimed his palm toward them shooting a lightning blast ahead on. Hellziathan’s barrier suddenly shattered leaving them open. Again Consai went for an attack but Soaque protected his ally with both hands on either side of him. The deity snapped his fingers as a large fist came down from the clouds and hit him head on, the city shook from the shock wave. Just than a grin appeared on Gavin’s face.

“What are you laughing at!?” They shouted. The dark-haired teen pulled out another card summoning Marcia’s unicorn. The horned creature pointed it’s horn at Soaque, healing a great deal of his injuries from the god’s attack.

“Oh shit!” They cried out. The armored warrior smirked as his skin seem to change into a purple steel-like material. He slowly approached the two enemies emotionless and silent.

“Kill him!” Both assailants shouted. AH watched as the god’s lightning and the dragon’s fire hit Gavin’s creature head on…But they walked out of the smoke cloud undamaged. The two froze in fear, along with the dragon. The god just watched expressionless. Evolved Soaque punched straight through the dragon then pulled his fist out. The large creature burst into a pile of sparkles before returning to it’s card.

Following that he snapped his fingers, having all of his swords pierce through the deity repeatedly until he do vanish into small orbs of light.

“I would love to play fair until you run out of cards… however you two have way too many. Soaque final attack!” The purple armored being clapped his hands together, trapping the two me in a energy field before causing it to erupt in a fierce explosion. “There, those two are finally gone” As their creatures returned to their cards, they heard Marcia let out an echoing scream.

“Shit what’s going on!?” Gavin said making their way to Marcia a few streets away. They found her with only one card in her hand, the others must’ve been defeated. (We have to help her!) The teen thought looking through their cards…”There!” He quickly pulled out his chosen card and faced the pair, the man and women that were part of the group of four. A muscular, dark armored being stood facing the pair’s monsters.

“Oh look Zorbae, they have an armored ant” The women commented. Marcia sighed, reveling her last card. A large dark red Cerberus emerged growling at the two and their creatures. The heroes were faced against, a golden mythology-looking man sitting on a throne. Along with a mage dressed in rainbow colors. Both teens found this strange, but couldn’t afford to underestimate their opponents just on their appearance.

Zorbae commanded his golden god to attack them any way it could, as long as it got results. Gavin had his dark knight form a purple field of energy around itself just as the attack made contact. His knight had barley taken any damage while on the other hand, Marcia’s Cerberus had sustained a great deal of damage from just the one attack. Before the mage could be ordered to attack, Gavin pointed at him for his knight to attack. The armored being gripped his sword before holding it straight up with both hands. A beam of purple energy came down outlining his body, filling him with power.

The girl snapped out of just watching, “Mage stop and end him!” it nodded firing a pink blast of light head on. The blast made contact but instead was absorbed by the outline of light.

“Knight attack!” Gavin shouted. His creature lowered the sword going for the mage. The magical being put both hands out firing a beam of lightning at the coming threat but too was ineffective. Her eyes widened as her mage was pierced over and over until the knight slowly slid the sword back to his side. Her creature evaporated to nothing going back to it’s card. She sighed in anger looking to her partner hoping he’d be able to handle it.

“Your move” Gavin grinned seeing his ally powered up with energy swarming around him. The man brushed his silver hair out of his eyes and grinned as well. He ordered his ally to use it's special technique. At that moment, the being rose from his throne approaching them.

“Dark Knight defend!” His ally clapped his armored hands together causing a wide beam of light to come down to protect him. Just then the foe slowly forced his way through the barrier and put it’s hand on the center of the knight's face. The light vanished as his ally stood still as if frozen in time. “W-what's going on!?” he said in shock, his friend AH was also confused on what was occurring.

“I have trapped your creature in an illusion, and as long as I remain in battle, he shall stay trapped in that state unless he takes enough damage to be sent back to his card” Gavin looked at him in annoyance, “great…now that he’s stuck in an illusion and unable to move…I’ll have to pull out yet another card” But just as he was about to activate his card, AH stepped in. “You already have a good card on the battlefield, just stay back until we can save him. Otherwise you’re just wasting time and energy”

AH held a card in between his middle and index finger before tossing it onto the battlefield. A tall buff gray skinned being emerged with horns on his head like a demon.

