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A Bewitching Afternoon Of LesbianismĀ In The Suburbs

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Samantha Stephens Is Bored And Decides To Have Fun With Her Daughter.

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It was a warm summer day in a small town of Patterson New York in an nice upper-middle-class suburban neighborhood. A life changing event was about to occur. In a beautiful two-story ranch style house number 1164 on the well trimmed lawn street of Morning Glory Circle a beautiful blonde haired housewife named Samantha Stephens was doing her usual housework that being vacuuming the living room carpet, washing the dishes in the sink and doing some laundry but not one at a time no Samantha Stephens was doing all her housework with a little thing called magic for you see Samantha was not a human woman no Samantha was a genuine witch who could use magic just by wiggling her nose.

(Samantha POV)
As the day was warm and her mortal husband Darrin Stephens was out of town for the whole week doing a advertising job for Mcmann And Tate with his boss Larry Tate and with the curtain to the front window closed and spelled shut so that annoying high pitched screaming neighbor Gladys Kravitz couldn't peep in she decided to do the work like any normal witch would do housework she decide to do it with magic.
So after wiggling her nose to start the vacuum cleaner on the living room, the scrub brush on the dirty dishes from the last two days and both the washing/dryer machines on some of Tabitha and her clothes that were dirty with sweat she decided to sit down on the living room couch to do some thinking about her life.

(Time Skip)

