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Good Education

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Good Education
Overcoming Inequality in America through Education
The education system in America has been and remains to be one of the most unequally distributed social resources. The education system is usually regarded as the main source of inequality in U.S. society. Many Americans believe that having access to a good education is all that is needed to overcome inequality in U.S. society. For my part, I also agree with the statement because of the following reasons.
First and foremost, it is important to recognize that inequality in U.S. society is caused largely by disparities in income among the rich and the poor. Rich people have high levels of income, while poor people do not. Income depends on the type of employment an individual is engaged in, which can be either self-employment or working for the federal government, state governments, and private organizations. The principal source of income for the population of America has been, and continues to be, wages and salaries. The amount of income people earn in any form of employment is directly proportional to their qualifications and skills.
Obtaining a good education enables an individual to equip themselves with relevant qualifications, skills, knowledge, and expertise needed in the job market. People with higher qualifications and professional skills are more likely to get formal employments with higher earnings than those with poor or low levels of education who are mostly employed in the informal sector. Therefore, the level of education dictates the amount of income people earn which in turn affects their status in society. Most jobs require a good education which involves having a college degree or any other advanced study. On the other hand, jobs that offer lower income demand less education. This explains why people with higher levels of education become rich easily and quickly. Thus, the gap between the rich and the poor is likely to increase if the poor do not get adequate access to a good education.
Secondly, good education increases one’s ability to make sound decisions in life. For example, people with good education make better investment decisions. This increases their chances of becoming wealthier and richer. The level of education obtained by an individual directly impacts their economic behavior. For instance, educated people tend to invest more in order to increase their wealth, hence become richer. On the other hand, less educated people tend to invest less, hence become poorer. In addition, people with good education often struggle to increase their levels of income and the amount of accumulated wealth by all possible means, while people with low levels of education turn to crime and other social vices as a means of increasing their income. This makes them more vulnerable to social challenges and problems such as imprisonment, which reduces their economic productivity and prosperity. Education is important in improving economic productivity and prosperity of an individual. People with good education also make better health decisions, hence increasing their chances of personal prosperity. This further widens the gap between the rich and the poor in American society.
Although social inequality in America is also fuelled by social and physiological factors such as gender, race, and age, education remains to be the largest determinant of a person’s social class in the country. For instance, the most educated people form the most affluent communities in the United States. This is because education is a crucial component of personal success. It is also logical to suggest that people with a better education have higher incomes and better living standards. In my view, a good education will remain the primary pathway to social equality. Obtaining quality education is a major determinant of social equality.
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