“Alacar attack!” he commanded pointing at the tall armored creature. His ally snapped his fingers ceiling the target within a large pink bubble-like sphere. The large armored creature twitched but could barley move. AH smirked before commanding his Alacar to unleash an all-out blow.

His creature threw a punch in the direction of it’s target, a vast wave of force went straight through the pink sphere as it shattered to pieces. The golden god was pushed back by his foe’s immense strength. However, Golden God hadn’t taken much damage from it’s great defense.

“Ugh, feel like this may take awhile” AH complained carefully watching his targets. Suddenly their foe threw their palm toward Alacar, a wall of gold light moved in the direction of the demon-like creature.  AH’s ally also aimed their palm back at the coming threat as a wall of swords manifested behind him.

“Wall of a thousand blades!” The being yelled as all the swords went flying forward like bullets. Though, each sword that hit the wall of light was obliterated instantly. Gavin looked over at the enemy pair that watched with smirks on their faces then back to his dark knight that remained motionless. He looked through his deck thinking he should summon another creature but remained still letting AH handle it. Meanwhile Marcia felt powerless do anything, her cards wouldn’t be able to summon their creatures for awhile, so all she could do was watch the battle unfold.

“If you don’t weaken him soon, I’m going to pull out my trump card!” Gavin called out to his ally.

“If it’s your trump card, why didn’t you summon it in the first place!?” The guy complained. His dark-haired friend looked at him replying: “Because it’s an enemy card that’s incredibly powerful…not entirely sure if I could command it. So I kept it in my deck until a loss seemed imminent”

“W-what card is in your deck?” AH questioned a little uneasy. Even Marcia looked scared. But their friend just looked at them silent.

“Enough talk! Golden God…end this worthless fight with your finishing move!” All three of them looked at the deity, their eyes wide as it threw both hands out in opposite directions. The bright blue sky became a dark purple with clouds swirling around like a tornado.

“Endless piercing!” The deity suddenly clapped his hands together as all the clouds became a blood red color then went straight for Alacar, AH’s creature. The demon-like being fired lasers out of each of his fingers from his left hand all aligned together. As each laser went through the blast of red, it only caused the red projectile to scatter into more projectiles. AH watched as his creature was struck by dozens of red bullet-like attacks.

Finally, the poor creature was defeated, returning to it’s card. But before AH could put his card away, one last attack from the Golden God impacted the card, completely destroying it. AH started at it motionless. Meanwhile Gavin pulled out his trump card revealing it to the two targets. “I summon…Legion!” Hearing the name, both allies turned to witness the giant creature manifest between both teams. The others were shocked to see Gavin had summoned a creature they had long defeated.

“Legion…destroy the Golden God!” The gigantic monster made a fist, throwing it straight for it’s target. The foe sealed himself within a gold barrier. However, it shattered from the monster’s immense power.

“Impossible! The golden barrier should be unbreakable!” The assailant cried out, staring at his open ally.

“Legion, crush that so called god!” His user called out. The high-level creature threw his fist once more toward the target, in a wide shock wave, the deity was struck head-on impact. Everyone watched in surprise as the deity reverted back to it’s card. Both of the assailants stood there silent…

“Give me that card” Gavin commanded walking towards them. Zorbae gripped the card attempting to tear it in half. “Stay back or I’ll rip it to shreds!” Gavin laughed crossing his arms then replied: “Go ahead, if you destroy that card…I’ll just kill you on the spot” AH and Marcia were shocked to see their friend acting like that. He had no problem finishing off an opponent, but threating them in such a way didn’t seem like the Gavin they knew.

“Y-you’re bluffing!” The man shouted calling him on his bluff. But Zorbae could see the fear in his partner’s eyes, she knew he wasn’t bluffing. Gavin pointed toward the two, warning them that they had five seconds to give him the card before Legion crushed them. Finally he tossed the Golden God card to his victor. “There you have the card!” Gavin smirked placing it in his deck then into his pocket.

