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Christopher Columbus: A Hero or a Villain?

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Centuries after Christopher Columbus had reached the New World and travelled to America, his legacy remained a subject of continuing disputes. In other words, numerous controversies have arisen ove...

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Taking into consideration historical data concerning the ancient civilization, Christopher Columbus is one of the most prominent Italian explorers and colonizers who is considered to be the discoverer of America in popular culture of the USA and Europe. Despite the fact that many generations remember this famous personality even from the introductory parts of history lessons, many people today claim that Italian explorer was a villain because of the tyranny, inhuman atrocities, sex slavery along with many other tragedies that followed his colonization and took place when his ships landed on the colonized territories. Many researchers who studied the biography of this colonizer from primary sources, especially diaries, letters, and official documents, assure that Columbus was a villain, and celebration of Columbus Day should be abolished because despite he initiated and fostered the age of exploration, the explorer usually viewed the native peoples on the discovered territories as so-called “trade items”.
Moreover, Columbus’ governorship was accused of tyranny as well as brutal attitudes and tortures towards the indigenous populations. According to the detailed records of his several voyages to the New World, this explorer used all resources and methods, including massacres, tortures, rebellions, and murders, in order to steal precious resources that were limited in Europe, especially gold. Regardless of the fact that many people view Columbus as a brave and enthusiastic personality who shaped the world history, his expeditions resulted in a mass genocide of indigenous people. Researchers provide evidence that their inhuman actions, inadequate behavior as well as his blind greed resulted in annihilation of approximately 80% indigenous populations and boosted the popularity of American slave trade. Thus, the terrible legacy of slavery is definitely one of the most convincing reasons which proves that Christopher Columbus was a villain.
Furthermore, according to historical evidence, when this man reached the territory of Dominica, he and the group of people with him promoted the development of transatlantic slave voyage that led to the enslavement and death of Taino people. Thus, Christopher Columbus was a brutal slaver and murderer responsible for the death of millions of people. The man is also to blame for the “death of paradise” and horrors caused by the Columbian Exchange that focused on the vast transfer of expensive sources, including animals, plants, and human beings. In addition, the explorer was personally guilty of the rapid spread of such deadly disease as smallpox as well as starvation and ferocious subjugation of indigenous peoples on the discovered territories
On the contrary, many people are proponents of the idea that Christopher Columbus was a true hero who not only discovered the New World, but also launched the beginning of new series of important discoveries. Most people believe that he should be appreciated for his great achievements and enormous movements of populations from the Old World to the New one. Thus, the celebration of Columbus Day is a bright sign that the explorer was not only a dreamer and enthusiast, but also a hero and a man of a clear vision and courage who was filled with hope for promising future as well as the willingness to sail into the unknown. Finally, the explorer should be appreciated for his brave decision to discover new territories for the joy of making use of everything that was there.
Thus, after having reviewed and assessed both sides of the argument, it is possible to conclude that Christopher Columbus was a villain who committed numerous inhuman atrocities and promoted the development of slave trade. He was responsible for the genocide of indigenous peoples who had always lived in a peaceful idyll in harmony with the external world. Despite he was partially a national hero who discovered and conquered new territories, Columbus at the same time was an expansionist and murderer who promoted warlike cultures.
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