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More Uses Than One

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In which Tamaki ties Kyouya up with his own school tie... and, oddly enough, no sex happens. Tamaki/Kyouya.

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More Uses Than One

To say that Haruhi was surprised to see Kyouya seated in one of the couches, mood so black that there were, in all honesty, storm clouds above his head and with his blazer unbuttoned and tie missing, would be understating it.

To say that she was shocked to see his hands, usually poised over a notebook or a clipboard, was tied by his own school tie was to be lying.

It was quite... unexpected, to say the least.

Haruhi blinked rapidly.

"Let me go, Tamaki," Kyouya growled out the order, scowling in such a way that Haruhi wondered, briefly, if he had just been woken up.

Tamaki shook his head, grinning rather idiotically. Haruhi wondered if he was going to get killed, and if she should get out of the line of fire /now/.

"Nuh-huh. Okaa-san has been working too hard lately, and his hands have /blisters/. For the whole of today, you are not supposed to write down anything or do anything with your hands!" he leaned forward, and Kyouya leaned backwards, still frowning. Tamaki gave him his best pout.

Kyouya sighed, leaning forward until their foreheads touch, "You do realize that you are going to pay for this, yes?"

Tamaki's grin faltered, just a little, and Kyouya's smirk widened slightly. Haruhi started to edge away from the door just as Tamaki spoke, "I know, but Kyouya, you have to learn to take care of yourself. You have to learn how to /relax/."

"There are better ways to ask me to relax instead of /tying up my hands/, Tamaki," Kyouya informed him in clipped, even tones. But he didn't move away.

Tamaki smiled, dimmer than his usual blinding smile, "Yes, but you never listen. I'm just worried about you. Okaa-san takes care of otou-san and everyone except himself, so he needs to learn how to take care of himself, you see." he leaned forward and brushed his lips against Kyouya's, less than a ghost of a touch, before leaning back again..

Still smiling, he stood up and started walking towards the changing rooms. He turned towards Haruhi, and spoke, "Today's Thursday. We have to change, Haruhi, so why are you still standing there?"

"Aah, yes. Sorry, senpai," she apologized softly as she followed him. She couldn't help but throw a glance behind her as she half-walked, half-jogged to keep up with Tamaki's long strides, and saw Kyouya, though normally quiet, completely speechless on the couch.

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