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pt 41 Two's Company

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Benji and Reign spend some time alone together

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The rest of the night was uneventful, by the time you took a shower and settled down for the night it was just after mid-night.
The guys all went to sleep around 2am, but you couldn't sleep even if you wanted to.
You get bored sitting there staring at the late night crap that they show on TV.
You decide to go for a walk you know it's late but your craving the fresh air. You step into your trainers and pull on one of Mikey's jackets before leaving.
Outside the air is cool and crisp your not sure where your going you let your feet lead you over the grassy fields where famous bands had entertained fans and critics earlier.
You let the events of the day replay through your mind like a bad movie as you wander aimlessly through the grass.

Benji's p.o.v

I couldn't sleep, everyone else was already out for the night but I couldn't, too much happened today.
I quietly roll out of my bunk and make my way into the living area maybe a little trash TV will make me fall asleep.
Just by chance I look out the rear bus window and I see a figure leaving MCR's bus. I squint in the darkness trying to work out who it could be. I watch as the person jumps down off the last step onto the concrete and I know it's Reign.
I quickly pull on my sneakers and Paul's jacket, I know it's bad but I was going to follow her it's way too late and too dangerous for her to be out.
I zip up the jacket and leave closing the bus door behind me.

Normal p.o.v

You had been walking for about 20 minutes when you decide to stop, you spot a fallen tree and you decide that it would be a good place to watch the sun rise if you stay there that long.
You zip up your jacket and perch yourself on the log listening to the wind blowing through the trees, you can see the moon brightly shining against the black backdrop of the night sky, it isn't exactly full but it doesn't matter it your still mesmerised by it.

Benji' p.o.v

Ok I've been watching her for a couple of minutes now, I'm trying to work up the courage to talk to her, I mean what do I say 'I followed you here I was hoping we could forget the last three and you'll come home with me.' As if.
Ok just go for it she's never been hard to talk to, I need to stop being such a pussy and just go for it. I leave my hiding place and walk towards her.

Normal p.o.v

'How long have you been watching me Benji?' you ask not turning around.
'Not long, how did you know it was me?' he asks coming up behind you
'I don't know intuition I guess, you used to try and sneak up on me when I made breakfast in the mornings.' You reply smiling.
'Yeah I did' he says laughing a little. 'So what are you doing out here this late?'
'I don't know what were you doing following me?' you ask glancing at him.
'Are you going to answer every question with a question?' he says
'No' you say surrendering. 'I'm out here thinking about stuff coz I can't sleep.' You reply.
'Well I couldn't sleep either so I was going to watch some TV but then I saw you leaving and decided to follow you. I thought you might need protection' he says.
'Protection from what?' you ask
'From horney rock stars and slutty fans' he says.
'So which one are you the horney rock star or the slutty fan?' you question innocently.
'I'm definitely the slutty fan' he answers and you both start laughing.
'It's been one hell of a day hasn't it' he sighs deeply.
'Definitely' you reply 'way too much happened today.'
You're not sure what to say next, thankfully Benji breaks the silence.
'You know Gerard told us what happened to you I'm really sorry' he says turning to face you.
'Yeah it was pretty bad, but I've got an awesome scar. Plus if it didn't happen I would never have met them' you reply truthfully.
'They seem okay, they really care for you' he says shifting in his seat.
'That's what I like most about them.' You reply laughing.
You thought talking to Benji again would be uncomfortable but it's not so bad.
'So congratulations on your album going platinum I know I'm a year late but better late then never right.' You state nudging him.
'Thanks we were so excited when we found out it was so much fun we did arena shows and we did this tour last year. It was amazing.' he recalls.
'I bought the album by the way. I thought it was excellent I still listen to it now I've got a couple of the tracks on my mp3 player.' You admit.
'Which is your favourite?' He inquires
'I like Emotionless and the Anthem, my secret favourite is Say Anything' you answer whispering the last bit.
'Why is it a secret?' he asks looking confused.
'Because it's kind of cheesy sounding' you say.
'You think so huh?' he says laughing.
'I don't mean it in a bad way.' you reply defending yourself.
'No it's okay, I think it's cheesy too, but don't tell the others.'

Benji's p.o.v

We had been talking for a while the conversation was just flowing and it's not uncomfortable at all, it feels just like old times accept I can't lean over and kiss her like I want to.
'You don't have a tattoo' I say studying her 'You said you'd never get one.'
'Well I changed my mind and now I have three' she informs me.
'Show me right now Reign Mercer' I demand.
'Fine' she says pulling up her sleeve and displaying the butterfly she has there.
'Ok that's one' I say
'Check this out' she says lifting up her jacket and showing me the Celtic crab on her back.
'That's nice, it's pretty' I say
'And last but not least.' she says lifting her top again and showing me the rose on her stomach. I reach out and run my fingers softly over the design.

Normal p.o.v

'OMG he's touching me' you scream inside your head. It feels so good you don't remember him being so gentle.

Benji p.o.v

'What are you doing?' she breathes
'I'm just checking to see if it's real, I know you can get a little excited with colour pens' I say laughing. I knew they were real I just wanted to feel her skin.
'How dare you' she snaps pretending to be outraged and slapping my hand away 'they're all 100% real.'
She fixes her clothes and sits back down. I knew that this would spoil the atmosphere but I had to know.

Normal p.o.v

'Reign, I spoke to Joel earlier and he said that you said you wanted to get the tour over and done with and then your going hom... back to Jersey.'
'He's right I did say that' you answer simply
'Did you mean it?' he asks not taking his eyes off of you.
'Of course I did I live there now, it's my home.'
'And what about us, what about Joel, Billy and Paul?'
'What about you guys' you reply.
'Are you telling me, that now we know the truth and we've found each other you can just walk away?' he says. You can hear the disbelief in his voice.
'Yes' you say avoiding his gaze
'Your lying Reign' he says
'Benji what do you want us to do, pick up where we left off, it's not that easy' you say.
'Why isn't it that easy?' he asks studying your face.
'Because...we're different now things are different. We're not kids anymore.' you explain.
'Other then our appearances what's different? I know I haven't changed'
'Well I have and the bottom line is I'm going back to Jersey' you say jumping off the log and walking back to the buses.
'Your such a coward' he says after you.
'What did you say?' you ask marching back over to him.
'I said you're a coward. You'd rather run away back to Jersey instead of fighting for what we had.' he says heatedly.
'What did we have Benjamin huh?'
'We had each other, you had Joel and you had me.'
'That doesn't matter anymore' you say 'things are not the same I don't feel the same.' you cry hoping to sound convincing.
'Bullshit Reign, I'm...I'm still in love with you' he says quietly.
'Oh no don't do this' you say turning away from him, so you don't end up running into his arms.
'I have to I still love you' he says walking around so he's facing you 'I never stopped loving you and neither did Joel. I know that I gave up on you once and I went down without a fight. But I'm not going to make the same mistake twice'
'But it's over now' you say holding back the tears.
'No it's not' he argues 'It's far from over'
'It is over Benji. I don't love you anymore.' You say pushing him away from you and running back to the bus.
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