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Chapter 1: I've Got The Power

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Harry and Violet discover a mysterious book on their birthday...

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Chapter 1: I've Got The Power

~4 years later~

Harry woke up with a plan. He would have to be very careful in his execution, but if he did this right, he and Violet would have an amazing afternoon.

Rolling over, Harry nudged Violet and whispered, "Violet wake up! It's our 8th birthday today!"

Violet groaned and blinked sleepily at Harry, her red bed-head covering one of her violet colored eyes. "And what is so important about that Harry?" she muttered, still half asleep, "The Dursleys will make sure today is an especially awful day."

Harry grinned at her, "But I have a plan, we get all of our chores done as fast as we can, then head out and go to the park or something and celebrate our birthday outside! That way we can at least have a few Dursley free hours to ourselves."

Violet looked at Harry intently for a moment, thinking hard. Finally she nodded and said, "Okay, that sounds like it could work."

Harry and Violet out of bed and over to their dresser. They had slept in the same bed for 7 years, so they were completely comfortable around each other. They were also much more mature than other children their age, a byproduct of their upbringing.

Violet didn't look malnourished like Harry did because he always gave a portion of his meal to Violet. At first she had protested, but he simply didn't eat it and eventually she gave in and ate the portion. Secretly, she really appreciated it because it made her feel special, like he was her knight in shining armor protecting her from anyone and anything. She wanted to pay him back somehow, but she had never figured out how she could. Whatever she tried to do simply wasn't enough to fully pay Harry back for all he had done or it went horribly wrong and Harry would have to protect her again.

Harry got out his best clothes and put them on, then put some not so nice clothes over them. Violet did the same. Then they sat on the bed and waited for Aunt Petunia to wake them up.

They didn't have to wait too long before the rapping at the door signified the start of their day. "Get up!" barked Aunt Petunia.

"We're up," chorused the twins. Getting off the bed, they walked out of the door and began to make breakfast, Violet setting the table and Harry cooking the bacon and eggs. Now Harry and Violet were proficient at cooking, but Harry didn't want Violet to get a beating if she accidentally burnt the food. Harry always tried to take the beating for Violet, but it didn't usually work.

Harry ran over everything in his head that they had to do today before they escaped the Dursleys. "Okay, make breakfast. Check. Wash dishes and clean the kitchen. Clean and vacuum the living room. Clean all three bathrooms. Vacuum stairs and upstairs hallway. Dust every room."

Harry nodded to himself and finished cooking the eggs and bacon and put some bread in the toaster. He glanced over at Violet and noticed that she had finished setting the table and was busy washing some of the dishes that Harry was done using. Violet looked over at Harry and they shared a brief secret smile, before focusing back on what they were doing.

Once breakfast was complete, Harry and Violet grabbed their portion of the meal and went to their cupboard to eat it. The Dursleys didn't like the "freaks" eating at the same table they did.

As soon as they had finished eating, Harry and Violet attacked their chores with a vigor that belied their age. Harry took two of the bathrooms and the vacuuming. Violet took one bathroom and the kitchen. Then they both worked on the living room and dusting everything.

They worked all morning and finished their chores around noon. Dudley had left earlier to hang out with friends and Aunt Petunia was out socializing and gossiping with her neighbors. Harry grinned at Violet as they finished their last chore for the day. They went to the kitchen and made themselves sandwiches. After they had cleaned up the dishes, they headed out of the house towards the school.

Harry grabbed Violet's hand laughing and said, "Happy Birthday Violet!" He pulled her hand and they began running towards the school.

Violet laughed with him, delighted to see how her brother was acting. She loved to see him relax and enjoy the moment, rather than stressing about protecting her. "Happy Birthday to you as well Harry!" she exclaimed.

They laughed and ran around until they got to the school. Harry turned his head to Violet grinning and challenged, "Race you to the top of the playground Violet!" Then he turned back and sprinted to the playground.

"No fair!" cried Violet as she raced behind Harry. Harry's laughter floated back to her and she increased her speed. She burst ahead of Harry just before he got to the playground and she scampered up to the top just before Harry got there. Violet started dancing and singing, "I wi-in. I wi-in."

