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The Last Dragons on Earth!

by Dovecloud 100 reviews

This is a book Anthony and I started in the 5th grade. I've decided to officially mae it into a book series.

Category: Fantasy - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama,Fantasy - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2020-05-06 - 489 words

The sun edged its way above the horizon, casting a flood of golden light over the grassy hollow where CelestialMoon stood. Blinking in the dazzling rays, she glanced around and tried to work out where she was. She couldn’t remember ever having visited this hollow before, and a pang of apprehension seized her as she wondered if she had managed to wander away from her tribe realizing it.
At the bottom of the hollow was a small pool, the surface glittering in the sunlight. Straggling bushes surrounded it, and when CelestialMoon looked more closely she spotted a small group of children huddled in the shelter of the branches.
Strange. The leader thought, opening her mouth to give a warning hiss. Humans aren’t in our realm.
Before CelestialMoon uttered a sound, however, an oak-skinned boy began to talk.
“I’m bored. Writing stories isn’t enough. Even though Dactyl hates it and whenever we do it she shouts at us, I want to fly!”
Fly? CelestialMoon closed her mouth, amused. These tiny humans can’t fly. They have no wings. At best, they’ll jump and break an arm.
“Anthony, calm down. I want to soar as well, but this orphanage just won’t let us. There are cameras everywhere.” A boy with flaming red hair looked up at Anthony.
“Yeah, but we’ll just be.. Hmm.. Careful! Yeah, that’s it. We’ll break the security cameras and eat a cloud!” There was a girl with short bushy hair.
“Fine. But if I get in trouble..” The red-hair one put his hands up in defeat. His back began to glow.
“Louie, you got to say the thing!”
“I am not saying that stupid saying.”
After a thwack and a groan, however, ‘Louie’ uttered a single word.
“Sunny.” He groaned.
“Dove!” The bushy one shouted, putting her arm up.
“Shadow!” Anthony looked up at the sky.
“Now we become..” Louie mumbled.
Black wings speckled with white grew from Anthony’s back. Horns curved out of his head, and his nails grew sharper.
CelestialMoon stared in shock. A low growl rumbled from her throat.
‘Dove’ sprouted huge dove wings from her back. Her eye color changed to blue, and brown antlers could be seen. She also grew a grey fluffy cat’s tail.
Every instinct was telling the leader to attack. She took a step back and lowered herself.
She sprung at the children, only to have her paws go through thin air. Confused, she looked back at the children.
Louie now had a yellow scaly tail, horns, and fangs. On the tip of his tail, there was a barb. There were also gold wings.
The ground thumped against CelestialMoon’s chest, and she quickly woke up. Breathing heavily, she looked up to see Herbplant.
“Gah!” CelestialMoon covered her mouth.
“CelestialMoon, I just had the weirdest dream. It was about three children…”
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