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chapter 10.

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Well, once again, I've neglected all of my wonderful...I don't know. Basically, I've decided I just can't update everyday. It's not possible. I wrote in this last on Sunday, and now it's Friday, and we're leaving again.

I've mostly stayed in bed while everyone has been out enjoying the city. I've had a few visits from Patrick but after what he said Sunday night, I think he's being a little weird. I, unfortunately, am not brave enough to tell him I feel the same way, so I won't.

Pete visits me more than Patrick, and I'm very grateful. He and Joe come in every night and play video games while Andy and I play around on the computer. Reading funny things on the Fall Out Boy Rock page, and what not. I'm finally back on the bus, my home sweet home, and I'm finally doing inventory (wonderful) while simultaneously doing this.

I wish I had a lot of really exciting stuff to tell you, but Patrick is being weird and Pete, Andy, and Joe don't supply me with the wonderful conversation I love writing and remembering. I need Patrick to come back around and stop being weird, or I need me to be brave or something, but for some reason, I'm not doing anything to bring Patrick back. I think I'm scared too.

Alright, for all intents and purposes, I'm going to tell you a little about past dating relationships. I figure I should get this out of the way before you all start thinking I'm some bitch who is trying to make Patrick upset. If you think that at all, you're wrong.

Jake Mitchell and I were together for 4 years. Everyone thought it was ideal, but in all reality, it was hell. I, sadly, was never brave enough to say anything. It's nothing that unusual. What happened between us is the classic tale of "why don't you just leave him?" It's not that easy. Jake was severely abusive. He had a point system, even. There were a certain number of hits for every offense, and he graded it to his discretion, or it depended on how much alcohol he had consumed that evening. Usually, it was too much and I was stuck inside for days waiting for the bruises to heal.

Finally, I told my mom, and she got a restraining order on his ass so fast I couldn't even say "go to hell". That's probably a good thing. And now, here I am, a year later, not ready to be back in the dating game. So it's weird to me that I'm so ready to tell Patrick that I feel so strongly. But how do I even know I do? I haven't felt that way in ages? What if it's so beyond unrecognizable to me that it's just admiration.

I think those are just two different names for the exact same thing. I really need to talk to him.

Alright, three days later, and I still haven't talked to him. Big news, though. Pete found this sitting open yesterday while I had gone to help with the table and read it. All of it. Initially, I was mad, but guess who was angrier? Pete. Furious, in fact, that the whole Jake thing was unknown to him. I couldn't really blame him. What hadn't I told him? Better yet, what hadn't he told me? I don't know if he was mad at me so much though, as he was mad at Jake. Or that the whole thing had happened at all.

I didn't really have to talk to Patrick, though; because Pete found him, and told him he needed to talk to me. Pete informed our dear Patrick that it was important, and I had something really big to tell him. I don't know what he was talking about, so I told him the Jake story. He hasn't really left my side since. I'm glad to have him back. It's been about 5 weeks since the ankle thing, so I'm walking almost completely normal.

I've almost gotten brave enough to tell Patrick, but then a thousand things come against me. Thoughts mostly. Like that fact that I've only known him for 5 weeks or the fact that he could be the same as Jake (yeah, right). A billion things go through my head or Dirty suddenly needs me at the table because some airhead over charged or undercharged and now inventory has gone to shit. So mostly, Patrick and I are just back to having fun. Last night, after our talk, he decided to play Mario Kart with me, which is funny, because I haven't played video games with Patrick since the first night we were here. It initially started out as fun, but then we started talking, which is actually more fun to me.

"I'm sorry I haven't really talked to you much these past few days."

"It's been a week."

"Shit. I'm a jerk. Sorry. Are you mad?"

"No. I didn't really say anything to you."

"You're right. Bitch. Why did you do that?"

"Shut up. Don't be lame. What time do you play?"

"In about 20 minutes. I know you're coming to watch."

"I'm the merch bitch. I can't."

"Someone else can do it. I've played like shit the past 2 night because you've been back there. Tell someone else to do it. Have Dirty do it!"

"When Dirty is behind that booth everything goes to hell." He laughed and messed up my hair.

"I'm going to take you to lunch tomorrow." What?

"Okay....When do we not eat lunch together?"

"This is different. I would take you out to a nice dinner, but, I play tomorrow night, so I'm taking you to a nice lunch instead." Was this a date?

"Wait... so I have to dress nice?" He smiled and nodded.

"Don't worry. We'll have fun." I think I just looked at him weird. Probably because I had no idea what was going on, but this was totally out of nowhere. Can you blame me?

"What? Do you not want to go?" He looked sort of defeated.

"No, no, no. I'd love's this...are you ask-"

"Noon, okay?" And with that, he walked off. What the hell is his problem? Well. Whatever is going on, I think I just made it a little more interesting by being stupid and inquisitive.

I'll talk to you all after my lunch with weirdo.

alright. i've been doing this since 4 this after noon. it's 2 in the morning. i'm going to write more for you this afternoon. pleeease keep reviewing.
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