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Chapter 6.

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Stupid. That's the only word I can use to describe Pete Wentz. Unfortunately the word that follows stupid would be funny. Making him stupid funny. Making that the most entertaining meal I've ever eaten.

After talking with him, I'm much more relaxed. I'm not worried about bonding with people or making relationships I can't live without. I'm sure the most valuable relationships they have are the ones prior to their fame, but I hope they know that I'm friends with them for who they are, due to the fact that I don't care for their music.

Oh, go ahead; kick me in the shin or something. I'm in indie rock'n'roll kind of girl. Fall Out Boy makes perfectly respectable music. Unfortunately, I'm not a perfectly respectable person, so just keep it away from me. They do, however, put on one hell of a live show. I've never been so happy to sit at the merch booth and do nothing. When I was younger....what the hell? You don't care. I went to lunch with Pete today. That's what you care about.

Anyway, we drove around downtown for awhile before we decided on a little restaurant called Winstead's. This is only important because outside of this restaurant was the most incredible statue Pete and I had ever seen. Lots of incredible pictures were taken, which will probably be released in the Tour issue of Play Radio, Play. They're simply too good not to share. Lunch was good, but afterwards, while walking around down town Kansas City, is when the real conversation happened.

"So, I suppose for the sake of my magazine, I should ask you some questions you don't want me to."

"You work for a magazine? I didn't know that."

"That's my job. That's why I'm here. I publish tour journals. I get paid to have fun and talk to you. It's pretty ridiculous."

"That's awesome. Ask away, but you have to promise me that some of the stuff that happens on tour is off record." I laughed. He had no idea.

"It's all on record, but not everything is published. Some memories for them, but most for me. So, are you ready to be asked the hardest questions of your life?"

"Any opportunity to make a fool of myself is one I'm perfectly ready for."

"Me too! Alright...." I couldn't think of anything. I didn't want to play this game. Work makes me do this all the time, and this time, I was going to talk to Pete about the things I wanted to talk about. Like movies, or love, or something I'm actually interested in. Not this. Anything but this. I had a feeling he wouldn't mind.

"C.J....hello. Stay with me. What's going on?" He tapped my temple, and I sort of snapped back.

"Sorry. Forget it. I hate interviews. Especially when it's people I see as more than a musician. Sorry."

"You think I'm sad because you don't want to ask me a bunch of questions a hundred others have already asked? I promise you, I'm perfectly okay."

"I had a feeling you would be."

"So, what's with you and Patrick?"

"Day 4 of this tour and people are already asking me that? Do people realize we've actually talked for real about real things one time? Nothing is with Patrick and I. I'm older than him."

"How old are you?"


"He's 22."

"Fuck you. I'm still older." I said it sort of indignantly so he just laughed.

"You're tough. Don't worry." I shot him my middle finger and turned the corner.

"He's not the type to usually just start talking to someone the way he did you. Did you drug little Patrick?"

"Of course. That's the only logical explanation for someone having a perfectly normal conversation with me. Drugs. Not common sense or human instinct." Pete laughed.

"Alright, it was no trouble finding your weapon."

"What? I have no weapons." I smiled.

"You're an interesting girl. Make Patrick not be so serious and stupid about everything, okay? I think we're losing him to music."

"I doubt it."

"Did he joke around with you last night at all? Was he ever really cracking jokes or making you laugh or anything?"

"At dinner he w-"

"Doesn't count. Group setting Patrick and one-on-one Patrick are two different people. He's gotten all serious on us, and I miss the old funny Patrick. You're a bitch. Scare it back into life."

"I'm sure that's completely possible, let me go terrify him so he'll talk to me some more. Be sensible, Pete. He barely knows me."

"That's what's going to make you more appealing to talk to. You don't seen to know a lot about our music in general. You're more interested in the people we are. He's going to think that's cool. I think that's cool."

"You're nothing like Patrick. Whatever. I don't know. He's easy for me to talk to and our nightly walks aren't going to end after one, so I'm sure I'll keep talking to him. Greta wants me to eat dinner with her tonight after they play. She wants me to watch your set with her. Do you think Dirty will let me?"

"Don't ask Dirty. He's probably drunk. Ask me."

"I'm asking you."

"Yes. Have fun."

"I don't need your permission. Shut up."

We walked around like that for about an hour more. It seriously was some of the most fun I've had. He's incredibly entertaining and we really had a lot of fun. We have the same sense of humor, which probably helped. So here I am, post-shower, and talking to you. Aren't you all so happy? More after the show, and the Patrick-C.J. walk.
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