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The Tiger of Destiny.

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after Shakira, a young royal snow tiger discovers all tigers have stripes, except her she runs away in search of purpose, along her journey she makes friends, and becomes part of something much big...

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Chapter 1 Beginnings

Introduction I'm going to make this quick as you want to read the story not my explanation this is a story coming from the heart and my childhood. As a very young child I would play with my big sister and I'm not ashamed to admit it. But as she grew older we spent less time with her so I moved on to my little sister these games were filled with adventure, daring, and comedic ripoffs of t.v. shows and at the time as well as nonsensical crossovers that just worked so without further ado I give you my first ever fan fiction one of many I suppose, based (loosely) off of games I used to play with my sister, enjoy.

In a place between india and china on a mountaintop there lived a community. This community is most likely not at all like the one you live in true It has shops restaurants and homes it had no people.

This is not true strictly speaking unless of course you do not consider snow tigers a people. they lived worked and played under an order of strict monarchy now the king and queen may have been strict in their rule they but were kind to the people especially to their only daughter Shakira Pulchritudo and this is where I leave.

Main Character P.O.V. (deal with it)

Shakira felt the sun on her face she really shouldn't have slept in the cave mouth, but she was just too excited. Today was the first day in the young tigresses life, where she would get to go into the town and see the people she would one day rule. Because of course she thought with a smile the people would love her they loved her mother after all and her dear mother was always telling her how much Shakira was like her . And so she settled in to wait for her mother to come "awaken her".

Shakira's mom P.O.V. (just really quick)

Queen Anise Pulchritudo had awoken just moments ago when she realized it was time to get out of bed “honey you don't have to do this today” said her husband king kaung zi Pulchritudo “we can’t avoid it forever sweetie and besides it doesn't matter” said queen Anise “if you say so” said king zi so queen anise headed to her dear daughters room to awaken her and show her the people she would one day give to her.

End of chapter one. [please feel free to tell me what you think]
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