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My first story. I hope you enjoy. Please Read and Review.

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Although it's safe to say this wasn't my first experience with road crew work, it is also safe to say this was my first experience with fear due to the tasks ahead of me. I had applied 4 months before, and been accepted a mere week and a half later. Almost miraculous, and profusely unusual. Fortunately, my glee wasn't allowing me much time to analyze the situation until a later date, which I guess you could call now.

So, I guess I should say, welcome to the Life and Times of Caroline Jane Daling! Call me C.J., or I'll throw this book at you. I'm not kidding. What I am kidding about though, is almost everything I'm about to say on these pages, in this journal. I'm the most unhappily sarcastic and dry human being you will ever find. Okay, sure, not everything is going to be a you. But always to me.

To focus on the present a little, I'm about to head out once again, as a member of the Black Clouds and Underdogs road crew. Want to know what, at this point in my story, seems most upsetting about my situation? I have no clue who is headlining this tour, and truthfully, I don't care. Okay, of course I care a little, but amongst my other research that, of course, needs to be done, this little bit of information processing just sort of....slipped my mind. I'm busy. And bossy, if you want a song stuck in your head that you can dance to.

So I'm on an airplane right now, wondering where I'm supposed to go after this, because I'm having someone meet me here. Who, you might ask, is meeting me here? I have no clue. No picture, no name, no.....anything else that it's possible for me not to I'm obviously uneasy. This is unlike any other crew work I've done in my life.

It's not like I don't live in a nice, large city. I do. I'm from New York. Right off of good old Avenue A. Alphabet City. Really, is there anything better than drug deals and drive-by's? Okay, the latter, I have never seen, but the former..... in mass amounts. Anyway, my point in mentioning my urban upbringing is this: I can handle myself. It wasn't that important. All of that build-up and such an anticlimactic ending. Get used to it. My plane is landing. I'll be with you all once again in awhile.
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