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“Why are you taking me to this place you name.” Leonard was confused at why he was honestly being taken to this strange place the metallic voice had told him would be their destination. He hasn't broken the law, he had walked everyday for ten years and had never had anything remotely close happen.
“Silence citizen, these matters are none of your concern.” the metallic voice had spoken.
It had felt as though they had been driving for ages. But on his way to this unknown destination he memorized every corner, street name, house and corner store. He had memorized all the names and appearances of the places he had passed, for some reason a voice was screaming this would all be essential to him and he would need this information.
After forever they came to a halt. “Get out.” the metallic voice said. If it had been a person it would have had a sharp tone.
Lenoard had gotten out of the car and stared up at the large building in front of him. The exterior was completely made of cold steel. The intimidating building looked almost inpenertureable.
“Hello leonard.”
“Hello, who are you?”
“Your nurse, silly”
“I think there's a mistake..”
“Why do you say that mr. mead?”
“I'm not sick, i'm quite healthy. What is this place and why was I brought here.”
“Oh dear, you are so lucky the car found you before something bad could happen. You are sick mr mead. But don't worry, once you're all healed up you'll get to go back home. And this place… this place is a hospital.”
The woman had spoken in an overly cheery form. But Leonard felt as though he was being popstrous to incline that the young woman or anyone in the confinements of this intimidating building would harm him. (A/N : little did he know. author evil laugh)
“What is your name ma’am?”
“Oh mr mead, that isn't important at the moment. Now please follow me.”
The woman who didn't identify herself had led him into the building. The inside was completely different from the outside. The outside had been made of solid, solid, cold, dark, and somewhat rusted metal. The inside, although, was completely white, the only other contrasting colors were the light pink and blues of what appeared to be orderly’s outfits, and the dark green of plants inside the white ceramic vases. It was absolutely perfect if perfect had a distinct definition.
“Follow me mr mead. I'll show you to your room.”
Lenoard obliged and followed the room throughout the halls that blended in with corners and doorways that seem to have led into other rooms with other “sick”patients. He couldn't help but wonder how someone could walk through this place without getting lost since everything blended completely in with everything as far as the walls of this strange hospital. He took note to memorize every corner and creavous as they walked. He had felt a gut feeling, same as in the car, that the information would be highly useful in the future.
He usually never got feelings like that so it was quite unsettling to him, but he would oblige with his body considering that it could in fact help him. They finally came to a halt. The woman pulled out a set of keys, the keys were of course the same bright, eye scorching white as the rest of the interior of the building, with of course small black numbers on the top of each key. Maybe to each room on one ring of keys? He looked at the key and memorised the number that went with the corresponding key to his apparent room. (52.)
The unidentified woman had then ushered him inside. The walls were padded, along with the floor. The bed was nothing more than a thin metal rack with a cotton sack over it. On top of the bed there was a scrub, similar to one you'd have in a hospital. It was a light blue, so light it was almost as white as the walls. The unidentified woman then closed and locked the door, through the bars in the top center of the door she had told him to change into the scrubs and then slip his clothes he had had on in the moment underneath the slot at the bottom center of the door.
He did as told and before sliding his clothing through the door he had remembered the pocket watch that he had had since he was nine. He took it from the pocket of his coat and slipped it under the cotton sack that was a mattress. He took a mental note that they might do room searches, he would do anything to keep it though, it was all that he had to remember life before technology.
He had slipped the clothing through the slot and the unidentified female had told him that lights out would be five minutes and that he should get comfortable. He went to the cotton sack bed and laid in his back and stared at the ceiling and replayed the day in his mind, and slowly drifted off to sleep, further, and further, deeper, then darkness had overcome his sight.
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