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Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst - Published: 2020-05-22 - 248 words

dear death,
on this night i lay to you my requset. when you come to take me from this evil place will you make it peaceful. i dont want to die in a hospital, i want to die in a place of peace, not a place of misery. when you first greet me id like you to be kind, ive had it rough in life and if im going to go to hell id like a little time of peace. before my death can you cast a shroud of silence over me, i would perfer to not hear the fake crys of people who claim to care for me.
i want you to know i will await your coming, which may be soon if i continue with the mindset that i have.

dear life,
why are you so cruel? when i was young you told me i could be so many things, you gave me hope, you made me fear death. now, all i do is chase him. like a fan asking there favourite celebrity for an autograph. why have you been so judgemental? why do you not allow me to have peace? why do you make me feel worthless and miserable? what is it that you want from me? ive given my all and im out of ideas. why is it what you once told me to fear is the thing that comforts me when you let me down? i hope one day you will answer me.
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