Just then Legion struck the ground near the two, causing them to go flying out of sight. “There…hopefully we don’t have to deal with them anymore. He noticed his Dark Knight had returned to it’s card as well…

Months pasted when they located another one of the five god cards, they had spent so long searching for any clue of it’s location when alerts popped up around a rainforest far on the other part of the U.S. After a day on a plane, they finally landed just outside the forest. Their cards weren’t picking up any others, so they proceeded into the forest…

Gavin kept Legion in his chest pocket incase he needed to summon him right away, he also kept Golden God in his other pocket away from his deck as well. About ten minutes into walking through the plant filled area, one of their cards began to detect something. Marcia’s Cerberus card left her pocket, but she managed to grab onto it, holding it in place.

“Let it go” Gavin commented turning to her. She gave him a serious look then nodded letting go of her card. It flew through the air toward the nearby card with the three of them keeping up with it. Finally the team saw the Cerberus card land near a large hole.

“It’s gotta be a trap…no way getting a god-level card is that easy” AH commented as all three looked at the dark abyss then back at the girl’s card. Gavin told them that he had a plan that would possibly make things easier for them. The dark-haired card user pulled out a card tossing it onto the grassy floor.

“Come forth, Golden God!” At that moment, the deity manifested in front of them. “Gold, I need you to travel down the abyss for either enemies or the god card that’s nearby” The high-level being bowed in acceptance before levitating over to the hole. Before leaving he picked up the girl’s card tossing it back to her. The being surrounded himself in light as he descended down…

Moments after descending down, a shadow-like hand grabbed Gavin’s leg, beginning to pull him into the pit. “What!? What about the Golden God!?” He cried out as the Pro-Gonda player was sliding across the dirt towards the darkness. AH grabbed his friend by his hands trying to hold onto him. But he realized it was no use, for he too was being dragged forward.

Marcia was too shocked by the arms coming from the pit that she could just sit there. Just then a beam of golden light made contact with the arms, causing the shadow creature to fade away. Both men got up, just a foot away from getting thrown into the abyss. Gavin looked up to see an unknown guy knelt down on one knee in an offensive-like position. He held a single card in his left hand in between his middle and index finger.

“Who are you…and what are you doing here?” Gavin questioned.

“My name is Kin Monari, I’m a high level player of Pro-Gonda. Though I do wish they’d call it something better. I sensed something was wrong and when my card picked up another, I knew my suspensions were correct. Luckily I pulled out “Angel’s light” destroying whatever was taking you two down there”

“Where are all these new cards coming from!? I originally made 50 or so…now someone, or others copied the same dark magic idea and are out there creating hundreds or even thousands of these cards!”

“So why are you guys here?...Trying to get that god card?” Kin questioned. AH nodded replying: “We traced the card to this abyss and know it wouldn’t be easy to get such a rare card. So we had Gavin’s Golden God card go down to check the area for any enemies” Suddenly Monari’s eyes widened as he responded: “You shouldn’t have done that! Call back your deity before it’s too late!”

As the deity’s user was about to call them back, a burst of red light filled the hole. Everyone froze and watched as the Golden God came staggering out, landing in front of them. Luckily it seemed to still be alive enough to remaining in reality.

“What has the power to do that to such a high-level being!?” One of them asked. Just then something emerged from the abyss as well, it floated above them inside the blinding flash of red light.

“This is why I told you to call your card back, if another card or creature faces something they see as a threat, the card will activate, unleashing them. In other words-”

“We’ve awakened the god card…”

CHAPTER 2 Over-powered Threat

All four of them starred at the god-level creature they had come to get. As the light cleared, they saw a being in dark armor with a large cape and sword. “What do we do now!? I don’t think we can win this battle” Gavin commented shaking at the sight of one of the most powerful cards.

“Even if it’s pointless, we should try anyway!” AH responded pulling out Vogan, one of his strongest cards. The purple armored warrior emerged tightly gripping his scythe. Instead of summoning a creature, Kin pulled out a card aiming it toward Vogan and Gold.

“Barrier of purity!” The card shined on the two powerful beings as a blue barrier surrounded them. “There, hopefully that protection card will help against the god card” The demon god gripped it’s sword and made a slashing motion in front of them, a dark red wave rushed past them causing their barriers to shatter in one attack.

