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Molly and her boyfriend got into a fight that was nasty. Their worst on. Loads of blood was lost during the fight. Molly's co-workers and boss find out what happens and go to her rescue. Little doe...

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Birds chirped loudly as Molly was awoken by an alarm. She rubs her face and gets out of bed. She looks at her face and realizes how dreadful she looks. A few nights ago, she and her boyfriend had a fight that included a broken wine bottle and a hell lot of blood. Her arms were weak from hitting and losing blood. She takes the wraps off her arms and examines it. She hisses in pain as she washes them in the sink to get the dried up blood off. She thought she trusted Lucius Malfoy, the most toxic guy she ever knew. She gets more wraps and re-wraps her arms. They were still sore but not that bad as long as she took the pain medicine. "Another day at work and let's hope it's good" she thought to herself as she started getting dressed for work. She wore a hoodie over the wraps and wore sweatpants. She sat on the edge of her bed, tying her shoes. After a while she gets up and grabs her keys along with her bag before going to her truck.

She pulled into the park spots of her work area and parked. She got out and walked inside. She saw her boss who smiles softly and nods at her. Molly returned the smile but immediately went back to a serious face. She knew she had a few scars on her face still, but she was glad that no one asked her why. She sits down at her desk and puts a few things away, right before her phone rings. "Molly Prewett. How may I help you today sir. Oh. I didn't know. Just something going on at the moment and I guess I'm not being my normal self. I'll be right there sir" She hung up and got a pencil and clipboard along with the paper that was needed. She walked over to the meeting room and sat down.

"Ah. Hello Molly" Her boss said sweetly before turning back to the meeting. She handed him the papers and listened to the meeting not really knowing why she was needed for the meeting in the first place.

Three hours pass and the meeting comes to an end. Most of the people at the meeting fell asleep because of how boring it was. Molly sat there, staring at the ground. She hated looking at her other co-workers ever since the fight. "You all may leave now. Molly I want to talk to you in my office really quickly" Her boss said looking at her.

Molly packs her things up and follows her boss. "Okay sir" She walks in and sits down. He closes the blinds so that they can have privacy. He hands her some coffee.

"Molly. Here" He said gently. She took it and sipped it slowly. "If you happen to notice, but I have noticed your scars on your face, your attitude, and everything. I'm not judging at all Molly. I just want my workers to be safe at all times."

"Thank you Steven" She said softly. "I recently got into a fight with Lucius and it went a bit too far."

"What do you mean by that?" Steven asks gently.

"So I'm tired and I come home with dinner, for me. I would have thought he might have had anything so I didn't pick anything up for him." She sipped some more coffee. "He got really mad because he was hungry, and he ate my dinner, leaving me to starve."

Steven looks at her and opens his fridge and hands her a few things. "Here" he said. "I don't want you to starve"

"I got mad at him and he was complaining about this and that. I yelled back at him. I didn't realize that he got a broken wine bottle in his hand." She paused for a second. "He just would slash it against me. Arms and face were the most. I have a few bruises." Some tears were falling down and she quickly whipped them away.

Steven nodded and looked at her. "Continue."

"I couldn't help to even save myself." she said softly. "I keep on shaking and I can't stop. I eat, but I throw up. What am I doing to myself!" She ran her hand through her hair frustrated.

"Just the body doing what it needs to do Molly. Here. Take this and go eat lunch. I want you to have something in your system." Steven says nudging the food he gave her, towards her.

She stands up and takes it, after thanking him for it. She walks out and goes to where she normally sat. Alone by herself. She sits down and opens the water bottle he gave her. She downed that completely.She heard some footsteps walk and then stopped right next to her. She looks up and notices that it was Remus, which was one of her co-workers. She looks up at him and smiles a bit. "Mind if I eat with you?" He questions.

"No. I don't mind Remus" Molly replied back sweetly. She continued to eat and after a while, she was done. "How are you Remus?"

"I'm really well." He said smiling. He knew that something was going on with her at her house but decided not to ask. "What about you?"

She shrugged. "Alright I guess." she hisses deeply in pain for a few seconds. "Did I honestly forget my pain medicine?"

"Do you need something Molly?" he asked. She nodded "What is it?"

"Just some pain medicine for my arms and face." She said. "I seem to have not even taken it today. How could I?"

"Hey. We can go by the store and get you more." Remus said looking at her. "On the scale of one to ten. With one being the softest pain and ten being the worst. How does it feel?"

"An eight." she mumbled. "My boyfriend and I got into an argument about dinner because he was hungry but didn't make him anything. I was cut multiple times in the arms, due to a broken wine bottle he had''

"What?!" Remus said angrily. "How dare he! Have you gone to the ER?"

"No..." She said looking away.

"Molly...Can after I finish with this, can we go have you get checked up in the ER?" Remus pleaded. Molly looks up at his green eyes that were filled with concern.