Harry laughed with her, so happy to see Violet acting without a care in the world. They played together for the next two hours, playing all sorts of games, being children and acting their ages. Then Violet and Harry plopped down on the grassy field next to the playground and stared at the sky. Harry reached over and grabbed Violet's hand, the two of them simply enjoying each other's presence without the Dursleys to ruin everything.

Suddenly they heard Dudley's voice yelling from across the field, "Hey freaks! Guess what today is?"

Harry groaned as he realized that their Dursley free afternoon was ruined. He and Violet stood up and looked at the oncoming horde of Dudley and his gang. He replied dejectedly, "What day is it Dudley?"

Dudley grinned and glanced at all of his mates as they were walking closer, "Today is your birthday. We decided we wanted to give your freaks your birthday present right now. Isn't that right boys?"

One of his friends, Piers Polkiss, piped up, "Yeah Dud, we want to give them their presents."

Cautiously and very concerned, Harry replied while stepping in front of Violet, "What presents?"

Dudley's grin grew wider, "Why your birthday beatings of course. Now stay still and it will be over quickly."

That was all Harry needed to hear. Grabbing Violet's hand, they dashed toward the side of the school where there was an alleyway that lead to the front of the school that they could use to escape Dudley and his gang. Dudley and his gang immediately gave chase.

Harry rounded the corner of the school as fast as he could, but he was going a little too fast. Losing his balance he twisted his body so that his shoulder would impact the wall, closed his eyes and braced himself for impact, wishing that they were away from Dudley and his gang.

A sensation quickly built up in Harry's chest and seemed to explode outward as he twisted. The next instant, Harry felt like he was being squeezed through a very small rubber tube. Gripping tightly to Violet's hand, Harry had a brief moment of confusion and disorientation, before the sensation ended and he stumbled to the side, the impact he was expecting never came.

Harry opened his eyes to find that they were on the roof of the school. He and Violet looked at each other in confusion for a moment before Dudley's voice echoed from the ground below, "Where did they go? I saw them turn here?"

Piers responded, "I don't know Dud, maybe they gave us the slip?"

Dudley replied angrily, stamping his feet, "Well spread out and find them! They can't have gone far!"

Harry and Violet slumped against each other. Safe, for now. Harry turned to Violet, "What just happened?"

Violet looked at Harry, "I don't know. One minute we were running from Dudley, the next we were on the roof."

Harry hugged Violet, "Well, at least we can get away from Dudley, but how do we get back down? And what was that?"

Violet pondered for a moment, brow furrowed in concentration. "What were you feeling when you hit the wall?"

"Scared. Angry. Frustrated."

Violet nodded thoughtfully, "Did you feel anything else?"

Harry leaned his head back and closed his eyes, trying to remember everything that he was feeling at that time. "Maybe. I did feel something, kind of in my chest. A kind of pressure..."

Violet nodded again, "Could you do it again?"

Harry shrugged his shoulders, "No idea. I can give it a shot though." With that, he closed his eyes, Violet holding tightly to him, and focused. He recalled the feeling in his chest and started trying to feel that sensation again, all the while focusing on the playground they had just been at.

For a few moments, nothing happened, then Harry began to feel something in his chest. The pressure built up in his chest again, but this time he held onto it and focused on what he was feeling. It felt like liquid warmth spread throughout his body from his chest to his extremities in pulses, like a heartbeat. He focused on that pressure and that warmth and focused on himself and Violet being back on the ground next to the school.

Suddenly, that feeling of being shoved through a tube was back. A moment later, they appeared in the alley next to the school.

"You did it!" cheered Violet and hugged Harry.

Harry grinned at her, then sagged against one of the walls of the school. "Man, I am so tired right now. I feel like I just ran a mile."

Violet helped him stand up, "So what do you think this is? What is it that you can do?"

Harry shrugged his shoulders, "I have no idea, but I am sure that if I can do this, you can do this. Were twins after all. We are going to figure out together what this is, together."

Picking himself off of the wall, Harry extended his hand to Violet and they began walking towards a wooded area next to the park in Little Whinging. "Ok, that just happened." said Harry. "It wasn't some hallucination right Violet?" he asked.

Violet squeezed his hand, "If it was a hallucination, then we both had it."

