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So it Begins

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What can it mean when a girl fleeing from an alternate universe and a new breed of evil lands in the lap of our favorite foul mouthed bandit? Why an exciting adventure that will plumb the depths of...

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Altered Realities

By: V.M.

A/N: Hello all! Yep, you guessed it! Another FY Fic for your facevaulting pleasure... erm, I mean reading pleasure. Yes, reading pleasure... heh heh... Anyway moving onward, please read "Fushigi Yuugi: Byakko no Shounin" by: ArminaSkitty! The fic that inspired all of this oddness!


Rated: 15+

Warnings: language (my oh, my what an understatement!)

Disclaimer: Not mine, but if someone want's to loan Tasuki to me for erm... 'personal use' I wouldn't mind in the least! 'hentai grin'

Part 1: So It Begins

"Kai-jin! Take my memories of this place away and separate the two worlds forever!" Scarlet light surrounded him and she watched in helpless anguish, as his eyes became vacant and dull, the same look he had when he had first arrived in this world.

Fear seized her mind as she watched him vanish back to his world in a flare of crimson.


A hand clapped down on her shoulder and she looked up in to warm purple irises, "He's going to be fine, Miaka. He had to go back to his world; it's Celestial Law." Nuriko closed her eyes sadly; heartfelt pain for her friend was evident in her voice. "I'm sorry he had to leave you, sweetie, but it's for the best."

Miaka jerked away from the comforting hand and frowned, "Shut up, Nuriko! You got to keep the one you love, so don't give me that bullshit about how it's going to be fine! My fucking heart is /broken/! I don't want to hear about 'Celestial-fucking-Law' or that it's 'for the best', I want him /back/!" Tears seeped from her eyes as her hand lifted to the semi-precious gems that adorned her throat; gems that Tasuki had given to her.

A sweet voice broke her from her pain for a moment, "Miaka... Gena, Tasuki knew that the only way he could live without you was to forget you." Strong arms wrapped around her slim shoulders in a tender hug, "You know he'd never leave you if he had the choice. You two were meant for each other and it ripped his soul apart when Suzaku said that you two couldn't be together." The arms tightened further and the celestial mark on the turquoise-haired woman's forehead flared brightly. "It's not fair, after what you two went through together... after what you went through for him the least the gods could have done was let you be together." Anger darkened the woman's usually soft and light tone.

"Tamahome," she whispered softly, tears slipping over her lashes. "It hurts... it hurts so much!"

Wrenching herself from the other woman's embrace she bolted from the summoning chamber, desperate to out run the anguish welling in her heart.

'He's gone... Suzaku wouldn't grant his wish to stay with me. He forgot me, wished away his memories of me. I thought he loved me!'

Blinded by tears, she continued to run not caring where her feet took her. Brought in to prominence by her heartbreak, her yoku blazed brilliant red just above the thick material at the waistline of her pants.

Soon she was dodging around trees and bushes in her mad dash, her tears glinting in passing rays of sunlight that filtered down through the thick foliage. Her pace gradually slowed to a meandering plod and before long her knees gave way and she sank to the ground in a crumpled heap, shuddering sobs wracking her body.

"It's just not fair! We went through so much and we can't even be together. Oh, Tasuki, I miss you so much!"

"Ah, but you can go to him." A melodious voice reached her ears and she jerked up to face the intruder.

"Who the hell are you?" she growled as she sprang to her feet, whipping her head towards the voice. Emerald eyes widened as she took in the unusual beauty before her.

Lustrous, wavy, silver hair fanned out around the petite figure of a very small yet astoundingly beautiful woman with eyes that glinted gold in an angelic face. The cat-like pupils flashed purple for a moment before resuming their yellow-golden hue. The pixish body was draped in yards of flowing lace and satin in a shade of purple so dark it was almost black.

The woman stepped closer and placed a small hand on the stunned seishi's shoulder. "You can go to Tasuki. I can grant that wish."

Miaka's eyes narrowed and she attempted to step back, but was stopped by the surprisingly strong hand that had clasped her shoulder. "How can you say that? Suzaku-seikun couldn't grant that wish."

Th smaller woman smiled in a way that made Miaka uncomfortable, "I can grant wishes that even the Four Gods can not grant, Suzaku no Seishi Miaka." The grip on her shoulder tightened. "But you are the one granting my wish today."

Miaka's left hand dropped to the holster strapped to her thigh but met nothing but leather straps. Glancing down she saw that her onyx tessen had vanished from its resting-place and darted a look back at the smaller woman. She was surprised to find the tiny lady hefting its astounding weight easily in one hand.

"What the hell are you, and how the fuck can you even lift the tessen, much less in one hand!" Miaka's eyes widened slightly as the old boss' voice re-played in her ears.

"You must take care, Gena. Only those with the strength of will to be leader of our mountain can heft the great weight of the tessen." He had said, placing the small onyx fan in her hand. "Demon's covet it and will take it from you if given the chance."

"Y-you're a demon!" she stepped back, a frown slashed auburn hued eyebrows low over her eyes and she darted forward relying on gods given speed to aid her in retrieving the holy artifact.