"Alright." she said softly after a bit. "Do you have any water or sugar?"

"I have another soda if you want that." Remus offered.

"Yea. Sure. I just haven't had anything really sweet and I can tell my blood sugar is going down."

"Have you been eating?" Remus asked.

"Here and there." She said opening the can and hearing the delightful hiss of carbonation. She chugged it down and smiled after it. She stands up and throws her trash away before sitting back where she was.

"Well I am done, so we can head over to the Steven's office, tell him what we are doing and then leave to the ER"

"Sounds like a plan," she said, whipping her mouth off with the sleeve of her hoodie.

They walked in quiet on the way to their bosses office. Molly knocked and waited. "Come in."

Molly opens the door. "Hey sir."

"Ah hello Molly, Remus."

"I'm taking her to the ER just to get checked up. Hope if you don't mind."

"Nah I honestly don't mind at all Remus" He said chuckling at the two. Molly turns around and walks out, with Remus behind her.

She looks at him. "I drove here." She said softly. "So I can take mine unless you drive too."

"No. I ride the bus." He said as she started walking to her truck. "Wow. This is a beautiful truck"

"Thanks. It was my late fathers. He paid it off and in his will, he wanted me to have it. Oh you should have seen the face on my twin brothers."

Remus chuckles along with her as she drives out of the place. She drove down to the ER and parked. "What is the day Molly?"

"August 18th? A Tuesday."

"Oh okay. For some reason I thought it was a Monday"

"Same. Oh! My brother Fabian works here today." She said smiling as she walked in.

"Oh that's good." he said following her. 'finally a smile' he thought.

Molly checked in and saw her brother, at the sign in desk. "Hello. Sign in. Name, telephone number and reason"

"Fabian Edward Prewett." Molly tutted softly as she signed her name, phone number and the reason.

"Oh! Hey sis." He said smiling. "You must be Remus? Is it the bastard."

"Fab! I wouldn't bring him here and yes this is Remus" SHe said sweetly.

"Hi," he said not knowing what to say.

They followed Fabian to a room where injures where taken care of. "Molly. Why exactly are you here."

"Remus and my boss both suggested that I should come, because of what Lucius did."

"What did he do?" Fabian said popping his knuckles. "First some rough playing or pushing around and now what?"

"We got into a fight. It wasn't like the others. He let me starve for the night because he ate my dinner. I yelled at him and he slashed me with a broken wine bottle all over my arms and face."

Fabian looks at his sister and holds her. "Dear lord.. Are you alright though?"

"Just very weak in the arms and headache." She said. "Do you still have those medicines you gave me that works with pain?"

"Yes. I have them in my locker. I'll go get it." He stands up and walks out, leaving Molly and Remus in the room alone.

"He seems like a really sweet, caring and lovable brother."

"He is. Gideon is the same." She said softly. "I was wondering if you wanted to get dinner tonight."

"Sure! I would love to" he gleams right as Fabian walked back in.

He hands them to Molly who took two of them along with a dose of water. Fabian checked everything. Heart rate, blood pressure, breathing normally. "Sis. Can I see where on your arms?"

She nodded and took off her hoodie, revealing bandaids on her arms. She unwraps them and Remus's eye's grow. "What the hell!"

"Damn. When did the fight happen"

"Two days ago." She said meekly

Fabian looks at her and sighs. "You should have came over here immediately." Molly sighs softly and looks at them.

"Sorry" she mumbled.

"No it's fine sis." He counts them on each arm and looks at Molly. "20 scars in total. Ten on both, and three on the face"

She nodded. "What now?"

"we just have to keep wrapping them and protecting them." He said softly getting new wraps down and handing her some and along with Remus "Here. I want you both to have it. Just in case during work you need some, but who ever is closer can get it."

"Okay Fabian" Remus said. Molly hugged her brother and kisses his forehead before getting off the bed that was in the room.

"I'll see you later Fabian or when ever" She walks out and does the bills. She looks at Remus and smiles. "After dinner, would you like to hang out at either of each other's places?"

"Sure." he said.

Later that day, Molly was in a blue suit, scared about her arms being seen in public. She drove over to pick Remus up, and saw him in a red tux. "Hop in Remus. You match the colour of my truck"

"I know." he said buckling in. He looks over at her. "I never knew that girls could be so sex-cut-oh what's the word."

"Sexy, cute, hot?" she suggested. "Don't blame you. I hate wearing dresses,"

"Honestly?" Remus said. "Really?"

"Yea. Did any of your past girlfriends do the same?" She said as she parked in the restraints parking lot.

"Actually. I have never dated anyone." He said quietly. Molly looks at him and gasps.

"Your lying aren't you?"

Remus shook his head. "I am telling the truth. I have never been on a date, kissed someone, loved someone."

