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Dreams of Death

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mild KakaGai. Drabblish. They were the worst kind.

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Gai, Kakashi - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2006-09-22 - Updated: 2006-09-22 - 425 words - Complete

"Kakashi. Kakashi! Kakashi!"

He woke into the real world with a jolt and after a shuddering gasp the first thing he did was grab a hold of the closest soft thing he could. Clutching it to his chest as if it was his lifeline to sanity, his eyes were wide open but unseeing as his memory mercilessly played back the dream he had just awoken from. Gai was saying something, but it didn't register.

He faced death every day in his line of work, had brushes with death all the time, and yet they were still the most terrifying dreams that he ever had. The prolonged fear, the sharp, never ceasing pain, and then the black, empty nothingness where there was no hope of ever being found no matter how much he screamed. He would be forgotten to the world and everything he had worked for would be forgotten. There would be no chance at redemption. Shuddering, he pressed his face almost bruisingly hard against Gai's well-muscled shoulder. A hand awkwardly patted his sweat-soaked back in a attempt to make him feel better. Oddly, it did.

Looking back on it, the antagonist of his dream - a giant saber-tooth tiger - was rather rediculous, but that didn't change how horrifying it had been to watch the animal devour his own body while he watched. His legs twitched as if to remind themselves that they weren't still trapped in that maw.


The melodious, low voice brought him back to the real world where dawn was just hinting below the hills that it might just appear sometime soon with a lighter shade of blue. He shuddered once more as if shaking off the mood the dream had left him in and turned a reassuring smile on his partner for the mission.

"Don't worry, I'm fine. We should get some more rest and then make the rest of the way in a few hours."

He got a hesitant nod in return, and he remembered to let go of Gai's arm with a nervious chuckle. He would have rather held on to its comforting presence, but he couldn't admit to that. Gai had seen him in worse states than this before, and yet the other man still persisted in taking these small events seriously. Kakashi figured that it was what made him such a good teacher and such a loved presence in the villiage. Unlike himself.

He still didn't go back to sleep for fear of the nightmare, and he had a feeling that Gai didn't either. He appreciated it.
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