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Waiting For The Right Time

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Kurama harbors feelings for Hiei. All he can do is wait and hope that one day his feelings will be returned. HxK.Yaoi in later Chapters

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Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter. Pitter Patter.

I looked out the window into the pouring night. The window was still empty. I was surprised Hiei hadn't come to my window. He usually does when it rains like this, but tonight he hasn't shown up. I wonder why?

I turn my head back to the homework my teachers gave me. It was remarkably easy but required more writing than I like. I put the pencil down and gave my cramped fingers a stretch. I turned my head looking out the window again.

I really do enjoy Hiei's company. So much in fact that I pray for these rainy nights to come. Sometimes I actually even find myself thinking of impure thoughts between him and me. I often have dirty dreams about him and I, and those usually end up with me awakening to a problem below.

Damn. Stop it Kurama. You shouldn't be thinking of things like that. He's your best friend and nothing more. You can't expect to get such things from him. Unfortunately the bulge in my pants would think otherwise.

Tap Tap Tap.

I shot my head into the direction of the window. Hiei. I almost got up but then remembered I had a little problem.

"Um" 'Shit' "The window's open Hiei. Just pull it up"

He nodded his head and did as I said. I quickly turned back to my homework trying to think of things that would make my little problem go away. I heard Hiei sigh then sit down.

"Why does it rain so damn much in Ningenkai Kurama? It's really annoying." His voice was filled with annoyance.

I laughed. "Who knows Hiei. Maybe it's because Makia doesn't have as much water as Ningenkai or that the climate isn't suited for as mush rain. Who knows?"

"Hn." His short answer that I had come accustomed to.

I turned back to my homework and began to write again. I heard Hiei continue to shift and turned towards him.

"Uncomfortable or bored?" I asked him.

"Neither. I just can't sleep." He relied to me, annoyance even more evident than before.

I turned to my desk and opened a drawer, removing a small leaf. I stood up and handed it to him.

"That's a light narcotic. Nothing heavy. It'll put you into a light sleep but it will allow to wake up with ease and not feel the effects." I said to him.

Hiei took the small leaf and examined it.

"It's only a light narcotic?" He asked.

I nodded my head yes and he quickly chewed and swallowed it.

"You can sleep on my bed tonight," I said returning to my desk. "I have a lot of homework and probably won't be sleeping."

Hiei nodded his head and walked over to my bed, removing his boots before slipping under the covers. I watched him as he slept. He was so peaceful; it was the only time he was at ease. I loved looking at his face. It was innocent, almost childlike, not like the hard face he bore when he was awake and alert. I wanted to kiss his forehead but was afraid he would awaken and never return.

I continued on my homework until I saw the light rays of dawn hitting the window. I heard Hiei stir and the sheets ruffle. I turned around to see him sitting up in bed and shaking his head. He looked at me with curiosity and then returned his face to its normal cold hard state. He scowled at me.

"You gave me a hallucinogen didn't you?" He said angrily.

I looked at him strangely and then shook my head. "If you experienced anything, then it was a dream of your own creation. The plant I gave you merely puts a person into a light sleep. Dreams do occur in one's sleep."

He scowled at me and got up from the bed.

"It stopped raining. I think I'll leave now. Thank you for the leaf although I'm afraid I won't take it again." Hiei put on his boots and opened the window. "Goodbye fox"

With that he was gone. I got up and shut the window being sure not to lock it just in case it started to rain again and Hiei needed a place to stay. I walked over time my bed and removed all but my boxers before slipping under the covers.

As I closed my eyes, I thought about that plant I gave him. Yes, it was a light narcotic that put you to sleep, but also did something else. It brought out one's strongest sexual desires in the form of a dream. I wonder what or whom he dreamed about.


Oh. What did Hiei dream about! Hm? Well, I'll try to update soon. Thanks for readin. And remember, all authors like reviews.


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