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The Untold Truth of The Life of Harry Potter

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Harry is left at Wools Orphanage by the Dursleys before he can even get his letter. Rating is higher than it needs to be as I'm uncertain as of yet what I will be adding, and I want to be safe.

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Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter, all rights to J.K. Rowling, the only thing that will belong to me is the plot idea.

Harry Potter was a very odd child, in many ways, the first being his stature. Harry was rather short, which, he guessed, was nice as it allowed him to fit in his cupboard fairly well. Harry was momentarily distracted from his musings by two sharp taps on the door, "Wake up, make breakfast, it better be perfect for Dudders' birthday or on your head it be!"

Harry sighed and began dressing, pulling a spider off his sock, there are another two reasons that Harry was odd. He was not afraid of spiders, he grew up surrounded by them. Also, he was the one that did all of the cooking and cleaning in the house. Petunia had considered having him so the gardening as well, but decided against it, as he is not allowed to leave the house. Harry quickly pushed open his cupboard door, ducking his head when he saw Vernon. Vernon disliked it when Harry looked at him, Harry was trying his best to stay out of trouble today because it would be three times worse. Harry managed to remain unnoticed, scurrying to the kitchen to begin breakfast.

Harry set about making strawberry crepes, bacon, and biscuits. As Harry flipped the last crepe, he noticed that it was just dark enough to be considered burnt. He panicked, and suddenly, it was gone. Poof. Harry looked around to make sure no one noticed, and for the first time in a long while, thanked that he was odd. You see the last reason Harry was odd, was that he could make things happen. For example, the reason Harry is no longer allowed to leave the house is that one of his teachers, shortly after she called him a liar when he claimed not to have stolen money from her purse (It was Dudley), started choking on nothing. The ambulance was called, and she is still in the hospital, six years later, stuck in a coma the doctors cannot explain.

Harry was nervous because whenever these odd occurrences happened, he always ended up in trouble. Luckily, all of the Dursleys were in the dining room. Dudley was whining about how he had two fewer presents than last year, and Petunia was placating him saying he could get three more while they were at the zoo. After Petunia said this, Vernon piped up saying, "I've got a surprise for you too, Dudley, you won't have to see the freak again anytime soon. While we're on the way to the zoo we'll be dropping it off at an orphanage. The paperwork is already filed as well, we won't even have to go in."

Harry froze, remembering the horror stories the Dursleys had told him about orphanages.

"They didn't even ask any questions," Vernon exclaimed, " just agreed, with a bit of a smile! That woman, Ms. Desp I think she said her name was, kind woman she was. Shame that, the freak could use a bit of a firm hand. I guess it'll do though, everywhere else asked too many questions. "

Harry was slightly relieved that Ms. Desp was supposedly kind. Dudley looked ecstatic; He wouldn't have to deal with the freak anymore.


Harry was feeling numb. He didn't understand why the Dursleys were pushing him off to an orphanage when he was the one that cleaned the house for them. Harry was sitting in the car pressed against the door in a bid to get away from Dudley's swinging fists, not that it was working too well. He could feel a few bruises blooming on his thighs already, he also had a few scratches on his side from a particularly vicious jab sent flying his way.


The Dursley's car pulled up in front of a building with a wrought iron gate that said, 'Wools Orphanage' in spindly letters. A woman was standing by the gate with a smile plastered on her face. Vernon looked at Harry and growled, "Get out boy, we have places to be."

Harry scrambled to get out of the car, barely managing to get the door closed before they sped off. They hadn't allowed Harry to take any of his things, because "We paid for those things boy, you have no right to them."

The woman, who Harry quickly found he was right to assume was Mrs. Desp, walked up to him, slamming her hand down on his shoulder (probably harder than she meant to) and introduced herself. She leads him inside, quickly handing him a uniform. There were five children lined up, introduced as, "Alice Cropp, Marcus Jude, Carson Whitlock, Sammy Spade, and Millie Coulson. This is Harry Potter. Everyone hurry up and put on your uniform, we're going to the library."

Harry hurried into the bathroom and changed into the new clothing. The uniform was a grey tweed fabric, with little back buttons on the pockets. Harry was very excited to go to the library, every time Vernon went to work and Petunia was at the store, he would go and check out new books. The last book he had checked out was Alice in Wonderland, he absolutely loved the Caterpillar.

Harry hurried out of the bathroom, joining the group as they were walking out the door.  He was walking at the back of the group, as none of the other kids seemed too willing to talk to him just yet. That was okay, he was hesitant to talk to them as well.

The walk was short, as the orphanage was only two city blocks away from the library. There were a couple trees planted along the sidewalk, which Harry was pretty sure were young maple trees from the shape of their leaves. As they walked by, Harry quickly pulled off a few dying leaves, making a note to himself to find out what was wrong with it, and try to fix it.


The library was truly a beautiful structure, it was all stained glass and cobblestone. It looked like it was straight out of the middle ages.  The inside was even more amazing to Harry though, there were two floors of every book you could imagine. Everything from  biographies about Anne Frank to The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. The entire place smelled amazing as well, the smell of old paper and leather you can only find in a library. 

Harry wondered between the shelves, picking up books that seemed interesting as he went. The library was his retreat. Every time something happened, as soon as he went to the library, he felt lighter. He felt like he had entered a whole new dimension, void of the Dursleys and Bulldogs.

Harry walked to the newest addition, a computer lab. Everything was very boxy, yet also better than it had been when computer were first available to the public. Harry was interested in knowing the history of where he was staying now.

Fire Burns Down Orphanage

August 21, 1949

Last Wednesday, a mysterious fire decimated Wools Orphanage,  killing two children and injuring one. The only thing left after this tragic accident -that is still unexplained- are the front gates. The rebuilding of the orphanage is planed to start within the year. I'll keep everyone up to date on what's happening, but that's all the information we have, as of yet.

For more information on possible causes, turn to page 9.
Andrew Withers


Mrs. Desp came to get Harry, telling him that it was time to leave. Harry was disappointed, he wouldn't get to finish his research. He sighed, and picked up his books, quickly checking them out. The librarian smiled at him, having heard stories about how often he was in there from her wife at the Surrey library.  Harry smiled back, thanking her for her help.

On the walk back, he read one of the books he had checked out, called The Encyclopedia of Tree Maladies, Illnesses, and Care. As he was reading, he would look at a tree as they passed it to see if it matched the description. All that matched -as far as he could see- was dehydration, and some weird disease that slowly hollows out a tree from the inside. Harry hoped it was just dehydration.


Harry was following Mrs. Desp up the stairs, and he was starting to get a little light headed. He knew what it was, malnutrition causes a drop in blood pressure leading to dizziness and passing out. Harry hadn't eaten in about four days, and when he had it was just a piece of bread and a cup of water, like he normally gets on Sundays.

Harry shook it off, continuing after her. The room she lead him to was the second to last door on the right. The room itself was small, but still bigger than he was used to. Harry told Mrs. Desp he wasn't hungry, and he was going to bed. Harry grabbed the blanket off the bed, cramming into the closet, uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping in such a large room, and fell into the most restful sleep he'd had in a while.


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