The demon woman swung the tessen out of her reach, her entire body glowing black-ish purple. "Time for me to dash darling, but as a reward for being an idiot and letting me take the tessen, I'll take you along with me. It'll be such fun to watch."

The purple-black energy expanded to surround Miaka and in a flash the forest was quiet and still as though it hadn't been disturbed. The only sign of its previous inhabitants was a small string of semi precious gems that sparkled in the dying rays of sunlight that filtered through leafy boughs.


Miaka and Taka had gone back to their world after helping to defeat Tenkou once and for all, and so there was nothing to do but return to the mountain and take up his duties as leader once again. Kouji and the rest of the Mt. Reikaku Bandits had tossed together a 'Welcome Back, Ya Crazy Bastard!' bash to celebrate the return of their rightful leader. That had been the largest and most boisterous party the mountain had ever seen, and it was all for him.

It had been great, sake flowed like water, food passed among the men in abundance and a small band of traveling performers had kept the men lively and laughing. For three straight days Mt. Reikaku celebrated his return and it was starting to show in the way the men went to their beds earlier and earlier, a man can only party so hard, ne?

Tasuki stumbled in to Kouji's chambers and looked at his downed friend and co-leader through drink hazed eyes. A half-empty bottle of sake clutched in one hand and a drunken female dancer clasped in the other, the dashing co-leader of the Mt. Reikaku Bandits had passed out on the floor not far from his bed.

"Hey... K'ji, wha're ya doin sleepin' on th flr?" When no answer was forthcoming Tasuki frowned and staggered drunkenly to his own room and collapsed on the bed, fully dressed.

With a grumble he turned over on to his stomach and put one foot on the floor to keep the room from spinning. He shifted around some more until he was comfortable and closed his eyes. Sleep over took him; his dreams were filled with his Miko and the night he had almost made her his own.


Some hours later a flare of dark energy had him bolting upright as fast as his sleepy and inebriated body could stand to move, he never got the chance to turn as a body dropped out of thin air to crash in to him.

"Get off a me!" Tasuki growled the sleepy slur in his voice rapidly vanishing as annoyance rushed him.

A soft groan and a flailing of limbs preceded the body rolling off of him, as the weight lifted he flopped over on to his back. A stinging remark died on his tongue as he took in exactly who had crashed in to him. "Mi-chan?" Surprise colored his words and the last of his drunken stupor vanished as the woman in question cried out his name and flung herself at him.

"TASUKI! You do remember me!" She pinioned him to the bed with her weight and began raining kisses over his face. "I've missed you so much!" The kisses continued, centering in on his mouth. The quick little pecks slowed and became more sensual. She tightened her arms around his neck and latched her mouth over his, forcing his lips apart and deepening the kiss.

Fire blazed in his gut as her mouth took control of his the way he had always dreamed she would. Never one to be out done by a woman though, he used his greater weight to flip them over so that she was pinned beneath him. His tongue took quick and fierce control of her mouth as one hand flexed on her side and slid down to cup her backside, holding her still under his undulating hips while the other fisted in her hair to keep her head in place and to brace his weight.

Her moan of appreciation fired his blood but her sharp nails raking down his back brought him back to himself. He abruptly broke the kiss and rolled off of her flopping on to his back; his breath coming in sharp bursts as he fought back the swell of arousal her kiss had invoked in him.

"Is something wrong, love?"

He finally got a good look at the woman beside him; her shortened hair, the bronze of her skin, and the odd clothes she wore. He shook himself as if to dispel the last of his passion. "What the hell are ya doin' here? Is it Taka? Did somethin' happen in your world? Do I need ta go wake up 'Chiri?"

Miaka frowned; sitting up she looked down at him confusedly. "What? Who the hell is Taka and why would you have to go do anything?" she tilted her head and took a good look at him, a smirk lightening her features "Bandit garb looks nice on ya. But what the hell are ya doing wearing that? Isn't this your world?"

Tasuki frowned and sat up.

"What? Is something wrong?" Her voice grew quiet. "Did you not want me to come to your world?"

"It ain't that I'm not glad ta see ya, but yer actin' strange. What th hell were ya doin kissin' me like that and what do ya mean 'who th hell is Taka'?" He stood and began pacing back and forth in front of the bed.

She frowned. "Are you alright? You don't seem very happy to see me and your accent is strange. You almost sound like a bandit." She gave a mirthless laugh.

"Of course I sound like a bandit, I am a bandit!" When the blood drained from her face he gasped and made as if to touch her but drew back, "Mi-chan are ya alright, ya seem a bit pale."

He watched as the color continued to drain from her face and she stood up from the bed, edging her way to the door. "No, this isn't right. Something is strange, this looks like one of our rooms at Reikaku but it isn't. What the hell is going on!" Her back bumped against the door and she hurriedly jerked it open and darted out.

"Shit." He said at length before he walked to the door intent on finding the woman who had just bolted.


So, that's about it for this chapter. Let me know what you think, minna!

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