“Damn it! I know he’s one of the strongest cards, but shattering our defense in one attack!? Is he even stronger than we thought?” Kin commented looking at his allies then back at their opponent. He took a breath looking through his deck. “Don’t worry guys, I have mostly defense cards, so I should have something capable of stopping our current threat”

(Hmm, defense cards…I only thought to make warrior cards. Now someone’s making effect cards as well. For once I’m actually impressed with their idea instead of just copying my idea of dark magic creatures) Gavin thought to himself. The god creature began making a barrage of slashes that again created an energy wave aimed toward the two offensive warriors.

“Go Golden God!” It’s user commanded. The gold deity struck the ground with the tip of it’s Scythe. Suddenly a wall of gold transparent energy rose up from the crack in the ground, protecting the two beings.

“Wow, I can’t believe that worked!” AH responded. Gavin nodded in agreement, he didn’t think it would, but had to try something. Meanwhile Monari looked through each card of his 20 card deck, sure he had a lot of guards, but it wouldn’t be easy defeating their kind of enemy. Finally he spotted a card, it was risky, but one he might have to take. Kin decided to slide it out from his deck and keep it in his pocket incase he needed to pull it out quickly. Gavin had his deity go for a head-on attack with his sword, but it proved pointless from the demon god’s speed and might. Each blow Gold threw with his sword was deflected by his foe’s own blade. The ground shook by the two’s incredible power. Gavin looked through his deck for another alternative creature when he realized it was in his shirt pocket. Just as he attempted to pull it out, their assailant knocked Golden God out of the way, shooting a red blast of power.

Vogan appeared between it and Gavin, deflecting it with his scythe. Their immense power sent Gavin backwards, the card falling out of his shirt pocket. “No, the card” he commented to himself as he slowly got back up, making his way toward it. Meanwhile the demon god unleashed a shock wave from his body, sending everyone in random directions from him. The card was sent up into a tree, while Gavin and AH laid in the large crater formed by the catastrophic outburst.

Vogan and his ally the Golden God still remained on the battlefield, but were badly wounded. Most common creatures would’ve been destroyed by that level of power. Gavin regained consciousness to find Marcia laying off in the distance motionless.

(S-she’s ok…she must’ve just been knocked unconscious) He limped over to her while their foe charged up power in his left hand. Lifting her up, he held her in his arms. She still was unresponsive. Gavin placed his head on her chest to check for a heartbeat… Nothing…

“No…she can’t be dead, she can’t be!” He began to give her CPR as tears ran down his face, but still nothing. AH lifted his head up seeing the casualty. He took a deep breath calling out: “She’s gone, you need to save yourself!”

“No! I won’t leave her here!” His friend yelled crying uncontrollably. He looked up at the card in the tree, he asked Kin to come protect her while he went for the card. Monari nodded patting his back before kneeling down to the deceased girl. Meanwhile the crying man wiped his tears, climbing up the large oak tree with thin branches, as if any of them could break at any moment. AH could only watch his creature and friends fight since his body was in excruciating pain, each movement felt as if all his bones had shattered.

Kin had used a defense card to protect them for the time being until Gavin could get the card. The Pro-Gonder was almost there, just a few branches left. As his hand grabbed the card, the branches holding him up broke. He fell towards the ground. The player closed his eyes thinking it was the end, his body wouldn’t be able to hand that hard of an impact. That’s when he realized the wind on his face from falling had stopped. Opening his eyes, Gavin found himself levitating within a golden transparent orb his deity had created just in time.

“AH, have your creature fend off the god long enough for Kin’s next move!” His friend nodded turning over, looking at the battle. “Vogan, attack full power!” The buff purple warrior nodded racing forward. Demon God threw his dark hand forward firing a fierce blast of dark energy, but AH’s fighter blocked it with it’s scythe taking the force of the attack.

Their foe watched with surprise that one creature was capable of absorbing so much force in one attack. That’s when Vogan’s scythe shattered apart. “No, crap!” His user cried out hitting his fist on the soil still unable to stand. At that moment, Gavin tossed the card to Kin telling him to summon the creature. Monari caught it and aimed it toward the unstoppable enemy.

