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Inuyasha Crossover Frozen Teaser Trailer

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This is from the Frozen teaser Trailer with a mix of Inuyasha. ENJOY!!!!

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It was a beautiful snow day. Kagome was walking around by herself when she spotted a flower she leaned over and sniffed it, then she stood up. She decided to take out the Shikon Jewel Necklace and Polish it with her finger. But then a bird come in and grabs it.
Kagome: Oh No!!
She made a snowball with her hands and threw it at the bird. Luckily the bird dropped it in the middle of a frozen lake.

That got the attention of a half-demon walking by. Kagome knew that if any demon or half-demon got there hands on the jewel they would wish on it and it would disappear. She had to get it back.
Inuyasha saw the jewel and Kagome then he looked back at the jewel. Then he headed towards it.
Kagome: "Gasp".
But Inuyasha was slipping on the ice.
Kagome: Hehe!!
Then she got on the ice, but she was having trouble too.
Inuyasha started using his claws, then Kagome started sliding on her butt, then Inuyasha started using his knees, then Kagome tried ice skating on it.
Inuyasha was about two inches from the jewel.
Kagome: Eek!!
Then Kagome got up and jumped really high towards the jewel. She grabbed it then Inuyasha grabbed it. It was tug if war. Then Kagome pulled on it so hard it slipped out of their hands and flew in the air. The jewel bounced on the lake and into the snow where the flower was.
Inuyasha got up and started running on the ice, Kagome grabbed his legs. She lost her grip and fell into the snow. Inuyasha kept running and reached the jewel.
Kagome got up looking sad, she had lost the jewel.
Kagome: Sniff Sniff. Sigh.
She turned around to go home, but then a tap on her shoulder came it was the half-demon smiling. He then took out his right hand and the jewel hanged from it.
Kagome: GASP!!
She grabbed the jewel and gave him a kiss on he cheek.

As she held out the jewel the same bird who grabbed the jewel came back and grabbed it again.
Kagome: Gasp!
Then Inuyasha and Kagome looked at each other and the bird flying away.
Inuyasha: "Sigh" here we go. Then he grabbed his Tessaiga and ran off and Kagome followed him.

******************THE END******************
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