Samantha had been sitting on the couch for over an hour thinking about her life as both a moral housewife and as a powerful witch and had come to some revelations. The first was that her life was absolutely boring I mean she was a witch and her husband forbid her from using her witchcraft for anything unless it was to help him out when he got transformed into an animal, turned invisible, trapped inside a painting or shrink down to the size of a fairy whenever he insulted one of her family namely her mother the powerful and very beautiful witch Endora whenever she came to visit, but no her moral husband had to insult her just because her mother could not remember his drab mortal name I mean she always got close to his name Darrwood or Dagwood. The second revelation she came to was that when she was just a normal witch, she was just like her sexy dark-haired cousin Serena who was always out partying and having incredible sex with women. Sitting there thinking had brought to mind a young noble woman back in Salem during the witch trials she had been young only eighteen and the daughter of the village magistrate Robert Van Tassel who had started the witch trial in her small nearby village. The young woman’s name was Kathleen Van Tassel, Samantha remembered the day she found the beautiful young black haired peasant woman bathing in the river near her home and the look in her eyes as the young woman took in her massive triple Z cupped breast as she sat naked on a rock while washing them had really aroused her and she had asked if she would like to come home with her. The young peasant woman had so aroused by the sight that she had agreed and followed her back to the small woodland cottage were she then used her witchcraft to give herself the penis of a horse before pounding Kathleen into her nice soft bed and filling her womb with a beautiful baby girl.
Just thinking about Kathleen and her enormous eight month pregnant belly covered in their sweat had made her wet and caused her to think about another lover she had been with when she was a careful witch, that lover was a decades later in Britain when she had gone to a witch’s conference in London England, the young woman was the owner of a pub called “The Busty Mermaid” and she had stumped on in by accident with her cousin Serena. The pub it turned out was a lesbian club that catered to big muscular women who simply adored Serena. She had lose sight of her cousin whose disappeared into a group of muscle women and was found by the pub owner Bertha Porter the biggest muscular women in the whole pub. Bertha had taken one look at her massive triple Z cupped breast and asked if she liked big muscles. Mmm and her muscles had been enormous her answer of yes was answered by Bertha leaning down and pressing her lips onto hers before carrying her upstairs to a big bedroom for a night of hot passionate love making. She had awoken to the sight of Bertha’s beautiful face surrounded by thick dark brown hair and the feel of her naked muscular arms wrapped around her. Deciding to get Bertha pregnant she used her witchcraft to give herself the penis of a bull which surprised Bertha who simply spread her enormous muscular legs and told her to knock her up which she had. She had stayed with Bertha for over two years and turned her hard ten pack abs into an enormous pregnant belly eight times.
Just thinking about Bertha's enormous muscles and her enormous pregnant bellies got her to remembering her longest running lesbian lover. It was twenty years before she married Darrin when she worked as a nurse in San Francisco California she had met a mature beautiful a very plump ebony nurse named Ruth Hancock she was the head nurse and she had taken a liking to her massive tripe Z cupped breast that always bounced around in her tight white nurses uniform and one day after work Ruth had appeared at her apartment dressed in her nurse uniform and asked if she had ever been with a big black woman which she hadn't the next thing she knew she had a naked black woman in just a pair of white thigh-high stockings sucking her enormous pink nipples while she fist Ruth's fat black pussy til she had an orgasm. After that she had used her witchcraft to give herself the enormous penis of a black man and simply pounded her until she was pregnant with their first baby girl.
As she sat on her living room couch Samantha Stephens decided she was done being the good little suburban housewife of a advertising man who would never see his name added to the building, no she Samantha Stephens was going to become a lesbian witch and maybe open up a nice lesbian club. As she made this life changing decision the backyard sliding glass door opened and in walked the one good thing to come out of her marriage to a mortal her beautiful little twelve-year-old daughter Tabitha Stephens. Her little girl had been out back playing on her new swing and had decided to come inside as it was getting hot, looking at her twelve year old daughter Tabitha who was wearing a cute little yellow sundress with big pink dot, a pair of white cotton knee sock and a cute pair of matching yellow slip-on mary janes that her mother Endora had bought the last time she had visited Samantha Stephens made a decision if she was going to be a single lesbian witch again then she wanted her lover to be her own daughter. Now unlike morals a witch matures early around ten or eleven and can chooses what body then want to have when their twenty years old which was why she had not aged since she lived in outside old Salem.
Deciding to see how her little girl would like a lesbian lifestyle she decides to play a game with her cute little twelve-year-old daughter. “Tabitha sweetie are you coming in for the day" “Yes mommy it’s getting to hot and I wanted to play with you is that okay mommy". Looking at over at Tabitha she smiles and gently pats the couch beside her “That’s fine sweetie, how about you come sit next to mommy and I'll tell you about a fun game we can play using my witchcraft” “Ok mommy”. Smiling loving Samantha watches her little girl walk across the floor and gently climb up onto the couch before turning her big light blue eyes onto her. “Ok sweetie the game is one your Gran Endora and I used to play when I was a little witch its called ‘Big Girl’ now the first thing mommies going have to do is change you into a big girl then change myself, now I need you to go stand over in front of the TV at the bottom of the stairs so I can see all of you” Knowing her daughter would do anything for her she watch Tabitha climb down off the couch and cutely skip over to in front of the TV “Ok mommy I'm really to be a big girl". Discreetly licking her lips Samantha stood up and faced her beautiful little girl who was about to not be so little, smiling at her soon to be lover she quickly wiggled her nose causing a huge puff of pink smoke to envelop Tabitha’s cute twelve-year-old body and blocking her first sight but only for a minute before it disappeared and revealed her new and improved daughter and her soon to be lesbian lover.
When the pink smoke vanished Tabitha smiled at her “Am I a big girl now mommy, mmm I feel big am I mommy" Samantha Stephens smiled as her eyes roamed over Tabitha and could only lick her lips at what she saw her daughter stood over eight foot tall and almost touched the ceiling, she wore a much larger version of her cute little outfit, her shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair now reached down to her wide round hips, she also had two massive tripe Z cupped breast and a lovely six month sized pregnant shaped belly both of which were stretching her yellow and pink dotted sundress, she also had some enormous muscles in both her arms/legs that were stretching her tight white thigh-high stockings and finally thou she could not see it she knew her beautiful daughters white cotton panties were being streached by an enormous pair of buttcheeks and an enormous shemale penis that was just throbbing to get out and into her body. As she examed her daughter she spoke “Oh yes sweetie mmm your now a very big girl and mommy can't wait to play with you, in fact its time for me to change into a bigger girl now watch sweetie as mommy changes”. Then with a quick wiggle of her nose a pink and purple cloud of smoke envelop her slender and only huge breasted suburban housewife body before changing it into her magnificent lesbian witch body that would be playing with her daughter.

(Tabitha POV)
I watched as mommy ask and notice her wiggle her nose before a huge pink and purple cloud of smoke blocks mommy from view but it soon disappears and reveals mommy in a new and much bigger form. The woman before me is a strawberry blonde like mommy only her hair reaches down to her hips she is wearing mommies tight sleeveless sky blue tanktop with the big white dots that was now streached tight over a pair of massive tripe Z cupped breast and what could only be a eight month pregnant size shape belly, mommies bare arm become enormous muscular arms that could easily lift the living room couch, she wore her dark blue knee-length cotton skirt but was now streached tight over a enormous bubble butt and wide round hips, mommy also wore her white mid-thigh stockings but they were now filled with a pair of enormous muscular legs that ended in pair of huge feet inside dark blue high heels, also thou I could not see I guessed mommy had grown a big enormous penis in her white cotton panties as well.
As I took in my new mommy she began to speak “Oh that feels so much better, that small housewife body was such a boring form mmm not like this one, now sweetie are you ready to continue play with your now big mommy”. Smiling and bouncing a bit I giggle “Oh yes mommy I'm ready to play more with you but what are we going to play with such big bodies". Mommy smiled and gently licked her lips “Well sweetie for the game ‘Big Girl’ you next need to come give mommy a ready big kiss right here on mommies lips then I tell you the next part”. Finding the next part strange but wanting to play I walk over to mommy and gently press my lips to hers only for mommies huge hand to hold me there so mommy could kiss me like she sometimes does daddy, not that I mind I always wondered about their kissing.