“I summon…Legion!” Once more the humongous dark god-like creature manifested in front of it’s target. “This should seal or victory…I also have this!” Kin revealed a 2nd card. “Evolutionize!” The dark giant god was outlined in blue sparkles until it changed shape in a flash of light. All three were staring at a titan-sized creature with a buff body and flames all around it.

“What did you do!?” Gavin asked in shook by the drastic change in his creature’s appearance. Kin smiled replying: “He’s evolved…even stronger than before. Though I can only use the card once per day so hopefully evolving him was the right call” The demon god moved so fast, the men couldn’t keep track of him, or even know he moved until he was already gone.

It went for a sword attack against the powered up Legion, but was stopped by it’s single gigantic finger. Still silent, the opponent’s eyes widened in shook by it’s ineffectiveness. Legion flicked Demon god up so hard, it went soaring up into the atmosphere. As big as it was, Legion ascended up into the clouds toward his target with very little trouble, as if size wasn’t slowing him down at all.

Meanwhile Gavin helped AH over to Kin and their friend’s corpse. Vogan floated over to them standing nearby in case their target managed to get past their Legion and reach them. Up in space the two creatures went head to head, the Demon god may’ve been small in size, but their strength was nearly equal, each blow they threw with their bare fists cause clouds to change shape and alter the color of the sky.

Suddenly Gavin had an idea, he pulled Marcia’s deck out of her pocket, skimming through her cards for anything useful…Just as he reached the last few cards, he found a power-up card. (Where did she get this card? We just found out about these kinds of cards, and yet here’s one in her deck) He slid her deck in his empty pocket while studying the card…

“Gohida’s merge” merge any two creatures of close level together for the remainder of their fight until returning to their cards” He walked over to Kin and showed him the card…

“This could work! But it’s not a high chance the fusion would work” Gavin raised his hand in Legion’s direction calling him back. The being landed in front of them shaking the entire area from just landing. The boy tossed the card between Vogan and Legion. “Gohida’s merge!” he yelled. The two warriors nodded as they became beams of energy swarming around each other until becoming one in a flash of green light.

Once it cleared, there stood a dark purple-armored warrior with incredible energy surging around his body. Demon god came charging the powered up warrior but was struck in the gut with over-whelming power. All of them watched as the punch sent trees flying off their roots from the incredible power. The god creature became transparent, as if it were about to return to it’s card once in for all. However, it managed to stay in reality once more.

“This will be my final attack” It suddenly said surprising everyone of it’s ability to talk.  Vogion smirked walking toward his foe slowly. The assailant continued charging up power until finally firing an over-powered blast that seemed to effect the very balance of space. But right as it prepared to make contact, Vogion stopped it with his bare hand.

“Impossible! I should be the most powerful being in the universe!” The god yelled still unleashing all his power against the merged creature. Demon God fell to his knees out of power. The path from him to Vogion was scorched with radiation and burns.

“Now, go back to your card” The warrior announced before punching his target in the face head-on, sending him smashing through several oak trees. Finally Demon God returned to it’s card. Luckily the card came out of the abyss as the creature returned to it. Gavin walked over picking it up then handing it to Kin.

“Here, you can have it” He said. Kin looked him in the eye and said: “But you went through so much to get that card, you lost your friend for it”

“True, but it would’ve been much worse if you hadn’t shown up. So to thank you, you can have the Demon God” Monari took the card putting it in his deck as both of them helped AH to his feet.

“What about her?” Kin asked looking at their dead friend. Gavin told them to go on ahead and he’d catch up when he was finished. They nodded and made their way toward the nearest city. Gavin had the merged creature bury Marcia before it returned to it’s card…

Once finished he drew a heart in the dirt before catching up with his friends. They saw a sign for a city so they weren’t too much farther. After about 20 minutes of non-stop walking, they reached the city limits. In no time they found a nice hotel to stay at. The rooms weren’t expensive so they didn’t have much trouble. They laid AH on one of the queen-sized beds while the other two sat on the couch trying to watch TV and rest at the same time. They placed their decks on a small table in the corner of the room before falling asleep…

They woke up to find most of their cards had been stolen. Gavin looked out the open window to see a teen escaping with a small book-bag. “Hey stop!” The dark-haired guy jumped out after him, wearing his black jacket and blue jeans. He landed on the street though his legs were still sore from yesterday. While Kin followed behind, Gavin checked his pockets for the cards he kept with him in case something like this happened.

