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After the Zodiacs wake up in a cave, they slowly began dying off, one by one. Will Pisces get out alive? or will she see her bloodstone?

Category: Fantasy - Rating: G - Genres: Fantasy - Published: 2020-05-04 - 332 words

Written by: Dovecloud
[ Prologue ] {Pisces}
“The clock is ticking.”
Pisces jumped, looking around. She looked at her friend, Aquarius. “Did you hear that?”
Aquarius shook his head. “What happened?”
“I heard this.. Whatever, it’s not important.” Pisces wrote the new saying down in her journal.
Ever since she and her friends were chosen to reincarnate zodiac signs, she had been hearing.. Strange things. Thoughts. Whispers.
“Wow, it’s ten already? Time passes by fast when we’re doing nothing.” Sagittarius commented, surprised.
“Time passes by fast when you’re on Tiktok, you mean.” Pisces threw a pillow at Sagittarius.
“How dare you?” Sagittarius said teasingly.
“Break it up, you two.” Aries shook your head. “It’s like babysitting a bunch of children.”
“I’m older than you. Pisces is before Aries, remember?” Pisces stuck her tongue out.
The scratch of a pencil could be heard. Gemini was working on another book.
“Whatever, you two.” Cancer rolled her eyes and cracked her knuckles. “We said we were going to hang out, where do you guys want to go?”
“Red Lobster?” Taurus commented. Both Pisces and Cancer winced. “No, definitely not.” he corrected himself.
“Let’s just go to the store and buy useless stuff.” Aquarius said, bored.
“That sounds good.” Scorpio got up and dusted his pants off. “I’m down.” Leo smiled, showing his fangs.
“Hmm, how about--” Aries started.
“That sounds like a good idea. We’re all game, so let’s go!” Pisces got up and cheerfully opened the door.
The sky was black. The blackness seemed to press in from both sides.
“What the..” Aries got up, her expression unreadable.
Pisces jumped when a heavy thud echoed throughout the room. Gemini was slumped over, blood trickling down his neck.
“WHAT THE-” Pisces felt a pressure around her neck and started to gag. Blood spattered from her mouth and the darkness from outside pressed on her vision. The last thing she heard was a bloody scream.
Then darkness.
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