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Virtual Assistants UK

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Remote PAs aren't limited to assisting you with your business activities. They can arrange your travel, book your dog into the vet, or make a dinner reservation. When you're feeling stressed and wo...

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A virtual assistant will need at least a high school diploma; however, some employers may require or prefer an associate's or bachelor's degree. Some employers may accept a high school diploma as long as prospective candidates have the required amount of related work experience. Prospective candidates can pursue certification as a virtual assistant to further their training in the field. The International Association of Administrative Professionals also offers the Certified Administrative Professional certification to showcase candidates' skills. It requires two to four years of related work experience and passing an examination.

"Virtual assistants" must be comfortable working independently from a remote location. They should be comfortable taking initiative on projects since they will be virtually supporting their clients. Virtual assistants must have strong computer skills, from Word processing to creating Excel spreadsheets, and familiarity with standard office equipment. They should also be very detail-oriented and organized, with the ability to manage multiple projects and deadlines at once. Strong interpersonal skills are essential, since virtual assistants may interact with customers, vendors, and internal employees via telephone or online chat.
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