He pulled out his “Physic Mind” A large physic metal skull that had plenty of useful abilities. He choose to use this card and keep it in his pocket to use a new creature for once instead of the same old one. The large skull emerged stopping the teen in his tracks by paralyzing him. They took him in a back ally so people wouldn’t start freaking out.

“Physic Mind, read his thoughts and give us all the info you can” The skull’s eyes lit up more with the green light…

“Arkensin Patterson…age 15…objective: to steal all high level cards and sell them to the higher bidder, going against his bosses’ orders there for putting him in possible danger”

“Thanks Physic you can release him now” his user responded. The skull’s green light went out and Arkensin was able to move. “Now, you’re going to return all of our cards before I have our creatures do something I don’t want to see” That’s when Kin saw the kid pulling out a card from his sleeve, Monari was about to counter when Gavin’s creature shot a surge of green electricity at the kid to stop him from attacking.

“You must not know cards that well…if a creature that’s been summoned, or a high rank card is faced with possible danger, it’ll attack on it’s own command or not” Their target laid there, once again unable to move from the attack. Kin searched the bag until all their cards were returned to them. They looked through the others finding a few good ones so they decided to keep some to improve their deck.

“Now, where is your boss…if you don’t tell us, or you lie, I’ll just have my skull read your mind and get the info from you”

“His name is Okami Doncu…I give him the best cards I can find and he pays me a decent amount depending on the rarity and power. I was looking for a card strong enough to take him and his corporation down”

“Hmm…let’s say we helped you take him down and gave you, your own deck. Would you stop stealing other player’s cards?” Gavin questioned crossing his arms.

“Deal, I’ll give up stealing if you help me take him down” Gavin smiled as they went back to the hotel, letting AH know their new objective. They told him the plan was to reach Okami’s corporation and take him down.

“Are you sure we can trust him? He did just steal our cards moments ago” AH commented.

“Don’t worry, if he tries anything, he knows I’ll just pull out a card to stop him” They waited until night, around 9 P.M when the sun just went down. They followed the boy to the corporation then hid just outside the camera’s view. Gavin gave him a small earpiece so they could keep in contact. His job was to go in normally and give info on how many were inside and where they were located.

Their ally walked up to the door. “I’m here to deliver my package to the boss” One of the tall suited men stepped aside as the automated door slid open. Meanwhile the other three were still outside in the bushes.

“Alright, while he give’s us the info we need, AH will stay here and keep watch for anything that goes on outside such as someone strange entering the building” Kin turned to Gavin replying: “When’s our queue to move out towards the building?” The guy thought for a second then had an idea, he looked through his cards before pulling out one of the new ones.

“Go lightening Abyss” he said in a soft tone. A women dressed in yellow with golden hair and purple eyes emerged. Her summoner commanded her to take out all men in her sight and all the cameras without effecting the area’s power so no one would notice. She walked past the group still hidden and put her palms together as if to pray. A fierce bolt of lightning shot from her body headed straight for the two guards before splitting into two, electrocuting both of them.

“This next one will take awhile, I sense a large quantity of electronics in there which I assume are cameras” They told her to take her time while Gavin put his hand to his earpiece in case there was an update. Meanwhile inside the large building, their friend reached the elevator and pushed the button for the top floor.

“What’s the current situation? We have a natural-type being taking out all cameras in the area, but she says it will take a few moments, she has to locate each one so she doesn’t alert anyone of her or our location”

“I’m in the elevator making my way to the top floor. Hopefully you’ll have the cameras shut down before they get  suspicious”

“Roger that, let us know if anything we weren’t prepared for happens” The boy had a few more seconds until he reached the top floor. Lightning Abyss took a deep breath then opened her eyes as dozens of lightning blasts shot out of her body headed for each located camera. Each bolt struck the cam, knocking it out. The beams of light moved so fast that none of the guards noticed it. Once all cameras were offline, the being turned to them asking for her next objective.