(Samantha POV)
I had told Tabitha to kiss me on the lips so we could get to the next step in the ‘Big Girl’ game and she agreed now I'm kissing my massive daughter strait on her soft lips but now she is slowly pulling back thinking I only want a little peck, no I want a lovers kiss so reaching up I grab my muscular daughters strawberry blonde haired head and force my lips harder against hers and oh my does my big girl taste wonderful.
Breaking the hot lesbian kiss with my now eighteen year old daughter I take Tabitha’s huge hand in mine “Well sweetie how did you like part two of our game” I watch as my muscular daughter licks her lips before she smiles “Oh mommy I thought you just wanted a little kiss, but I really liked that kiss a lot better” I smile and gently squeeze her hand “Well sweetie little pecks like we used to have were fine for a little girl but now you are a big girl and big girls get big kisses just like I give your Gran Endora or my cousin Serena when they come over in private do you understand this is just something we big girls get to do”. I watch as Tabitha smiles and then nods “Mommy can we kiss like that some more, I really liked it and you taste really good” Smiling as my muscular daughter lesbian desires are slowly starting to awake I lean in and gently kiss her lips like a wife does. “Now the next part of this game happens upstairs in mommies bedroom and when we get up there mommy well give you more passionate kiss the kind husband and wives give in secret”. Knowing my daughter is game I slowly guide her up the staircase and into the master bedroom I share with Darrin at least until I can turn my muscular eighteen-year-old daughter into my new lesbian lover.

(Tabitha POV)
Mommy lead me upstairs and into her and daddys bedroom a room I had only been a few times. The room was large it had a huge bed with a tall mirror that ran the length of the bed, to the left I saw a window that looked out into the backyard, to the right was my mother’s vanity table and the door to the walk-in closet. As I look around mommy steps in front of me “Now sweetie the next part of this game happens when we're completely naked, Now come over here and sit down on the edge of mommies bed and I'll start by undressing you ok sweetie”. Looking at my mothers beautiful face I smile “Ok mommy” and skip over to my mommies bed and quickly sit down.

(Samantha POV)
I watch my now enormous muscular, busty and pregnant looking eighteen-year-old daughter skip across my bedroom floor and gently sit that enormous round butt down onto what had once been my marital bed but what was about to become my lesbian awaking bed. As Tabitha sat down the bed began to sink under her tremendous weight and I could only smile as I knew the bed was going to be broken when I finished claiming my beautiful daughter.
Deciding to start slow in my seduction of Tabitha in order to not frighten her I slowly walk to the bed and kneel down in front of her before gently starting to rub her enormous muscular legs thru her tight white mid-thigh stockings “Mmm Tabitha sweetie do you love mommy rubbing your nice big legs, mmm does it feel good sweetie” “Oh yes mommy your hands feel so good mmm and there cause something to grow mommy”. Looking up into my daughter’s bright blue eyes as I move my hands from her enormous knees and gently begin to massage her thick muscular ankles I ask “Sweetie can you point to the thing that is growing so mommy can help you with it”. As I spoke Tabitha lifted one hand off the bed and pointed to her crouch “Mommy the thing growing is right here inside my panties and my panties are getting so tight mommy can you help me”. Knowing just what it was that she was talking about because my own enormous penis was stretching my own panties tight I slowly lick my lips and spoke “Well sweetie for mommy to help you I'm going to have to take off all your cloths, but then that was the next part of our game ‘Big Girl' so you sit right there sweetie and let mommy strip you naked ok sweetie” I almost came in my panties from both my enormous hairy pussy and my new enormous penis as I hear my beautiful big girl moan “Ok mommy, but can I have a kiss like downstairs and after you make me naked can I make you naked too". I smile up at my daughter and begin to lean up towards her soft pink lips “Oh sweetie you never have to ask to be kissed you can grab me anytime and kiss me as much as you like, now you must known that I'm going to be grabbing you to and kissing those pretty lips whenever I want, now to you making me naked you can strip me naked after I'm done with you ok sweetie" I shot a little pre-cum into my panties as Tabitha moans “Ok mommy now please kiss me I want to taste you again". Smiling I press my lips gently against her soft lips before grabbing the back of her head and sealing our mouths into one for a very passionate toe-curling kiss.
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