"Oh dear" She said looking at him. "I hope you can find the girl or guy of your dreams Remus."

"Oh I know. I am starting to have a crush on someone at my work, but I can't say because I don't know what love feels like"

She shook her head and followed the waitress to their seats. Remus looks around and awes it. "Like it?"

"Oh yea." She smiles and looks at him

"Tell me what your feeling are at the moment towards that person"

"I mean like, I always makes them smile or be happy. I care for them a lot, I feel happy around them"

She nods and orders her drinks. "Sounds pretty nice" She looks at him. "Anything different that you have noticed?"

"I have been blushing more, and maybe getting hard" He poked his two index finger's and looks away

Molly chuckles "Eh, don't worry." He looks at her and looks at the menu after a while. He orders for each other and Molly only could look at him and smile.

Hours past and they finished dinner. Molly sat back in her chair smiling at Remus. "That was a lot to eat but I loved it" Remus said. "Can I pay?"

"If you honestly want to Remus" Molly said softly.

THey payed for the bill, left a tip and when over to Molly's place to watch a movie or something. "Molly?" Remus asks on the way there.

"Yes Remus?"

"You're my only friend at the work besides Steven" He said

"Oh. Thank you. You are too"

She parks and looks at him. "Is this your house?"

"Yea. It's my parent's old mansion" She said stepping out. He does the same and watches her get the keys to open the door. She opens it and turns the light's on. "Welcome to my house Remus"

"It's amazing" He said.

"Thank you." She said walking into the living room and turning the light on. "Do you play video games?"

"Hell yea"

"Good because I have tons"


"Yea." Molly handed him the controller and watches him play COD. She smiles at him and gazes from the kitchen. Remus was enjoying the game of COD. Molly made herself some tea, and watches him as it brews. She pours it and sets it off to the side to let it cool. Remus was so in the game, that he didn't realize that Molly was behind in.

"I love this game Molly!" he said laughing and then going serious again.

"I'm really glad you do." She said smiling at him.

She watches him for a while but then goes back to the kitchen to drink her tea. She tried to think of who Remus likes and realizes something. 'He said that they were around 5'4'-5'6. Brown eyes, shiny nose, adorable face' She points at herself. "I'm not cute, or adorable" She chuckles to herself. She walks over and notices that he was just chilling on the Xbox for a bit. She looks at his face and he looks at her.

"Hi." He said softly.

"Hello" She responded back. She sat on the floor crisscrossed. "I have a good idea on who you were talking about at the restaurant."

"Okay" he said not thinking before he could say anything, Molly kisses him softly and then gets up scared. She backs up and runs up stairs to the bathroom and closes the door. "Molly! What's wrong!"

"Nothing!" She said back to him. "I don't know what I did. Why I did. I'm a mess."

He heard sobbing in the bathroom door that he was by. He opened the door and squeezed himself into the room since she was behind the door. He saw her curled up shaking. He noticed that she was crying. He got onto his knees and looked at her. "Molly. Hey look at me."

Molly didn't want to but did anyway. "Right now is really hard for you." He said kissing her head. I know why you did it."

"Why I kissed you?"

"Yea because, I was talking about you, and you like me back. Is that true?"

"Yes. I just thought I did it weirdly." She sobbed. Remus runs his hand through her hair and she calmed down. "I guess, I should take you home now?"

"No. I'll just spend the night here." He said. She calls her brother Fabian

"Hey Fab. Remember Remus? Well he is spending the night, and I was wondering if he could maybe fit some of your clothes you don't wear anymore"

"Oh yea." Fabian said on the phone. "Yea I have plenty. There are pjs in the low drawer."

"Okay thanks bro" Molly stood up after doing some breathing exercise. Remus followed her to her brother's room and looks at the clothes. He knew that they would fit him. He changes in the bathroom and comes back down. Molly was in her bathroom brushing her hair. He saw a light upstairs and went to see if it was Molly. He walks into the bathroom and smiles at her. She was wearing a long t-shirt and basketball shorts. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kisses her cheek.

"Hey Rem." She said. "sorry about how I reacted."

"Nah. It's fine. It felt good" He said moving her face to his and kissing it softly. "You look really tired."

"I feel exhausted."

"Work brought you down I hope"

"Oh yea. Rem. You make me feel much better being around you and being embraced. I feel safe with you"

"I'm glad babe" he whispered. They walk downstairs and Molly sets up an air mattress to sleep on the floor next to him. She went back to her room to get a blanket, and a stuffed dragon she had. She smiles up at him and stares at the fan that was spinning. She closes the light, except the entrance area. She falls asleep after a while, thinking on how her life could change with Remus in it.


Hope you guys like this. I don't honestly know how long this is going to be, but I hope more than five chapters.

Feel free to contact me for any questions and comment below on what you think. I don't know.

Have a nice day or night where ever you guys are.
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