“Your work is complete, return” her user responded holding up her card towards her. She bowed as she became a beam of yellow light, returning to her card. “Alright, their offline. AH you keep watch outside like we planned while me and Kin move in to find an entry point” His ally gave him a thumbs up before the two made their way to the side of the building.

“Now how should we get in?” Gavin asked making sure they don’t attract any attention. Kin pulled out a card called time freeze.

“We’ll use this to get in without having to worry about being followed”

“What if we need that to escape?” His friend commented. Kin looked at the top of the corporation then back at him replying: “They’ll already know we’re there, better use this to stay hidden for as long as we can” Gavin sighed motioning him to go ahead and use it. Kin shattered a locked window letting them in then raced for the elevator. Just as he heard someone yell halt he held the card up in the air

“Time freeze!” Gavin watched as the world became black and white, as if the world was drained of all color and everything was frozen. Kin changed direction for the stairs since time was frozen and no electronics worked. Though it was hard for them to see with it being night, and all the color gone.

“How long does this card last?” His ally aske as they raced up the hundreds of steps for the top floor. Kin told him it should last just long enough for them to reach the top or be a floor or two away from it…

Once the time effect wore-off, their ally had given his boss all the cards he had gathered,  Okami looked through the cards before kicking it off his chair. “This is the best you could do!? You’ve done way better than this! Or are you holding out on me? Because I told you what happens to those that don’t give me what I want” He turns to his left placing his hand on the statue of a scared women that had been turned to stone.

“I swear sir that’s all I could manage”

“Well then…I’m sorry to see you go” Okami began to pull a card out from his sleeve when Gavin and Kin burst through the door. Gavin pulled his Demon God card out but didn’t show them.

“Stop right there or you’ll face one of the five god cards of Pro-Gonda!” Okami began laughing holding his card in his hand calling the man’s bluff. “If you think I’m bluffing, go ahead and activate your card!” Their friend stood frozen in fear watching the two men wait for one of them to make a move.

Just then Okami revealed his card: “Eyes of Medusa!” But Gavin didn’t hesitate, he threw the card down calling out: “Demon God!” The god card emerged once more in his dark armor. A green mist went from the card to the deity, but faded on contact.

“No, your creature should be a statue or at least pieces of stone by now! How could he resist the power of my card!?”

“Like I said…this is one of the five god cards. Meaning this creature is one of the strongest beings in the game” Okami just stared in shock when the two men guarding him summoned two creatures of their own. One was a shadow creature, the other an undead mage.

“Kill them!” the guards commanded. The shadow filled the room in darkness, it’s eyes glistening with red light as a large shadow hand swiped over Demon God’s torso. The scratch left a large wound but soon closed in seconds from it’s regeneration ability.

“Don’t tell me you thought a card like this didn’t have something as reliable as regeneration. Gavin taunted. Kin pointed at the shadow creature commanding their deity to get rid of it. Their Demon aimed it’s hand at the being announcing: “Black hole rift!” Suddenly a tear in reality formed, a faint purple light could be seen as it sucked the shadow creature inside then closed.

The guard fell to his knees in fear of the opponent’s vast power. “You won’t defeat my creature!” The standing guard shouted confidently. Gavin laughed telling Kin to finish the fight while he talked with the boss. Kin agreed not taking his eyes of their target.

“Oh no you don’t!” The suited man aimed his mage toward Gavin who paid no attention to their enemy. “Kill that little shit!” His black suited mage pointed his staff at the open man charging up energy to attack, but as a silver blast of light went straight for the dark-haired boy, it was deflected back at the mage. The projectile blew up just a foot in front of him.  The mage and his user saw Demon God standing in front of them and their target.

“You’ll have to get through me first” The deity responded with his hand on his large sword. Their foe charged up all his power into his staff before tossing it up in the air. Gavin turned around to see the staff levitating about the mage, shooting powerful bolts of lightning at their protector. But once more the attacks were deflected, hitting random parts of the room.