"Ok then. That begs the question, what the heck did I do?" Harry wondered. "Is it just teleportation? Or can I do more with it?

"I don't know," said Violet, "Maybe you could try finding that feeling again and do something with it?"

Having reached what Harry felt was a good way into the forest, he sat down on the forest floor and focused on creating fine in his hand. Violet sat next to him and watched closely. A few minutes of struggling later, Harry slumped down, "I felt something for a second, but it went away almost as soon as I noticed it.

Violet pondered, "We might have to pick up some books on meditation, that might help you draw upon your power."

Harry shrugged, "Worth a shot at least." He looked over towards the horizon, where the orange sun was just touching the distant horizon, streaking the sky with oranges and reds. "But not today," he said as he got up and extended his hand to Violet. "We need to get to the Dursleys now."

Violet grabbed his hand and allowed him to pull her up on her feet. "Alright Harry, the next time we get away to the library, we will see what they have on meditation." With that, they headed back to Number 4 Privet Drive, simply enjoying each others presence and the absence of the Dursleys.

The sun had just disappeared behind the horizon by the time Harry and Violet had reached the Dursley's house. Quietly opening the door and hoping the Dursleys wouldn't notice, they spotted Dudley in the living room with Uncle Vernon. Dudley's annoying high pitched voice rushed into their ears. "Dad! The freaks did something freaky today! Somehow they disappeared when I wanted to play with them!"

Shutting the door behind them, Harry and Violet rushed past the living room towards their cupboard, hoping beyond hope that Uncle Vernon didn't notice them.

Unfortunately, Uncle Vernon's beady eyes spotted them and barked, "Freaks! Get in here NOW!"

Shaking slightly, Harry and Violet turned around and slowly stepped into the living room. Uncle Vernon's eyes were locked on them and in the background Dudley was standing there, a smirk splitting his face, glee dancing in his eyes at the punishment that was going to be enacted on the twins. Uncle Vernon rose to his whole height, which wasn't all that tall being merely 5' 10", but to two eight-year-olds, he was very tall. He glared at them with an anger that surpassed hate and opened his mouth and bellowed, "You FREAKS! I told you not to do anything freaky!"

Harry immediately denied, shaking his head, "We didn't do anything Uncle Vernon! Dudley must have not seen us, it's not like we did any magic tricks to hide from him."

Uncle Vernon grabbed Harry by the front of his shirt and lifted him into the air. He stuck his bright red face right in Harry's face and shouted, "I am going to beat this freakishness nonsense out of you till you can't even think of the word magic." With that he slammed Harry into the ground and began to viciously beat him, striking everything from his head to his stomach to his arms.

Dudley simply sat down on the couch and watched his cousin get beaten within an inch of his life. After Uncle Vernon had wailed on Harry for a few minutes, he turned to Violet who was shaking so hard, that it looked like she was having a seizure. He grabbed her arm and started slapping her face and yelling, "There is No," Slap, "Such," Slap, "Thing," Slap, "As," Slap, "MAGIC!" SLAP!

Violet let silent tears fall down her cheeks, she knew that Uncle Vernon would only beat her harder if she let out a noise.

Harry was lying on the floor in tremendous pain. He was pretty sure that his ribs had cracked and he was going to be black and blue in the morning. The slaps from Uncle Vernon brought him out of focusing on his pain and looked through bleary tear filled eyes as Uncle Vernon beat on his sister.

Anger burned in Harry's eyes, there was nothing he could do about this situation right now, but he vowed to himself that when he had control over this power, which he decided to call magic mostly to spite Uncle Vernon, he would make sure Uncle Vernon paid for everything he had done to him and Violet tenfold.

Dumbledore sighed as he felt a silent alarm go off in the middle of a very important international meeting. This was an alarm that was tied to when one of the twins performed magic. He checked to see if they were in any life threatening danger. His health monitor seemed to be functioning properly and the twins were not in any danger. He figured that he could push a visit to them off, after all this was a very important meeting. And it would seem a little suspicious if there didn't seem to be any accidental magic coming from Little Winging. It was probably some small magical effect anyway, not something he needed to bother with. Nodding slightly to himself, he turned back to the meeting between England, France, Bulgaria, and Ireland about cauldron bottoms.
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