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Chapter 3

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I met a young gentleman named Patrick, and he is probably the shortest man I've ever stood next to. I'm not tall, either. I'm a happy 5'5, and Dude was about 5'4. Maybe. He was very nice, but moderately (not painfully) shy, and it was a very endearing quality for someone who is so allegedly famous. If he would have been a jerk I would have made fun of him for being short, but he was kind so I was kind back. Every once and awhile, I can play nice. But these occasions are very few and far between. Sorry for such a short session with all of you, but sadly, nothing has happened. Other than what I've told you.

So I had fun. I'll admit it. Tonight was the First show of the tour, and I got placed in my absolute favorite station. Oh yes, Merchandise. The most chaotic and possibly useless part of the process. Disgusting sweaty masses gather around you, because you've got what they want: over-priced t-shirts that fade in one wash (if you're laundry retarded like me). I must admit, this was a bit more interesting than most merch tables I've been lucky enough to find myself behind. Dirty came back to check on us every once and awhile, and once the show was over, Fall Out Boy themselves graced us with their presence for a signing. I say it like they think they're something special. They don't, and it is a concept so far beyond me that I have the hardest time believing it. They're humility is almost......not annoying, because nothing is annoying about humble people, it's just.....unrealistic. And I think that's why I enjoy they're company a whole lot more than I expected to. They're humans, and so am I. I actually have conversations with Pete. I can't figure this out as well, because after my completely awesome display of genius earlier, who would want to have a conversation with me? So that's why tonight was fun. Here's how it went, because I know you're all dying to hear about something other than how awkward I am.

"So, CJ, where are you from?" Everything was loaded and we were all on our way to get food. Good freaking thing.

"New York....City. I grew up there." He didn't ask where I grew up, but because I'm too cool for school, I told him anyway. His attention was elsewhere mid-answer though, because I saw him waving some people over. We were in a parking lot, at this point, by the way.

"Have you met everyone?" I had no idea who he meant by everyone. Point is, he introduced me to about 15 people in 4 minutes, and we continued our conversation. That's important later, I promise.
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