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The story of Peter you've probably never read. Was Neverland always just in his head? Perhaps he will see pixie dust isn't what he needs. Join Peter as he discovers what's real from his dreams.

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Peter jumps from cloud to cloud as he makes his way home to the lost boys. Tink is up ahead and is teasing him to hurry up. Peter laughs as he flies down from a cloud and then tries going faster to catch up with his beautiful friend.

“Boys, I’m back!” Peter hollers as he lands on the ground with Tink.

The lost boys all start shouting and pushing each other just to get to Peter. When they all finally get to him Peter tells him of the days adventure.

“He had his hook to my neck, but Tink saved me at the last moment as she swatted his face with her feet! Then, he fell backwards into the water and a big crocodile came and chased him away!” Peter says as he laughs afterward.

The lost boys laugh and congratulate both Peter and Tink. They all then sit down to eat and tell jokes to each other.

“Did you see the mermaids today, Peter?” One lost boy questions.

“Not today, but I saw them yesterday and they keep getting scarier each time I visit! You all better be careful around them. They’ll look mighty pretty and sing sweetly to you, but then they’ll get awfully hungry like that crocodile and you’ll end up on their menu,” Peter replies.

“How come they’re so mean?” Another lost boy questions.

“It’s just how they are! Anyone can be like that if they want to . You’ll think they’re the nicest person and then they’ll stab you in the back! Always watch your back and remember that the best person you can trust is yourself.”

“What about us?” A lost boy questions.

“Well, I trust you guys, but who knows? Maybe one day you’ll stab me in the back!” Peter replies.

The lost boys all shout no at Peter simultaneously and start crying.

“I’m sorry, fellas. It’s just to be on the safe side,” Peter says.

“How come you know how to be so careful?" One lost boy questions.

“Well, that’s because I’ve been burned before,” Peter says.

“Burned?” Tink asks as she starts to glow a bit in worry.

“Yeah, I’ve been b-” Peter starts to reply, but he then stops in confusion.

Peter looks around but can’t see the lost boys, Tink, or anything. All he sees is one silver plate in front of him. He slowly picks up the plate and looks at his reflection in it. He stares at his short, red hair, freckles and brown eyes. Suddenly, the plate feels hot and he drops it in shock.

As soon as the plate hits the floor everything around him bursts into flames and Peter begins to scream. Peter closes his eyes and starts to hear a beeping sound from somewhere close by. Peter then open his eyes and the sound grows louder and louder until this flash of white light consumes everything around him and he feels himself jolting up and screams again.

“Peter, Peter, calm down! You’re okay!” Someone says to his right.

Peter looks to his right and see’s a strange woman.

“Who are you?” Peter questions to the woman.

“My name is Betty and I’m your nurse.”

“Nurse? What’s a nurse? Is that something new in Neverland?” Peter questions.

“Neverland? Was that a dream?” Betty asks.

“A dream? Like a Dreamland?” Peter says.

“No, like a dream. Did you dream of a place called Neverland?” Betty asks.

“No, I’m in Neverland and so are you. But where’s Tink and the lost boys? We were just eating,” Peter replies.

“Peter, you’re not in Neverland. You’re in England and you just woke up from a coma."
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