“This is ridiculous…end this Demon God” Kin commanded. The god moved so fast, the mage couldn’t defend it’s self. The creature was stabbed straight through the heart with Demon God’s hand like a dagger. Blood dripped from the god’s fingers before it and the being returned to it’s card. Without a second though, the deity destroyed the card with a fierce plasmic blast.

“I’m sorry boss, I failed you” The suited man said also falling to his knees beside his fellow guard. Gavin pointed at the two, signaling their creature to deliver the final blow. Demon God nodded, pulling his dark blade out from his side. The two men stayed quiet as they were killed with one slash. Okami nearly vomited at the sight of his two men split in half in a pool of blood. Gavin made his way up to the boss.

“It’s all over…time for you to face what’s coming to you” A wave of light washed over the room while Gavin stood there grinning. Suddenly Okami pulled out a knife stabbing the boy through the heart, blood running down his shirt. A pool of his blood formed on the floor when at that moment…He began to laugh.

“W-what’s so funny!?” The man demanded, his blonde hair all messed up from the stress and worry. Just then someone put a blade to the man’s throat as Gavin melted into a red slime-like puddle, returning to the deity. “S-so that was a fake? But how’d you sneak behind me!?”

“That flash of light was your hint” The young adult replied slitting the owner of the corporation’s throat. Seeing the man bleed-out did make him feel sick and uncomfortable but he knew this was the right course of action if they were going to put a stop to Okami and his company…

CHAPTER 3 Chaos of the Player

They made their way back to the hotel, it was 11 P.M, so Gavin and the others collapsed on their beds especially after helping AH back home. Luckily he was walking easier now so he didn’t need as much help. Their friend laid on the couch. Before they fell asleep, he told them his name…Caro Samata.

Gavin flipped through his cards and the new card he took from Okami. The group decided to rest for a few days so they’d have the stamina for any possible battles. Just then the city begun to shake. Gavin and the others rushed out to see a large golden being up into the air above the sky. “What is that!?” The boy asked with a worried tone in his voice. The others said they’ve never seen anything like them before. All of the card users pulled out one card each, hoping it would be enough to stop the being’s plan.

Gavin summoned his demon god, AH summoned his death ninja, Kin summoned an angel and Caro summoned an undead. The ninja and demon god both went for the being that was way above the city. Luckily the ninja could fly like the demon. “Take him down!” Both creatures went for the attack, demon god created a dome of fire, hoping to trap the target inside, but as the flames proceeded to condense, getting smaller around the golden creature, it suddenly died out.

The pro-gonder stared in fear at the sight of his failed capture. Their target snapped it’s fingers, suddenly the boy’s deity was sealed within a sphere of golden light. His creature tried to break free but was no use, no matter what it did the barrier wouldn’t break.

“Guess it’s up to my ninja” AH commented. He ordered his fighter to unleash it’s strongest attack. The ninja dressed in black, threw several daggers with an explosive on each one. Each projectile hit the enemy’s abdomen, blowing up in a fierce explosion that lit up the night sky.

Sadly, when the smoke cleared, the golden deity was still floating there unharmed. Both men fell to their knees, overwhelmed in doubt of their chances of winning. That’s when the being held both hands out left and right. “This world shall see the chaos of darkness! Behold!

The four watched as a powerful wave of energy washed over the earth. Kin used his angel to seal all of them into a light blue barrier. Kin waited a few moments after the city stopped shaking before ordering his angel to drop the shield. To their horror, the entire city was destroyed, buildings leaning against each other with most of it’s window’s smashed.

The world looked like an apocalypse. Even the sky was a dark red color. “This isn’t good” Kin commented as the group stared at the ruined world in horror. Suddenly the deity looked right at them. “You three have managed to survive my destruction, there for you must be dealt with personally!”

The monster took a powerful breath that began pulling the men towards it’s large black mouth. Gavin was just about to get sucked up when AH managed to grab his arms. However, as each teen grabbed the other, they soon all lost their grip, becoming swallowed by the creature…

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